26 Ene 2007, 19:00

    ala Party Ben and A plus D fucking RAWK!!!!!!

    JT and siouxise? unholy union!
  • guitars and god

    25 Ene 2007, 18:40

    music is a religious experience for me.

    this why i am always searching out for more, new, better things. i want to perfect my faith. i want to experience the religious ecstacy on every wavelength, each and every frequency, and be rushed with the feelings of contentment at having found my place in this world.

    i hear the vices and virtues of the earth in every song, hear the heartbeats of generations gone by in the vibrations of a chord. i see faces of the future, and touch the people of today, in synchrony with my faith.

    i am in love with my faith, and the Creator.
  • I've been Bent

    4 Jun 2006, 6:06

    i think Bent is fast becoming one of my top fave artists.