Review: Skunk Anansie – Wonderlustre


21 Sep 2010, 16:28

I’ve made no small claim as to what Skunk Anansie meant to me throughout my teen years, and those which I longed for their return. With this in mind I’ll admit to being a little annoyed when the band returned to announce the release a greatest hits compilation when all I really wanted was a heap of new material to quench a 9 year dry spell.

Thankfully, somehow within 18 months they’ve managed to deliver a world tour, 3 brand new and dynamically different tracks for the aforementioned greatest hits compilation – each fresh yet so classically Skunk Anansie, effortlessly slotting-in among the remastered hits to seal the gap in their absence – and now, a brand new 12 track studio album, Wonderlustre. So as I stand at the dawn of a new band chapter within no real time at all, I retire my annoyance knowing that the band made all the right choices.

So, the question you might be asking right about now might go something along the lines of “How does an album you’ve only dreamed of for 9 years actually stand up after said time?”

Well, I’ll get my one and only gripe out the way – There aren’t enough tracks in the vein of Charlie Big Potato and The Skank Heads. The epic soarers and pop choruses are brilliant as ever of course, but there are tiers of Skunk Anansie fans that I’ve observed over the years, two distinctly different from the radio fans. Those who came to know and love the band through front woman Skin’s gay icon status, and those who love the fierce musicianship that comes to the fore in their heavier tracks. Unfortunately, the latter drew the short straw with Wonderslustre… but no biggie.

I’m picking The Sweetest Thing or You’re Too Expensive For Me as the follow up single to My Ugly Boy. Anyone care for a wager?

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