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About Grace:

Grace L. Phoenix is a US native, born in Detroit, MI. As a young child, Grace was surrounded by music of all genres. Being introduced to so many different styles of music is what motivated her get involved in the music industry. Grace started out as a poet, but because of her shy nature, she was uncomfortable with reading her poetry in front of a crowd. From there, she tried singing but she had the same problem; stage fright. She still wanted to be involved in music but without having to be exposed to an audience so she began producing beats. Even though she loved producing, she was still missing major skills as a producer. After everything else failed, she thought that she would try a new approach. Because Grace has always had an ear for good music, she thought it best to find great artists and help promote them; hence, G.P. International Music group was born and was founded in early 2010. 

About G.P. International Music Group:

G.P. International Music Group has rapidly emerged from being just an "idea" to becoming a friendly household name, known all over the globe. We are dedicated to finding fresh new talent while helping up and coming international artists gain exposure in the US and worldwide. There are so many great artists who have not yet been discovered and that is our job. We take pride in helping our artists recognize their specific skills and use them in the appropriate areas. Our mission is to provide our clients with a solid foundation and to push as hard as we can to get their music heard on a global scale through Tv and Radio broadcasting. We are currently working with artists from: Senegal, Benin, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Congo, Nigeria, Malaysia, Zambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Morocco, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Haiti, Paris and London. 

Because the world is globalizing, the music industry is not only specific to the US market. At G.P. International Music Group, we believe that the record companies that survive this new musical era will be those that adapt to new genres of music. We have found an abundance of talent that can easily break through and crossover. In our opinion, these artists have a great chance to succeed in the US market as well as worldwide. Our goal is to help our artists shine by exposing their music to the masses. 

About Afro-Deeziak Radio: 

Afro-Deeziak Radio promotes up and coming African artists Mon-Fri. On Afro-Deeziak, we bring you Fresh New African music on the daily. 

Mondays: Wenge, Zouk, Soukous, Rumba, Hiplife, Urban African, etc...
Tuesdays: African Reggae
Wednesdays: International Soul 
Thursdays: Wenge, Zouk, Soukous, Rumba, Hiplife, Urban African, etc...
Fridays: African Hip Hop, R&B and Techno

Tune in from all over the world! 

Check out our time zone map to see what time to tune from your country! 

Time Zone Map:

London - 7PM
Paris - 8PM
Zambia - 9PM
Nigeria - 8PM
Burkina Faso - 7PM
Malaysia 3AM 
Benin - 8PM
Haiti - 2PM
Hawaii - 8AM
Morocco - 7PM
Sudan - 10PM
Congo - 8PM
Gabon - 8PM
Beijing - 3AM
Sierra Leone - 7PM
Cote D'Ivoire - 7PM
Toronto - 3PM
Jamaica - 2PM
Trinidad - 3PM
Angola - 8PM
Ghana - 7PM
Tokyo - 4AM
Kenya - 10PM
Australia - 6AM
South Africa - 9PM
Uganda - 10PM
Guinea - 7PM
Liberia - 7PM
Senegal - 7PM

US Cities:

Atlanta - 3PM
Houston - 2PM
New York - 3PM
LA - 12 Noon
Detroit - 2PM
Chicago - 2PM
Las Vegas - 2PM
Phoenix - 12 Noon
Miami - 3PM
Denver - 1PM
New Orleans - 2PM 

Afro-Deeziak Fan Page:

Contact Info: 
Grace L. Phoenix
G.P. International
Music Group, LLC

Grace L. Phoenix on Facebook:

on Skype


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