• Machetazo live

    10 Oct 2006, 12:08

    Hi there, here I am again, new live, new post.

    At last I've seen Machetazo live!! there was a kind of music festival at the mephisto hall in Barcelona.

    The weirdh thing was that was a Doom festival, and as a kind of guest was Machetazo.

    Anyway, I'm not into Doom, and definetely I don't like . And for this, and for respect to lots of friens who happen to like it I won't comment on the other bands that played, they had to be good, for the people were very happy there, although I thought that the bands should have some Redbull...


    Machetazo came into stage as the third band of the night, or not, it was the third band I saw, maybe there were more, don't know.

    It was a very very very good live, raw, intens with moshing and jumping, crust and violence, just what a live should be.

    they played about 50 minutes, maybe a little bit less, but the Galizian lads played all that they had to play, my favourite song, Torso and a Motorhead cover, The Ace Of Spades, which made every deranged there jump and get mad.

    Afther Machetazo ended their show lots of people left, I think lots of people came to mephisto for just them. I don't remember the name of the last band (again so sorry) but I just stood there, thinking about the intense live I had seen, and didn't like them, so, I listened to their first song (at least i tried) and then I went to my home to rest, cos I had to get up early the next morning.

    To sum up, Machetazo are a disc band, and a better live band.
  • Obituary in Barcelona

    29 Ene 2006, 11:09

    Yesterday I went to see Obituary at Razzmatazz Hall in Barcelona,

    It has been a while since that guys last played in Spain, I could see them live at last!!

    The support band was Samael, another great group. Quite a good live, it was just a problem... the people there wanted to see Obituary :)

    anyway, they played great. Hope to see them again, I love that Jupiterian Vibe song.

    Anyway, Obituary... that was what a Death Metal supposed to be...

    brutallity from the first chord to the last one. The Tardy Bros know how to make things, of course, with other Obituary musicions (I don't remember their names now). The people got mad, nearly one hour and half of Death Metal classics... it was just incredible.

    Well, jumping, gutting and having fun, a really excellent concert.

    11 Dic 2005, 14:36

    Yeah, yesterday I saw that guys (again)

    just impressing, can't wait to see them again.

    Anyway, they've a new drummer, I've read that the original one is in Sweden recovering from an illness, or something, anyway, they played with Bloodbath's drummer. A good lad, but I think that BloodBaths' death metal (and drumming) is a bit rawer than Opeth's. Anyway... a good lad.

    To sum up... an excellent concert, I hope these guys will continue to eructing good Death Metal for a long long time .
  • Wake up... and smell the carcass

    27 Nov 2005, 1:06


    with a lovely playlist of about 300 punk/hardcore/crust/grind(gore|core) songs...

    if your ears do not bleed it means that you can listen to it louder...