recomend me some albums


10 Sep 2006, 8:12

ok i want people to recomend me some albums to buy so what i will now do is stick my current cd collection up here (be warned it is rather extensive) and hope to get some recomendations from that

so in alphabetical order with genre next to them...i can't be bothered tagging the albums so i'll just do the artists

3 Doors Down - the better life - Rock
28 Days - stealing chairs – Rock
AC/DC – Back in Black – hard rock
AC/DC – AC/DC Live – hard Rock
AFI – All Hallows Ep – Hardcore
AFI – December Underground – Emo
Agathodaimon – Chapter III – Black Metal
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – the altered states of America – grindcore
Aiden – our gangs dark oath – screamo
Aiden – nightmare anatomy – screamo
Alter Bridge – one day remains – prog rock
Amen – we have come for you parents – metalcore??
Amon Amarth – fate of norns – melodic death/viking metal
Amon Amarth – with oden on our side - melodic death/viking metal
Anacrusis – manic impressions – prog/thrash metal
Anacrusis - reason – prog/thrash metal
Anacrusis – screams and whispers – prog/thrash metal
Anacrusis – suffering hour – prog/thrash metal
Angel Witch – angel witch – nwobhm
Angel Witch – 2000 live in la2 – nwobhm
Anthrax – anthrology – thrash metal
Anti-Flag – a new kind of army – political hardcore
Anti-Flag – terror state – political hardcore
Anti-Flag – for blood and empire – political hardcore
Anti-Flag – mobilize – political hardcore
Apocalyptica – inquisition symphony – symphonic metal/ cello rock
Area 7 – bitter and twisted – punk/ska
Atreyu – visions Ep – hardcore
Atreyu - Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty – metalcore/emocore
Atreyu – suicide notes and butterfly kisses - metalcore/emocore
Atreyu – the curse - metalcore/emocore
Atreyu – a deathgrip on yesterday
Audioslave – audioslave – rock
Audioslave – out of exile – rock
Bal-Sagoth – battle magic – epic blackened symphonic power metal
Bal-Sagoth – atlantis ascendant
Beatles – let I t be – pop
Ben Lee – awake is the new sleep – alternative/pop
Black Sabbath – paranoid – heavy/doom metal
Black Sabbath – Sabbath bloody Sabbath – heavy/doom metal
Blind Stare – Symphony of delusions – melodic death metal
Blue Oyster Cult – the essential – rock
Bob Dylan – the best of – pop
Bob Marley and the Wailers – legend – reggae
Brand New – deja entendu – emo
Budgie – en ecstasy of fumbling – nwobhm
Bullet for My Valentine – the poison – metalcore/emocore
Children of Bodom – hatebreeder – harsh vocaled power metal
Children of Bodom – bestbreeder - harsh vocaled power metal
Circle Takes the Square – circle takes the square EP – screamo
Circle Takes the Square – as the roots undo - screamo
CKY – an Ånswercan be found – heavy riff based rock
CKY – volume 1 - heavy riff based rock
CKY - infiltrate, destroy, rebuild - heavy riff based rock
Coal Chamber – chamber music – industrial/nu metal
Coal Chamber – best of - industrial/nu metal
Cold Play – a rush of cold play to the head – pop/alternative
Cradle of Filth – midian – extreme gothic metal/faggoth
Cradle of Filth – lovecraft/witchhearts – extreme gothic metal/faggoth
Crimson Fire – crimson fire – power metal
Cult of Luna – somewhere along the highway – sludge doom metal
D12 – d12 world - rap
D12 – devils night – rap
Dallas Crane – dallas crane – hard rock
David Bowie – best of bowie – alternative
Death – human – death metal
Demilich – nespithe – technical death metal
Devil Doll– the girl who was death – gothic rock opera/prog
Devil Doll – dies irae – gothic rock opera/prog
Diamond Head – lightning to the nations – NWOBHM
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – riders on the storm – death/folk? Metal
DIE!DIE!DIE! – UAR041 - punk
DIE!DIE!DIE! – Die!Die!Die! – punk
Dimmu Borgir – death cul Armageddon – melodic black metal/ faggoth
Dissection – the storm of lights bane – blackened death metal/melodic black metal
DragonForce – in human rampage – extreme power metal
DragonForce – sonic firestorm – extreme power metal
Echo And The Bunnymen – ballyhoo – alternative
Eilera – precious moment Ep – gothic rock
