• from the depths of my soul

    30 May 2007, 23:47

    when was the last time you brushed your teeth?

    what is the song that was playing while you brushed them?
    -white lines by grandmaster crunch and the gang

    are you afraid of the dark?
    -sometimes..i keep a glow stick up my sleeve at all times

    if you have a child, what song will you name it after?
    -probably king caesar (good luck, my child)

    if you had a special internet stalker, what song would you sing to them?
    -The Baby Tree by paul kanter and the jesuits, because of it's meaningful melody

    what is your favorite genre?
    -crack-punk-cabaret-redneck electronica
    (it's quite inspiring)

    If you were making a deal with the devil and he wanted one of your cd's, which one would you part with?
    -Sacred Earth Drums (Dave and Steve Gordon)because well..the call of the medicine drum is just not as strong as it once was.

    According to this test you are A JUNGLE CAT
    Stay off the beaten path, and watch for shiny objects.