• Bat for Lashes. Just. Wow.

    27 Ago 2009, 4:05

    Thu 20 Aug – Bat for Lashes, Other Lives

    I saw Bat for Lashes. There was joy, there was love, there was anger, there was sweat.

    First of all, it's hilarious that Staind was playing that same night. There were plenty of things to laugh at.

    The crowd was far more diverse than I expected. By diverse I mean there were guys there. I didn't know any male Bat for Lashes fans prior to this.

    Other Lives, the opening act, was incredibly amazing. I'm getting their gosh-darn album, dad-gummit. And I want the cellist's number.

    In between sets, there was totally a girl fight in front of me. It was awesome. Kudos to you, girl in the white shirt.

    But then, Bat for Lashes came on. She opened with Glass, a wise choice. Her vocal delivery is just as strong live as it is on the albums. The song got me pumped.

    Watching her live is like watching a shaman or medicine woman trying to both hypnotize and regale the audience with tales of yore. And she's darn good at it.

    I haven't found a setlist yet, so I'll just make note of highlights.

    Good Love-Always been one of my favorites. It was so pretty and serene.

    What's A Girl To Do-Oh man, talk about some phat beats. I liked the song a lot as a recording but it had so much more oomph live. When I say phat beats, I mean they was some PHAT BEATZ.

    Two Planets-Lots of force, made me feel like I was participating in some ancient Pagan dance.

    Sad Eyes-Didn't care for it much before, but it was so great live. I got it.

    Horse and I-I got a shiver as I typed that, realizing I had seen it live and it had been so wonderful. This summed up the entire experience for me; magical, mysterious, and otherworldly.

    All in all, Bat for Lashes took me places I had thought I'd been before, but I had not. There is still magic in the world.
  • Thisters

    22 Mar 2009, 18:36

    Songs my sister and I know by heart and sing back and forth to each other via text while we're away from each other.

    My Dougie
    Time (Clock Of The Heart)
    Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Get Low
    Booty Meat

    3 Mar 2009, 15:13

    I meant to post this around Valentine's Day, but I had an onslaught of stuff to do. Bummer, eh?

    Sooooooooooo, these are songs about love that I like. You know, like like. TAKE A HINT, I WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU.

    Falling in
    Just Can't Get Enough-The Saturdays: More ecstatic than the Depeche Mode original. I like both, mind you. The video is just darling.

    Head Over Heels-Tears for Fears: Builds up a lot of feelings and refuses to let them pass. I have moments of lucidity when I realize Tears for Fears is so much more than a passing 80s band.

    Jeepster-T. Rex: Love is camp. I stand by that.

    Chains of Love-Erasure: Fun, just fun.

    ToLoveSomebody-Billy Corgan: This song is just exquisite. Billy reaches beyond his ego here. Then there's Robert. And I'm gone.

    La Madrague-Brigitte Bardot: Ok, so it's not about love, really, but it's too pretty to pass up.

    The Only One-The Cure: Ok, out of all the potential love songs from The Cure's catalogue, why this one? Because it makes me oh so giddy. Because I didn't want to list Lovesong. Come on, people. No point in being ridiculously obvious.

    Jumping Out
    Poison Arrow-ABC: Manages the whole broken heart thing without being whiny. Instead, it rubs it in your face with how cool it is.

    What's a Girl to Do-Bat for Lashes: BADASS. It sounds awesome but the lyrics are such downers. A great combo.

    You're so Vain-Carly Simon: I love those angry girls.

    Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division: Deceptive in sound, honest all around.

    I'll Be Watching You-The Police: CREEPY. Being creepy myself, I can't help but relate.

    And there are so many other weepy tracks to add. But I don't want to. Let's be happy today.
  • New Music Fest: Ghostland Observatory

    18 Nov 2008, 17:00

    After finding two good friends, Jillian and Sarah, were into this business, I had to do it.

    I like me some beepy-boopy, so I figured I could handle it.

    I started out with Robotique Majestique, seeing as how I tend to test new artists based on their latest work. (Which may or may not be a bad idea.)

    My horrible decisions aside, I popped on my music-testing headphones and was pleased.

    Heavy Heart is digable. It sounds like these cats were having the best space adventure ever until their ship broke down.

    Maybe it's the Cosmos to Earth class seeping into the rest of my life, but this is all quite planetary.

    No Place for Me is like intergalactic wolves crawling on Venus.

    While listening to this album, I pictured this trashy Lisa Frank lunchbox I had back in elementary school. It was black with silver glitter that looked like stars and unicorns or some other rainbowbarf creatures galloping happily across the galaxy.