Electric Wizard – dopethrone – sludge/stoner doom metal
Electric Wizard – let us prey – sludge/stoner doom metal
Ellora –the new beginning Ep – screamo
Elysia – masochist – death metal
Eminem – eminem is back – rap
Eminem – encore – rap
Eskimo Joe – Eskimo joe – alternative/pop
Eskimo Joe – a song is a city – alternative/pop
Exhumed – garbage days re-regurgitated – goregrind
Finntroll – jaktens tin –folk metal
Finntroll – nattfödd – folk metal
Foo Fighters – foo fighters – rock
Foo Fighters – one by one – rock
Foo Fighters – there is nothing left to lose – rock
Foo Fighters – the colour and the shape – rock
Foo Fighters – in your honour – rock
From First to Last – aesthetic - screamo
From First to Last – dear diary, my teenage angst has a body count - screamo
From First to Last – heroine - screamo
Fuck!…I’m dead – bring on the dead – goregrind
Grave Digger – Excalibur – power metal
Grave Digger – the last supper – power metal
Graveworm – engraved in black – melodic black/unblack metal
Greenday – international superhits – pop punk
Greenday – American idiot – pop punk
Grinspoon – new detention – rock
Grinspoon - thrills, kills and Sunday pills – rock
Guns N Roses – greatest hits – rock/hair metal
Guns N Roses – apetite for destruction – rock/hair metal
HIM – and love said no – alternative
Holocaust – live: hot curry and wine – NWOBHM
Iggy Pop – a million in prizes (anthology) – punk
Insomnium – in the halls of awaiting – melodic death metal
Iron Maiden – iron maiden - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – killers - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – the number of the beast - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – piece of mind - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – power slave - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – somewhere in time - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – seventh son of a seventh son - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – no prayer for the dying - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – fear of the dark - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – the x factor - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – virtual xi - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – brave new world - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – dance of death - NWOBHM
Iron Maiden – a matter of life and death - NWOBHM
Jet – get born – rock
Joe Satriani – live in sanfransico
Judas Priest – rocka rolla – rock
Judas Priest – sad wings of destiny - NWOBHM
Judas Priest – sin after sin – heavy metal
Judas Priest – stained class – heavy metal
Judas Priest – hell bent for leather – heavy metal
Judas Priest – unleashed in the east – heavy metal
Judas Priest – British steel – heavy metal
Judas Priest – point of entry – heavy metal
Judas Priest – screaming for vengeance – heavy metal
Judas Priest – defenders of the faith – heavy metal
Judas Priest – turbo – heavy metal
Judas Priest – ram it down – heavy metal
Judas Priest – painkiller – heavy metal
Judas Priest – juggulator – heavy metal
Judas Priest – demolition – heavy metal
Judas Priest – angel of retribution – heavy metal
Jurassic 5 – power in numbers – hip hop
Killing Hedi – reflecter – pop/rock
Killing Joke – kkilling joke -hardcore
Killing Joke – night time – hardcore
King Diamond – abigail – progressive metal
Korpiklaani – spirit of the forest – folk metal
Led Zeppelin – led zeppelin – rock
Led Zeppelin – remasters – rock
Less Than Jake – anthem – ska/punk
Linkin Park – hybrid theory – nu metal/rock
Linkin Park – reanimation – nu metal/electronica
Linkin Park – meteora – nu metal/rock
Linkin Park – live in texas – nu metal/rock
Liquid tention experiment – liquid tention experiment – progressive metal/acid rock
Live – birds of prey – alternative
Live – throwing copper – alternative
Live – awake – alternative
Lynyrd Skynyrd – pronounced ‘leh-‘nérd ‘skin-‘nérd – rock
Majesty – hellforces – power metal
Marilyn Manson – holy wood (in the shadow of the valley of death) – industrial
Marilyn Manson – from highway to hell – industrial
