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Less hasty am I than the wind, yet I must go.
We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,
begin no day where we ended another day;
and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.

Neato badge! Thanx Eowadia:D

Dreams have mystified the human imagination for untold eons, twisting forms beguiling us into its soothing bliss of complacency. What stronger allure is there than that sickly sweet state—a state of utter simplicity and bliss—all that we could possibly desire?

To see the soft gaze of a woman just rapt by newfound love, can we deny the exquisite dreams caressing every aspect of her experience, perhaps to an impossible spiritual peak—the supreme invigoration of spirit–or the proud eyes of a father looking ahead at the path that he has eternalized—the securing of progeny. A new dream awakens into this world with all the entailed and yet unimagined possibilities.

The unbridled optimism of youth—an open sky specked with glittering stars, so far away yet tangible—as if the composition of the world is nothing more than mind made manifest on the world and every opportunity is ripe for the harvest. A mind filled with dreams and curiosity not yet smothered by the social, educational and occupational realities of our time.

But is it even possible to fall in love with someone without pouring every expectation into that living, breathing mirage? Something we desperately want to see and revere—a mutual and intentional deception—a belief of a better life, along with all the positive expectations brought about through a reciprocal marriage of illusory anticipation.

Sometime, somewhere, everything is inevitably bound to be perfect, but only for a moment. Transience washes away these traces only to leave a new blank canvas for us to again draw our hopes.

And yet these hopes and dreams cast shadows, so I’ve come to see it. Waking up from a nightmare reminds us that it was just a bad dream, but what does that tell us of the dreams themselves? Are they really different from the nightmares we face, waking up sweating in the middle of the night only to realize that whatever fear abducted us, is it really no different from a soothing dream—that it is nothing more than a play in the theater of the mind, whatever we felt has no significance beyond what we ascribe to it. So is there something beyond the nightmares and dreams—an endless cycle of hope and disappointment?

Some world beyond the twisting anticipations and entitlements of the mind by discarding mankind’s youthful naiveté.
The temperance of the whole cycle for something more fruitful, a deep understanding that nightmares and dreams are just as inseparable—and perhaps that there is something deeper still than these.

So what spiritual opportunities lie before us? To relinquish the dreams, to abandon the idea that only the peaks justify experience and to dismantle a cultural and ethical social norm ingrained deeply into the subconscious of our zeitgeist.
Or is it that our dreams make us cope with the harshness of life, a mirage nonetheless but a vision that makes us sow the finest harvest.

Is it not peculiar that in our weary culture we would long for nothing more than dreams, all the way from a diminished awareness and a dulling of the senses, to complete forgetfulness? The traits of our culture speak for themselves, yet what would we give to be freed from the dullness of life, the tragedy unfolding right before our eyes? That the very word “dream” implies something so exquisite, like a utopic fantasy etched in our minds, perhaps to forget who we really are. Are we merely looking for an easy way to rest?
To retreat to a familiar corner of this universe where we can feel safe from all the horrors and fears, to find a haven distanced from whatever parts of civilization and the world that invoke our fragile sentiment. Such variance there is in the ways of life, yet so many paths lie bare and untrodden.

So I stand hesitantly at the altar, trying to remind myself why I am here and asking myself if I am even awake.
Have I come to worship or to sacrifice?

Whatever you do with your life, do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.

And don't let what if become if only.


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