• The Tiger Lillies, Soho Theatre

    29 May 2006, 22:35

    The Tiger Lillies are definitely a band to be seen rather than just listened to on a CD. It was absolutely hilarious - the drummer is a legend, Jacques is a true star, and the man on 'contra bass' was also amazing. They range from the deeply depressing to the most amusingly perverse, and Jacques voice is powerful if somewhat incongruous. And the guys themselves were downstairs straight after the gig flogging their CDs as if they were at a market - "14 CDs to choose from!" - and having a beer. Great stuff.
  • 11/04/06

    12 Abr 2006, 22:24

    The Placebo gig was pretty good. Despite Brian's sarcastic nostalgia comments (which we can only expect from him) the music was generally excellent, and the atmosphere was good.

    On a personal note, I managed to faint during 'Twenty Years'. How embarrassing. Thanks to the guy who carried me, the redhead, out to the side if you read this!
  • Placebo

    14 Mar 2006, 16:54

    New album - Meds - is fantastic. Simply so.

    AND...tomorrow evening I shall be attending the signing and mini-concert thing at Virgin on Oxford St. Yayayaaa! Very happy.
  • Ally Pally

    23 Feb 2006, 13:23

    ...Placebo, 11th April, with Ellen and Bobby, yayayaaaa!