Maroon 5 – songs about jane – pop
Mayhem – deathcrush – black metal
Megadeth – peace sells – thrash metal
Melechesh – djinn – black metal
Memory Garden – mirage – doom metal
Mercyful Fate – Melissa – black/progressive metal
Mercyful Fate – the beginning – black/progressive metal
Mercyful Fate – don’t break the oath – black/progressive metal
Mercyful Fate – return of the vampire – black/progressive metal
Metallica – kill ‘em all – thrash metal
Metallica – ride the lightning – thrash metal
Metallica – master of puppets – thrash metal
Metallica - …and justice for all – thrash metal
Metallica – metallica – heavy rock
Metallica – load – heavy rock
Metallica – reload – heavy rock
Metallica – cut the crap (bootleg) – metal
Metallica – garage inc. – rock/metal
Metallica – st. anger – utter shit/heavy riff based rock
Midnight Oil – best of both worlds - rock
Ministry – greatest fits – industrial
Misfits – earth A.D. – punk/horror rock
Morbid Angel – death metal
Motörhead – overkill – speed metal
Motörhead – all the aces – speed metal
Murder Dolls – beyond the valley of the murder dolls – glam metal
My Chemical Romance – three cheers for sweet revenge – emo
Napalm Death – the code is red…long live the code – grindcore
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – murder ballads – alternative/traditional
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – let love in – alternative/traditional
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – the lyre of opheus/abattoir blues – alternative/traditional
Nine Inch Nails – pretty hate machine – industrial
Nine Inch Nails – broken – industrial
Nine Inch Nails – the downwards spiral – industrial
Nine Inch Nails – further down the spiral – industrial
Nine Inch Nails – the fragile - industrial
Nine Inch Nails – with teeth - industrial
Nirvana – with the lights out – grunge
Nirvana – never mind – grunge
Nirvana – in utereo - grunge
Nirvana – greatest hits – grunge
NOFX – the greatest dongs ever written by us – punk
NoMeansNo – wrong – heavy ska
NoMeansNo – the people’s choice – heavy ska
Norther – till death unites us – melodic death metal
Opeth – deliverance – melodic death metal
Opeth – damnation – alternative
OST – team America world police
OST – The nightmare before Christmas
OST – rocky horror picture show
P.O.D. – payable on death – nu metal/white metal
P.O.D. – satellite – nu metal/white metal
Pantera –cowboys from hell – speed metal
Pearl Jam – lost dogs - grunge
Pear Jam – pearl jam - grunge
Pearl Jam – rear view mirror – grunge
Placebo– sleeping with ghost – alternative
Placebo– once more with feeling – alternative
Powderfinger – vulture street – alternative/rock
Powderfinger – fingerprints – alternative/rock
Powderfinger – odyssey number 5 – alternative/rock
Powderfinger– internationalist – alternative/rock
Presidents Of The United States Of America – presidents of the U.S.A – rock
Probot– a heavy one – various metal
Queen – sheer heart attack – rock
Queen – a night at the opera – rock
Queen- a day at the races – rock
Queen– the works –rock
Queen– made in heaven – rock
Queens of the Stone Age – songs for the deaf – rock/slude
Queensrÿche– operation mindcrime – progressive metal
Queensrÿche– operation mind crime II – progressive metal
Queensrÿche– greatest hits – progressive metal
Radiohead– hail to the thief – alternative
Radiohead– kid a – alternative
Rain Fell Within – believe – gothic metal
Ramesses– we will lead you to glorious times – sludge doom metal
Rammstein – live das berlin – industrial metal
Reason for my justice – reason for my justice – emo
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – blood sugar sex magick – funk/rock
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – californication – funk/rock
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – by the way – funk/rock
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – stadium arcadium – funk/rock
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – greatest hits – funk/rock
Regurgitator– unit re-booted – pop
Richard Cheese – the sunny side of the moon – lounge/comedy
