Some albums i like part 28: Progressive & Bourgeois


5 Ene 2007, 20:23

Zeke'Til the Livin' End
X SyndicateUp Your Kilt
Washington Dead CatsEl Diablo Is Back
VarukersThe Punk Singles 1981-1985
UnseenThe Anger and The Truth
UncommonmenfrommarsMini Lp
Triste CapitaleUn Peu De Bruit Dans Une ...
TransplantsHaunted Cities
Tokyo Sex DestructionLe Red Soul Comunnitte
Tokyo Sex DestructionBlack Noise is the New Sound!
Tokyo Sex Destruction5th Avenue South
ThugsRadical Hystery
ThugsAs Happy As Possible
Thugsnineteen something
ThugsTout doit disparaître
Therapy?Pleasure Death
Therapy?Born in a Crash
TherapyOne Cure Fits All
Sum 41Does This Look Infected
Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies
Suicidal TendenciesJoin The Army
Suicidal TendenciesFNG
Suicidal TendenciesFreedumb
Suicidal TendenciesFree your Soul...and Save my mind
SuicidalFriends and Family (Epic Escape)
Stupid Movies For Stupid People By Stupid BandsStupid Movies For Stupid People By Stupid Bands
Social DistortionSomewhere Between Heaven and Hell
SNFU...And No One Else Wanted To Play
SNFUBetter than a Stick in the Eye
SNFUSomething Green And Leafy This Way Comes
SNFUThe One Voted Most Likely To Succeed
SNFUIn the Meantime and in Between Time
SkalopesChasse à l'enfant
ShériffsDu Goudron Et Des Plumes
ShériffsPan! & 3-2-1-Zéro
ShériffsPagaille Générale
Sex PistolsNever Mind the Bollocks
Sex And SubversionSex and Subversion
ScumGospels For The Sick
SamiamWhatever's Got You Down
Sales MajestésBienvenue
Sales MajestésNo problemo
Rock SoundPunk Rawk Explosion 2
Rock SoundPunk Rawk Explosion 5
Rock SoundPunk Rawk Explosion 10
RancidLet's Go
RancidAnd Out Come The Wolves
RancidRoots Radicals
RancidLife Won't Wait
RancidRancid [2000]
RamonesLeave Home
RamonesRocket to Russia
RamonesIt´s alive
RamonesRoad to Ruin
RamonesRock 'N' Roll High School
RamonesEnd of the Century
RamonesPleasant Dreams
RamonesSubterranean Jungle
RamonesToo Tough to Die
RamonesAnimal Boy
RamonesHalfway to Sanity
RamonesBrain Drain
RamonesLoco Live
RamonesMondo Bizarro
RamonesAcid Eaters
RamonesAdios Amigos
RamonesWe're Outta Here
punk city rockersOi
Public Image LimitedFirst Issue
Poison IdeaWe Must Burn
ParabellumPost Mortem
OffspringThe Offspring
OffspringIxnay On The Hombre
OffspringConspiracy of one
NoMeansNoAll Roads Lead To Ausfahrt
NOFXPunk in Drublic
NOFXHeavy Petting Zoo
NOFXSo Long & Thanks for All the Shoes
NOFXNever Trust A Hippy
NOFXWolves in Wolves' Clothing
No Use For A NameLeche Con Carne
No Use For A NameMaking Friends
No Use For A NameMore Betterness!
No Use For A NameHard Rock Bottom
NekromantixCurse of the coffin
NekromantixBrought back to life
NekromantixReturn of the Loving Dead
Nation of Ulysses13-Point Program to Destroy America
Nation of UlyssesPlays Pretty for Baby
Nation of UlyssesThe Embassy Tapes
MolodoïRebelles Anonymes
MisfitsWalk Among Us
MisfitsEarth A.D. & Wolfsblood
MisfitsLegacy of Brutality
MisfitsStatic Age
MisfitsFamous Monsters
MisfitsProject 1950
MillencolinFor Monkeys
MC 5Kick Out The Jams
Make-upDestination Love Live At Cold Rice
Make-upIn Mass Mind
Make-upSave Yourself
Make-upUntouchable Sound
Made Out Of BabiesTrophy
Mad CaddiesRock The Plank
LunachicksBabysitters on Acid
LunachicksLuxury Problem
Ludwig Von 88Houlala!
Ludwig Von 88Houlala 2, La mission
Ludwig Von 88Live
Less Than JakeGreased
Lars Frederiksen and the BastardsViking
La Souris DéglinguéeAujourd'hui et Demain
La Souris DéglinguéeQuartier Libre
La Souris DéglinguéeBeaucoup de libertés 80-84
