26 Feb 2007, 17:39

OK, so after listening to a good deal of Cake over the past few weeks (for every fucking mood I could possibly be in, they had a song for. Walk On By, The Distance, Guitar, Is This Love, Pentagram, etc etc) I discovered Deathray through the 'similar artists' on the LFM Player. So I look up the biography...4 members of CAKE. Good. They left after the success of The Distance, which in my personal opinion is the definitive CAKE song because it showcases a lot of their unique instrumental chemistry. Even better. They have full songs on LFM, and when I checked their site they have a lot more available for download. Kickass. So I listen to a few. Let's start with the one available on LFM for download, My Lunatic Friends. It is amazingly catchy and stayed in my head for a day. But overall I think the song that left the most lasting impression from their site is Prolly Not.
Now this entry starts to take more focus. From Deathray I kept looking at other bands. I found Harvey Danger, and I downloaded the album they made available for free, Little by Little. I've become an addict of the song Moral Centralia, and it isn't gonna stop any time soon. Hihgly recommended. So, in conclusion and to keep your interest, here's two bands that have awesome music available for free [legal] download online on their sites: Deathray and Harvey Danger.


  • Jan_Taihwo

    You helped me discover Harvey Danger :)

    13 Abr 2007, 0:24
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