Romantic Gorilla – romantic gorilla – Japanese hardcore
Samael– reign of light – industrial metal
Shihad– love is the new hate – rock
Simon and Garfunkel – 20 greatest hits – pop
Slayer– reign in blood – thrash metal
Slayer– Christ illusion – thrash metal
Sleep– holy mountain – sludge/stoner doom metal
Sleep– dope smoker – sludge/stoner doom metal
Slipknot– slipknot – nu metal
Smashing Pumpkins – machina {the machines of go} – grunge/rock
Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese dream – grunge/rock
Smashing Pumpkins – rotten apples – grunge/rock
Something for Kate – echolalia – pop
Spooky Men Chorale – tooled up – archipelago/comedy
Static X – shadow zone – nu metal/industrial
Sum 41 – all killer no filler – pop punk
Sum 41 – does this look infected – pop punk
Sum 41 – half hour of power – pop punk
Sum 41 – chuck – pop punk
System of a Down – system of a down – nu metal
System of a Down – toxicity – nu metal
[album]System of a down[/album] – steal this album – nu metal
System of a Down – mesmerize – pop metal
System of a Down – hypnotize – pop metal
Tenacious D – tenacious d – rock/comedy
The Anti-Nowhere League – punk singles and rarities – punk
The Berzerker – the berzerker – death grind
The Berzerker – world of lies – death grind
The Cat Empire – the cat empire – jazz/hip hop
The Cat Empire – tapes, breaks, and out takes – jazz/hip hop
The Cat Empire – two shoes – jazz/hip hop
The Cat Empire – cities project – jazz/hip hop
The Clash – the singles – punk
The Darkness – permission to land – rock
The Doors – the very best of the doors – rock/pop
The Dresden Dolls – the Dresden dolls – punk cabaret
The Dresden Dolls– yes, Virginia… - punk cabaret
The Flaming Lips – clouds taste metallic – alternative
The Flaming Lips – hit to death in the future head – alternative
The Flaming Lips – the soft bulletin – alternative
The Flaming Lips – yoshimi battles the pink robots – alternative
The Flaming Lips - at war with the mystics – alternative
The Hellacopters – grande rock – punk
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – are you experienced – rock
The John Butler Trio – sunrise over sea – roots
The Killers – hot fuss – synth pop/rock
The Living End – hell bound – punk
The Living End – it’s for your own good – punk
The Living End – the living end – punk
The Living End – roll on – punk
The Living End – modern artillery – punk
The Living End – state of emergency – punk
The Nation Blue – damnation – grunge
The Number 12 Looks Like You – put on you rosy red glasses – emo/grind
The Obsessed – incarnate – doom metal
The Offspring – conspiracy of one – pop punk
The Offspring – smash – pop punk
The Offspring – splinter – pop punk
The Ramones – anthology – punk
The Used – in love and death – emo
The Vines – highly evolved – rock
The White Stripes – elephant – rock
The Whitlams – introducing – alternative/pop
The Whitlams – undeniably – alternative/pop
The Whitlams – love this city – alternative/pop
The Whitlams – eternal nightcap – alternative/pop
The Whitlams – torch the moon – alternative/pop
The Whitlams – little cloud/the apples eye – alternative/pop
The Who – tommy – rock
The Wrights – evie – rock
Thin Lizzy – wild one – rock
Thirsty Merc – thirsty merc – rock
Thursday– a city by the light divided – emo
Tool– ænema – art/math metal
Tracey Chapman – collection – alternative
Uaral– sounds of pain – gothic metal
Underoath– define the great line – emocore/metalcore
Unearth– the oncoming storm – metalcore
Van Halen – the best of both worlds – rock
V/A – big day out ‘00
V/A – Killer queen (a tribute to queen) – rock
V/A – Rove [live]…some music
V/A – Rove [live]…some more music
V/A – short music for short people – punk
V/A – triple j’s hottest 100 volume 5
V/A – triple j’s hottest 100 volume 6
V/A – triple j’s hottest 100 volume 10
V/A – life is beautiful – classical
V/A – the sounds of Sunday – alternative/easy listening
V/A – rock against bush vol 1 – punk
Velvet Revolver – contraband – rock
Venom– welcome to hell – black metal/NWOBHM
Wintersun– wintersun – melodic death metal
Wolfmother– wolfmother – rock
Zaraza –slavic blasphemy – blackened doom metal


