Trans-South Mix, Pt. 2


9 Abr 2007, 16:30

This is part one of the Tuscaloosa, AL to Atlanta, GA portion of the mix.

1. Marquee Moon
2. Keep the Car Running
3. In the Garage
4. Oscillate Wildly
5. Les Yper-sound
6. Slow Company
7. Elevate Me Later
8. Surf Wax America
9. Drain Cosmetics
10. Heart Cooks Brain
11. Winter
12. Captain Easychord
13. Kennedy
14. Sonic Reducer
15. Decades
16. Industrial Estate
17. Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era
18. Ceremony

Steady and sometimes slow travelling music, with music about industry and decay near the end. Marquee Moon is a nod to my father's musical taste in college (he went to the Univ. of Alabama in Tuscaloosa).


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