Behave Yourself EP


7 Feb 2011, 11:51

When I hear about some new EP, I pray to merciful Cthulhu that it won’t be another “experimental” EP of crap a band I like could never get away with on a real album and even better, that, as an EP, it’ll cut out all the filler you’d hear on a 10+ track LP. Oh, Cthulhu has blessed us indeed, party people.

Track-by-track breakdown (because you’re still not convinced you should buy the EP):
1)Audience: You take classic, piano-driven Cold War Kids and add on the tricks they learned on Loyalty to Loyalty, make it even slicker, and play off the old “playing for an audience of one” cliché. They make the cliché work here though. And the little production flourishes all over the track make it hard not to listen again and again.

2)Coffee Spoon: Ooh-wooooo. Ooh-woo-ooh-ooh-woooo. That’s not Jim James and My Morning Jacket—it’s Cold War Kids—but you might not know that till the beat kicks in. “You are my coffee spoon,” he belts. Sounds kinky, like he wants someone to stir his coffee with their finger. Whoever he’s singing to, you should probably take him up on it. Just sayin’.

3)Santa Ana Winds: The Kids know how to build a crescendo, and that’s exactly what they do here in this song as the peak of the album and during the course of the actual song. A nice guitar riff, bouncy drums lead in from the last track, dropping to a driving piano, building tension, up to the chorus, “making headlines again,” dropping some of the drums again for the next verse to build still more tension, then driving us the rest of the way. Yesss.

4)Sermons: “Got this idea in my head and I can’t get it out/ that all the money in the Mint couldn’t water a drought./ I’m piling treasures up on Earth./” Talk about bringing us back down from the crescendo of Santa Ana Winds. Can’t blame ‘em for storing up treasures, much less dropping us from the heights of Santa Ana Winds, mainly because the song builds us back up toward the end.

5)[hidden track]: Can’t even blame ‘em for this filler track because it’s a good filler track and only thirty-eight seconds, to boot. Actually, I can’t believe I’m saying this about a song, but I wish it were longer (yes, I have A.D.D.).

Every time I see “Cold War Kids” somewhere, I think of Red Dawn and how literal Cold War kids sat through that film. Actually, if I were listening to this album while watching the movie muted, I’d actually enjoy the experience. I’ve already been listening to it on repeat anyway. Might as well put on that Red Dawn VHS in the background. Right? I mean, it ain’t gonna’ watch itself.

Favorite Tracks: Audience, Coffee Spoon, Santa Ana Winds, Sermons, [Hidden Track] (all of them, because I can do that)

Rating: 4.6/5 Stars


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