  • marshee

    OK, check out the previews first here on, bu I think you might like Bring 'Em In

    10 Sep 2006, 8:30
  • jonathan_white

    Since you bought Pearl Jam's latest, I'm going to have to go ahead and reccomend you... [b]Ten Vs.[/b] Definitely my two favourite Pearl Jam albums, with them often being interchangable as to which I think is their finest. Also since you seem to like your Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds I'll go with the following... [b] Rain Dogs Songs of Leonard Cohen[/b] Both classics that I would've thought any fan of Nick Cave is probably already familiar with. That Iggy Pop album there is just screaming for me to say you [i]have[/i] to listen to... [b]Fun House[/b] A phenomenal album through and through. Also I noticed you've got Liquid Tension Experiment up there, but no Dream Theater. this should most definitely be rectified... [b] Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence[/b] My personal favourite, but most of their albums are quality stuff. I'm not going to presume you've never heard of or never listened to most of these, but they're not up there and I think they would compliment stuff you have already. :) I may be back later, that was really fun.

    10 Sep 2006, 10:12
  • r1Co

    evergrey - recreation day

    10 Sep 2006, 10:29
  • Asmogriff

    Opeth - Blackwater Park Porcupine Tree - In Absentia Sigur Rós - ( ) The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Get those.

    10 Sep 2006, 10:31
  • Heffer-Tonne

    as you've got one Tool album, you might like the others, they're great and you've got some punk stuff, so you could buy Televsion - Marquee Moon, it could be called art-punk and if you want to get into post-punk, you could buy The Smiths albums or Joy Division albums, great bands impressive collection btw. ;)

    10 Sep 2006, 11:04
  • Jaggan

    Let's see.. for folkish metal, try Agalloch or Tenhi. If you like Opeth, you should prolly enjoy Novembre too. And for post-punk, try the female version of the Smiths and Joy Division : The Organ Their album Grab That Gun is one of the favourites in my Itunes list. For sludge, try Isis or Pelican. Alternative stuff you might like: Jesu, Jaga Jazzist & Anathema. [/end fangirl album spouting] ;p hope there is something in those that you will enjoy

    10 Sep 2006, 12:03
  • Nellinha

    Well, you've been made some great recommendations... some of those I'd recommend myself, I'll just add some of my favorite, if you don't mind. :) Alice in Chains - Dirt, Nothing safe Anathema - Alternative 4 Anthrax - Sound of white noise A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms (to start with, but any of their albums is just great) Black Sabbath - Vol.4 Blue Öyster Cult - On your feet or on your knees Cynic- Focus Deep Purple - Made in Japan Dream Theater - Awake, A Change of Seasons, Metropolis II - Scenes from a Memory Fear Factory - Archetype In Flames - Soundtrack to your escape Iron Maiden - Live after Death, A Real Live One Katatonia - The Black Sessions (kind of a compilation, but any of their albums is worth listening to) Moonspell - Memorial, The Antidote, Darkness and Hope, Worlfheart Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane Paradise Lost - Draconian Times, Icon Porcupine Tree - Deadwing Queen - Live Killers Radiohead - The Bends, OK Computer Rammstein - Mutter Soundgarden - Superunknown Spock's Beard - Snow Tool - Lateralus, Undertow, Opiate (all great, really) I guess this will do for now. :)

    10 Sep 2006, 16:29
  • Nellinha

    I forgot a couple, sorry. :( Joe Satriani - The Extremist Kamelot - Karma, Epica Megadeth - Youthanasia, Countdown to Extinction Ok, I don't want to push it. Done for now, I promise. ;)

    10 Sep 2006, 16:36
  • adangerousmind

    dude you have no Arcturus! shocking! they kick ass. the sham mirrors album is sooo good! xox

    10 Sep 2006, 16:51
  • warpbackspin

    You need more grindcore, obviosly Helvete, probably the most recommended grindcore band on the planet, and rightly so.

    10 Sep 2006, 17:16
  • jonathan_white

    Well, I told you I'd be back.. You really have been reccomended some great stuff, probably take some of it on board myself :)... You've got one of Joe Satriani's live albums, and someone else reccomended one of his studio albums, my favourite of his releases is definitely... [b]Surfing With The Alien[/b] Red Hot Chili Peppers, youb've got basically their finest albums, but I would still say grab a copy of... [b]Mother's Milk[/b] Some of their best stuff is one there, and it's worth it just for the cover of Higher Ground. Also both Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Dylan have back catalogues far too brilliant for a Best of or Greatest Hits' to suffice... [b]Bridge Over Troubled Water Bookends Highway 61 Revisited Bringing It All Back Home Desire[/b] (this is mostly for Hurricane, so brilliant!) I'm also going to go out on a limb here, and reccomend you Monster Magnet, simply because I get the feeling you may like 'em... [b]Powertrip[/b] Nick Cave again.... [b]No More Shall We Part[/b] Hallelujah is one of he most beauiful songs he has ever performed (no it's not the Hallelujah you're thinking of). Again, I'm done for now, but I'll probably be back, this is so much fun!

    10 Sep 2006, 17:38
  • ikapai

    If you liked Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head, then try listening to Parachutes. It's more acoustic and natural sounding, not like their new stuff. I also really like Nirvana's Incesticide, although it's not one of their more popular albums. I probably listened to it the most out of all of them.

    10 Sep 2006, 19:34
  • ikapai

    Also since NIN is your top artist I would reccommend the Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition. It has a second CD with a bunch of really cool songs and demos, plus the whole thing is dual sided, with the 2nd side being 5.1 mixes you can listen to on DVD players.

