Fiction Plane @ That's Live // Review


16 Sep 2007, 0:06

Sat 15 Sep – That's Live (Radio Taping)

The musical guest for today was Fiction Plane. Finally they make it over to the Netherlands, and not only do they open for the Police, they also play a sold out show tonight in Amsterdam, and do this special acoustic radio gig at 3FM.

That's Live is a live taping of a radio show. It is basically a normal radio show, where the DJ plays songs, the only difference is, that it is all done in realtime. And added to that are 4 performed live songs by a musical guest, a quiz & interview with the band, and the audience asking questions.

Fiction Plane played four songs:
Two Sisters
It's A Lie

I was especially content with "Drink" since it is one of my favorites of the new album (together with "Cold Water Symmetry" & "Fake Light From The Sun".

You could tell Fiction Plane was still a little tired from last night (opening up for the Police), but they did a great job. And they have this really cool intimate sound when they play everything acoustic.

They were really feeling very comfortable and hanging around and talking to everyone in between their performances.

During the "Know Yourself Quiz" they scored a perfect score of 9 out of 5 points. (lots of bonus points). For a Nirvana-related question, Joe answered "Stinky Puffs" which was absolutely correct, but the radio station didn't have it listed as an answer, so the DJ wants a Stinky Puffs CD now. That was kinda funny.

Then there were 3 questions for the band from the listeners. I don't exactly recall all of those, but I think the band was extremely good at giving witty answers. Made for a good laugh here and there.

The show ended with the last two songs and after that the band hung around to talk to the fans and hand out autographs and take photos. I got to talk to them for a little while and told them how I've been following them since they opened for Lifehouse in the US. Of course I wasn't at those shows (I wish I would've been though), but at least it got me familiar with this fantastic band. They thought that was cool. And they were genuinely excited to play in the Netherlands. They really thought that the Dutch audience was very receptive of their music and that their shows were a few of their best ones so far. I really liked how they were enjoying themselves. I got a photo with them (that will be a precious memory!!) and after that we said our goodbyes.

It was a great 2 hours.


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