Joey RamoneDon´t worry about me
Jello Biafra & The MelvinsSieg Howdy!
International Noise ConspiracySurvival Sickness
International Noise ConspiracyA new morning
International Noise ConspiracyArmed Love
Hopelessly Devoted to YouVol. 6
HonkersRoll up Your Sleeves And Help Us To Rock Up This Honker World
HivesBarely Legal
HivesVeni Vidi Vicious
HivesTyrannosaurus Hives
Hard-OnsVery Exciting
Guitar WolfUFO Romantics
Good CharlotteGood Charlotte
Gogol PremierHencor Pir + Vite Avant La Saisie
Gogol PremierPoète Prophète Barbare
G.B.H.City Baby Attacked by Rats
Frères MisereFrères Misere
ExploitedPunks not dead
ExploitedTroops of Tomorrow
ExploitedLet's Start A War ... Said Maggie One Day
ExploitedHorror Epics + Bonus Tracks
ExploitedDeath Before Dishonour
ExploitedSingles Collection
ExploitedBeat the Bastards
ExploitedFuck the System
ElektrocutionVagina Dentata
ElektrocutionOpen Heart Surgery
DwarvesBlood Guts & Pussy
DwarvesFree Cocaine
Dropkick MurphysThe Early Years, Underpaid & Out Of Tunes
Dropkick MurphysSing Loud Sing Proud
DonnasAmerican Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine
DonnasGet Skintight
DonnasTurn 21
DistillersCoral Fang
DeloreanInto The Plateau
Dead Pop ClubAutopilot Off
Dead ComboDead Combo
Danko JonesI'm Alive and on Fire
Danko JonesBorn A Lion
Danko JonesWe Sweat Blood
Danko JonesSleep Is the Enemy
D.O.A.Festival of Atheists
Cyco MikoLost My Brain (Once Again)
CrassStations of the Crass
CrassChrist The Album
CrampsOff the Bone
ClashThe Clash
ClashGive Em Enough Rope
ClashLondon Calling
ClashCombat Rock
ChristiansenStylish Nihilists
CheapshotsVol. 3
Chaos UKTotal Chaos
CasualtiesStay out of order
CasualtiesFor The Punx
CasualtiesThe Early Years 1990-1995
CasualtiesOn the Front Line
CasualtiesUnder Attack
BuzzcocksFlat-Pack Philosophy
Burning HeadsBurning Heads
Burning HeadsDive
Burning HeadsSuper modern world
Burning HeadsWeightless Hits
Burning HeadsBe One With The Flames
Burning HeadsEscape
Bouncing SoulsHow I Spent My Summer Vacation
BoredomsSoul Discharge '99
Bloodhound GangHooray For Boobies
Blink 182Enema of the State
Bikini KillPussy Whipped
Bikini KillReject All American
BHASS ProjectNever Trust a Punk
Bérurier NoirMacadam Massacre
Bérurier NoirConcerto pour détraqués
Bérurier NoirAbracadaboum!
Bérurier NoirLa Bataille de Pali-Kao (1983-1984)
Bérurier NoirSouvent Fauché Toujours Marteau
Bérurier NoirViva Bertaga
Bérurier NoirCarnaval des agités
Bérurier NoirEnfoncez L' Clown
Bérurier NoirInvisible
BellraysIn The Light Of The Sun
BellraysLet It Blast
BellraysThe Red White and Black
Bad ReligionHow Could Hell Be Any Worse
Bad ReligionInto the Unknown
Bad ReligionSuffer
Bad ReligionNo Control
Bad ReligionAgainst the Grain
Bad Religion80-85
Bad ReligionGenerator
Bad ReligionRecipe for Hate
Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction
Bad ReligionAll Ages
Bad ReligionThe Gray Race
Bad ReligionTested
Bad ReligionNo Substance
Bad ReligionRaise Your Voice
Bad ReligionThe New America
Bad ReligionPunk Rock Songs The Epic Years
Bad ReligionThe Process of Belief
Babes in ToylandSpanking Machine
Babes in ToylandFontanelle
Babes in ToylandThe Peel Sessions
Babes in ToylandPainkillers
Babes in ToylandNemesisters
Anti-FlagUnderground Network
Anti-FlagThe Terror State
Anti-FlagFor Blood And Empire
Alice DonutDry-Humping the Cash Cow
Alice DonutPure Acid Park
7 Year BitchSick 'Em!
7 Year BitchViva Zapata!
20 Years of Dischord20 Years of Dischord
2 MinutosValentin Alsina


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