My Favorite 2006


10 Ene 2007, 21:18

Note: I posted this on, but thought I would repeat it here for completeness. I've heard a few albums from last year that could possibly make this list now, but I'd rather not edit this (Amy Winehouse and A Hawk and a Hacksaw, to name two)

1. Night Ripper: Skillfull mashups of popular music, with an extremely short attention span. Songs go bye at a dizzying pace, as do the waves of nostalgia.
2. Fishscale / More Fish: I’m cheating here by taking both albums, removing all the skits, the R&B tracks, and the other weaker tracks. What you’re left with is an incredibly consitent, and hard hitting album (some assembly required). Impressive nonetheless, given Ghostface pretty much hates hip-hop.
3. Alright, Still: Cheery pop with dark lyrics. Highly recommended.
4. Pieces Of The People We Love
5. The Loon
6. The Warning: What the Postal Service would sound like if they weren’t whiny and didn’t suck.
7. St. Elsewhere: Don’t expect an album full of Crazy, most of the album is much darker.
8. Game Theory
9. Gulag Orkestar
10. Hell Hath No Fury
11. Writer's Block
12. The Crane Wife
13. Robbers And Cowards
14. Mo' Mega: His most consistent release to-date.
15. Food & Liquor / Touch The Sky Mixtape: This would go higher if I had bothered to do a Ghostface-style mix and match. Aside from the standard DJ shoutouts and promos, the mixtape is surprisingly good.
16. Magic Potion
17. Cansei De Ser Sexy: Initially annoying, the silly charm took a little while to grow on me.
18. Yellow House
19. Audition
20. Blue Collar


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