    I'm by no means saying that's a bad thing.
  • New Music Fest: Hooverphonic

    3 Nov 2008, 20:00

    Halloween is over. The whole month of October (ok, the entire YEAR) was leading up to that day. I didn't have time to check out new music, ok?

    Alright, so I'm just making excuses. You can't judge me, you do it too.

    Ever since I fell for Goldfrapp, websites and people alike have been telling me to check out Hooverphonic. After avoiding it for awhile, I finally got myself A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular and made myself listen up.

    2 Wicky is an instant love. Those slow burning sexy riffs from Walk on By work so well here. The vocals and lyrics are super.

    Wardrope is not a love at all. I hate how it sounds like Sandstorm. I hate Sandstorm. I could try to look past it, but it's hard to avoid.

    Someone is terribly pretty and dark. I love this gal's voice.

    Ok, so this album has some heavy rotation potential. Hooverphonic, get ready to creep up my charts.
  • Nineteen Eighty-NINE

    2 Sep 2008, 21:19

    Yo, kids! Listen to my radio show on Tuesdays from 8-10 PM.

    You can listen in here: radio.utdallas.edu.

  • Feels Good

    8 Jul 2008, 18:54

    Top 50, where I found them, first song, song that inspired love, favourite song.

    So stolen, oh, so stolen.

    50. Uh Huh Her
    Found: Leisha Hailey crush
    First song: Explode
    Song that inspired love: Explode
    Favourite song: Mystery Lights

    49. Dinosaur Jr.
    Found: Last.fm rec
    First song: Budge
    Song that inspired love: Freak Scene
    Favourite song: Freak Scene

    48. Tool (What? Why are they so low on this?)
    Found: Challenges from other people
    First song: Sober
    Song that inspired love: Sober
    Favourite song: Prison Sex or Parabol/Parabola

    47. Prince
    Found: Radio, and lots of it
    First song: I Would Die 4 U
    Song that inspired love: Let's Go Crazy
    Favourite song: Purple Rain

    46. Melissa Etheridge
    Found: More radio.
    First song: Come to My Window
    Song that inspired love: Come to My Window
    Favourite song: Come to My Window

    45. Bruce Springsteen
    Found: Stepdad likes him a lot.
    First song: Born in the U.S.A.
    Song that inspired love: Glory Days
    Favourite song: Dancing in the Dark

    44. Billy Corgan
    Found: Curiosity
    First song: toLOVEsomebody
    Song that inspired love: toLOVEsomebody
    Favourite song: toLOVEsomebody (Come on, you get it.)

    43. Brian Eno
    Found: Looking for new music for my radio show.
    First song: Baby's on Fire
    Song that inspired love: Baby's on Fire
    Favourite song: Baby's on Fire

    42. John Lennon
    Found: Through John.
    First song: Imagine
    Song that inspired love: Give Peace a Chance
    Favourite song: Power to the People

    41. Tubeway Army
    Found: Gary Numan crush.
    First song: Me! I Disconnect from You
    Song that inspired love: Replicas
    Favourite song: We Are So Fragile

    40. Lamb
    Found: Darling Juju.
    First song: Gorecki
    Song that inspired love: Gorecki
    Favourite song: I'm going for Lusty as of now.

    39. Elton John
    Found: Radio + The Lion King
    First song: Candle in the Wind
    Song that inspired love: Crocodile Rock
    Favourite song: Rocket Man

    38. INXS
    Found: La radio
    First song: Need You Tonight
    Song that inspired love: Never Tear Us Apart
    Favourite song: Never Tear Us Apart

    37. Bob Dylan
    Found: Curiosidad.
    First song: Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35
    Song that inspired love: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
    Favourite song: Visions of Johanna

    36. New Order
    Found: Radio
    First song: Blue Monday
    Song that inspired love: Bizarre Love Triangle
    Favourite song: Crystal

    35. Beck
    Found: Some commercial for a CD.
    First song: New Pollution
    Song that inspired love: New Pollution
    Favourite song: Earthquake Weather

    34. Peaches
    Found: Last.fm rec.
    First song: Fuck the Pain Away
    Song that inspired love: Fuck the Pain Away
    Favourite song: Downtown

    33. Spoon
    Found: Some fashion show.
    First song: I Turn My Camera On
    Song that inspired love: I Turn My Camera On
    Favourite song: Sister Jack or The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine

