Crane, Crows, Who?


29 Mar 2009, 3:08

Tue 24 Mar – The Who, Counting Crows, Dallas Crane

Rocked up early, and was wondering about the guy asking for anyone with spare tickets when there were still some on sale at Ticketek.

Pretty empty when Dallas Crane came on. I have to say, while I've heard of them, I'd never actually heard them. They were pretty good, but it can't be easy playing to a huge venue with no people in it. I doubt I'll go buy an album any time soon, nor go see them.

Counting Crows were awesome, just not on long enough. They're the reason I went. To be honest, not sure if they were the right support for The Who, but hey, if that's who they wanted to play with, it's all good. I remember reading a journal entry from Adam Duritz a while back, complaining that fans are too closed minded, and often bands can't perform with bands they'd like to because they're not a similar style. Definitely the case here, but they did it anyhow. Fine for me, I liked both bands.

Anyhow, I was hoping they'd play Mr Jones, but it wasn't to be. Still loved everything they played. I swear Adam choked up on Goodnight Elisabeth.

Had briefly toyed with the idea of not staying for The Who, but hell, I paid $130 to be there, I was going to get all I could from it.

They were pretty darn awesome. For a bunch of old guys, they rocked. It was great seeing different generations coming to see them. Young kids in The Who shirts with their Dads, even their grandfathers. Guy in front of us was on walking sticks! Was watching a younger guy down on the floor going nuts, and his grey haired dad beside him doing the same.

I heard there were complaints that they weren't as good as they used to be. Maybe they weren't, but they've been around a hell of a long time, you've got to get bored of smashing instruments.

Pinball Wizard was the highlight for me, my favourite song of theirs.
I didn't know as many songs as I would have liked, but even those I didn't know were good. If I had a complaint... the guys just didn't know when to finish! You think it's the finale, and they just kept going. Maybe they were having too much fun, but I needed to pee. :D


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