• i have court today

    6 Oct 2009, 14:44

    i have court today LOL for "tagging" WC and Juggalette 4 life on our court house and for beating a chicken down but lets not go into that. my probation officer tryin to get me for a damn curfew violation too(my probation officer) when she told me i could go out how messed up is that !!!!! i hate dresden there is no freedom for any of the WCs and we get blamed for everything weather we did it or not wtf!!!!!
    keep it wicked,
  • mad at my school!!!! this is discrimination i swear!!!!!

    1 Oct 2009, 15:50

    im sittin in class and this is killin me i cant sing along wit the songs that i love the most this is my shit and i cant sing it wtf!!!!!
    keep it WICKED,