    10 Sep 2006, 19:36
  • gridgm

    ok people thanks for the suggestions so far they most fo them look awesome so far just two points 1. generally if i have the album i have heard their other stuff and i'm really looking for new bands here so can you not recommend me albums by artists i already have up there my mp3 collections probably as big as my album collection (don't tell the secondly i tend to shy away from live albums unless there on dvd thanks...keep posting

    10 Sep 2006, 23:09
  • Balamb

    Cryptopsy- None So Vile

    11 Sep 2006, 1:38
  • scottwallace01

    If you enjoy AC/DC, and like bluesy, gritty hard rock, I'd recommend you get their earlier albums. Because I'm in the US, and you're in Australia, these releases are different. But you can't go wrong with any version of Powerage. If you're interested in hearing more black metal, I'd recommend Sons of Northern Darkness, which is their most accessible. If you enjoy GNR's first album, I'd recommend either of the two releases by Beautiful Creatures and In The Mouth Of The Young, which are all excellent pieces of post-2000 hard rock.

    11 Sep 2006, 4:01
  • confusemyweasel

    NOFX – the greatest dongs ever written by us – punk Haha I laughed at that.

    12 Sep 2006, 22:19
  • LiquorBox

    You have a fair amount of heavy stuff in your collection so I'm gonna say get yourself some Clutch. Any album will do.

    13 Sep 2006, 4:23
  • LiquorBox

    Seriously dude. Get yourself some Clutch.

    13 Sep 2006, 4:24
  • POWERDOG_5000

    i recommend that you learn how to spell recommend and then put your cds in a big pile and burn them and then listen to a dog barking for the rest of your life alternatively sell them all to buy the dog

    13 Sep 2006, 8:32
  • hammettt

    The Sound of Perseverance

    13 Sep 2006, 10:23
  • mostly-metal

    this must have taken u ages. uv got that Demilich album, i want that a lot. id suggest that focuc cd by cynic, it trully is great and origonal,,, i think. get clutch g. ifu like iggy at all get raw power and everythin els by the stooges. oceanic by isis, is my all time second fave album. kid a is my all time fave. symphonies of sickness by CARCASS. rap music. 6 feet deep by the gravediggaz. its a 1 off classic, nothin realy like it. fantasti damage by el-p. seriously, this is my current fave rap cd, hard beats, ok to good rappin, its brill!. also, madvillainy by madvillain is top ten of all rap, maybe. sorry i rambled on, and my recs ar crapand will go unnoticed. cheers.

    13 Sep 2006, 21:42
  • hammettt

    That Demilich album by the way is freely available off their website. The vocals aren't my cup of tea however

    14 Sep 2006, 20:58
  • tarawe

    Hi, from glancing through your music collection, I'd spontaneously recommend: Pain Of Salvation excellent prog-metal band from Sweden, Daniel Gildenlöw, is a musical multi-talent, has amazing vocal skills as well as mastering various instruments, I've seen him perform live as a guest musician with The Flower Kings, another Swedish prog band. POS's lyrics also have great depth and emotion recommended albums: One Hour By The Concrete Lake and The Perfect Element Ayreon + Star One vessels to showcase the talents of the amazing Arjen Anthony Lucassen from Holland, again a musical multi-talent and a big Hawkwind fan albums: Ayreon: f.i. Flight Of the Migrator + The Dream Sequencer (double concept album) Star One - Space Metal Devin Townsend quite eccentric yet melodious prog, another musical autonomous mastermind, this time from Canada album: Terria (don't have any others yet that I could recommend) Faith No More great metal/funk crossover band from the 90's from the U.S. with the extraordinary vocal talent Mike Patton - band continued to get better and more inventive from album to album albums: They're all really good, there's a good best of called Who Cares A Lot Tea Party excellent heavily Led Zeppelin-inspired band from Canada albums: f.i. Edges Of Twilight, Splendor Solis Kyuss desert metal ensemble from California (I believe) band that spawned the now quite popular Queens Of the Stone Age albums: Welcome To Sky Valley + And The Circus Leaves Town Hope there's something there you'll like ! Tanya

    10 Nov 2006, 1:16
  • DangerousDarren

    you have a few melodic death metal albums but none by the kings of the genre In Flames. I would recommend the album Clayman first.. then Colony, Whoracle, The Jester Race

    19 Ene 2007, 11:26
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