• Moz rocks my socks!!!

    11 Jun 2007, 22:28

    This month i have had the extreme honor of being able to see Moz for the first time in Ventura on June 5th and then again on June 10th in Bakersfield. It was a dream come true for me!

    This show was general admission so me and my friends got there 6 hours before doors opend in hopes to be able to get up close. This show was sold out and there was loads of people there. When the door opend we ran to the front and where about 3 people away from the stage.
    Kristen Young was the opening act and i did not care for her,but she played about a 45min set. After that some videos where played on a white curtain that was hanging from the ceiling. The videos where a bit random,one was christmas carols,james dean,the new york dolls,and some video in italian or french i think. After that the curtain droped and music started playing and then Moz took the stage. Everyone went crazy! I cant remember exactly all the songs he played, i was in shock pretty much the whole I only remember hearing 1 smiths song,which was how soon is now and lots of his old stuff. His set lasted for about an 1&1/2 hrs. His presence was amazing,everyone seemed to be mesmerized by him. He threw 2 of his shirts into the audience, which really made every one go At first 2 people ran on stage and got to hug and kiss Moz,however in the middle of the show all heck broke loose and 5 differnt people rushed to stage at the same time, security paniced and took Moz off stage and stopped the show. Everyone worried that it was over and started yelling at the people that rushed the stage. Luckly he came back out a few mins later after security could secure the stage again. The only odd things that happend where the that 2 guys decided to try and start fights with everyone in the front because they wanted to take there places and some guy wet himself next to us because he was drunk and But these things did not ruin the excitment of the crowed.All in all it was an unforgetable experience and im so glad that i was able to get tickets to go!

    Here he played at Rabobank auditorium. This venue had assigned seating so it was not as chaotic as Ventura. Sadly this show did not sell out becasue it seems that not to many people wanted to travel to Bakersfield to see him,not sure why. Kriten Young once again was the opening act and i still didnt care for The tickets that we bought for seats where up in the orchestra section which was sort of high up. But by a pure stroke of luck my friend ran into a old boss of hers and she gave us pit seats that she had spare! The pit here was very small and there was no barricade. We got to be right in front and there was no pushing or anything since there was only about 30 people in the pit. Seeing him the second time is just as amazing as the first. He started off with First of the gang to die and played more smiths songs at this show the ones that i can remember where,boy with a thorn in his side,girl friend in a coma and How soon is now. At this show there seemed to be a more even mix of new and old which was great! He threw 2 of his shirts in the audience and this time i was able to touch his leg and his wrist. My friend was lucky enough to shake his hand twice! There where 2 little kids in the pit and Moz brought them on stage and danced with them alittle, it was so cute! He also talked to people in the audience asking them if they had anything to tell him. This show seemed more intimate since we where so close and had fewer people in the pit. 3 people ran on stage and got to hug and kiss him. One girl wrapped her legs around him and it took them a min to get her off At the end everyone seemed to be glowing with the excitment of being able to see him. Especially those of us from Bakersfield, becasue Moz is the most famous musician to every play in this town. I feel so blessed that i got to see him twice!

    At both shows i was able to get some pics, but my camara phone isnt that great so they are a bit fuzzy. I cant wait to see him again, i hope that he does another U.S tour soon!MorrisseyVentura Moz gigBakersfield Moz gig
  • Placebo

    1 May 2007, 0:55

    Thu 26 Apr – Placebo, Evaline

    Placebo was amazing! I honestly didnt want the gig to end. It was one of the best shows that i have been to in a long time. There set was about 1hr and a half and they played all there hits. I really hope to see them again soon. Brains voice is just so awesome! I love going to a show and just singing my lungs out to ever single song!
  • Stolen cds:(

    8 Ene 2007, 9:34

    So my new year started of a bit sucky to say the least. I decided to go out of town with some freinds to Nevada to celebtate the new year with gambling and free While there a good time was had by all. While i was gone i left my car parked at my friends apartment complex thinking that it would be safe, however as we pulled up in the parking lot i saw that my passanger side window had been broke out! I jumped out of the car before my freind even parked it and ran to my car,there was glass everywhere and i looked in my glove box and was sad to see that they had stolen the few cds that i had hidden in it. I didnt get angry till i realized that 2 of the cds they took where imported ones i got. One was my Downhearted cd by Charon,which my ex had sent me from England for christmas one year because i couldnt find it here,and the other was my Poisonblack cd Escapextacy. They took some others but they where ones that i could just go to the local store and buy. I was so bumed,i started crying. It just really sucked,nothing like that has ever happend to me before.I miss my cds:( I have all my cds loaded on to my comp,so i thought well atleast i can listen to them even though they are gone,but sadly for some reason all the poisonblack songs but 2 arent working:(it was bad enough the cd was take but now i cant even listen to the songs. Im hoping that the rest of the year is better than the first day.CharonPoisonblack
  • Racetrack Babies

    19 Nov 2006, 11:04

    Racetrack Babies are a pretty awesome band from Denmark.I have never heard of them till tonight when they played a gig here in my town,but they made quite a great impression.After the set they hung out with me and a few of my friends and i have to say they are some of the sweetest guys i have ever met.They are good people who play really good music,so if you havent heard of them then you should definitely check them out,you wont be disappointed.
    I <3 these guys.
  • Unmotivated

    23 Oct 2006, 3:18

    So i have good news and bad news about college right now. Good news is i can graduate this december with my A.A. in political science/international relations degree. The bad news is that currently i am failing my history class,which is weird because i do love history but i just never have time to do the work and when i do i just cant get into it. I skipped out on my first test and i have another one on Wed that i have barely studied for and i really dont want to fail the class and yet i still cant get myself to study. I should be studying right now but what am i doing? Writing in here that i should be studying and that im I need a miracle to keep me from failing this class and a miracle to motivate me. Is it possible to get 2 miracles at once? Good news again is that the other 2 classes that im taking that i really dont like im actually getting an A in one and a B in the I think there is some irony there