    32. T. Rex
    Found: More music for my show.
    First song: Ride a White Swan
    Song that inspired love: Ride a White Swan (It was instant.)
    Favourite song: Maaaaaaaaybe Mambo Sun

    31. Depeche Mode
    Found: Radio, picked up Violator in NYC
    First song: Personal Jesus
    Song that inspired love: Enjoy the Silence
    Favourite song: Blue Dress

    30. Public Enemy
    Found: While watching "Do the Right Thing"
    First song: Fight the Power
    Song that inspired love: Fight the Power
    Favourite song: Welcome to Terrordome

    29. Duran Duran
    Found: Mom
    First song: The Reflex
    Song that inspired love: New Moon on Monday
    Favourite song: Hungry Like the Wolf

    28. A Perfect Circle
    Found: John
    First song: The Nurse Who Loved Me
    Song that inspired love: The Nurse Who Loved Me
    Favourite song: Magdelena or Orestes

    27. Our Lady Peace
    Found: Radio
    First song: Somewhere Out There
    Song that inspired love: Somewhere Out There
    Favourite song: One Man Army or Is Anybody Home?

    26. Elka and KC
    Found: Juju
    First song: Pffffffffft I am not going to remember this.
    Song that inspired love: Whichever one that was.
    Favourite song: Can't decide.

    25. M.I.A.
    Found: Late night TV
    First song: Bucky Done Gun
    Song that inspired love: Bucky Done Gun
    Favourite song: Boyz or Paper Planes

    24. The Beatles
    Found: No idea how.
    First song: Yellow Submarine
    Song that inspired love: Eleanor Rigby
    Favourite song: Hey Jude

    23. The Creatures
    Found: Siouxsie crush
    First song: Mad Eyed Screamer
    Song that inspired love: Wild Thing
    Favourite song: Right Now

    22. De La Soul
    Found: VH1 Classic
    First song: Me, Myself, and I
    Song that inspired love: Me, Myself, and I
    Favourite song: Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)

    21. Explosions in the Sky
    Found: Sarah's influence
    First song: Glittering Blackness
    Song that inspired love: Glittering Blackness
    Favourite song: Snow and Lights

    20. Arrested Development
    Found: Mom
    First song: Mr. Wendal
    Song that inspired love: Mr. Wendal
    Favourite song: Mr. Wendal

    19. Bob Crewe and Charles Fox
    Found: Barbarella soundtrack
    First song: Barbarella
    Song that inspired love: Barbarella
    Favourite song: An Angel is Love

    18. David Bowie
    Found: Radio/Parents
    First song: Space Oddity
    Song that inspired love: Space Oddity
    Favourite song: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

    17. Brigitte Bardot
    Found: Physical attraction
    First song: Tu Veus Ou Tu Veux Pas
    Song that inspired love: Tu Veus Ou Tu Veux Pas
    Favourite song: La Madrague

    16. Gary Numan
    Found: Thara sang Cars one day in biology and I thought, "Oh yeaaah! I like that song!"
    First song: Cars
    Song that inspired love: Cars
    Favourite song: Complex

    15. George Gershwin
    Found: Fantasia 2000
    First song: Rhapsody in Blue
    Song that inspired love: Rhapsody in Blue
    Favourite song: I Got Rhythm

    14. Kate Bush
    Found: Lots of talk on the Goldfrapp Message Board
    First song: Hounds of Love
    Song that inspired love: Running Up That Hill
    Favourite song: Waking the Witch

    13. Bat For Lashes
    Found: Don't remember...but it was magical, whatever it was.
    First song: I Saw a Light
    Song that inspired love: Horse and I
    Favourite song: Trophy or What's a Girl to Do?

    12. Ladytron
    Found: GMB, again
    First song: Destroy Everything You Touch
    Song that inspired love: Destroy Everything You Touch
    Favourite song: Ghosts

    11. Pink Floyd
    Found: Dad
    First song: Another Brick in the Wall
    Song that inspired love: Eclipse
    Favourite song: Comfortably Numb or Us and Them (it hurts)

    10. Joy Division
    Found: Everyone was blabbing on and on about how Interpol was like them.
    First song: Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Song that inspired love: Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Favourite song: Transmission or Dead Souls or Atmosphere

    9. Radiohead
    Found: Radio, probably.
    First song: Creep
    Song that inspired love: Creep
    Favourite song: How to Disappear Completely or Planet Telex

    8. Siouxsie and the Banshees (they should be much higher!)
    Found: My radio show
    First song: Kiss Them for Me
    Song that inspired love: Kiss Them for Me
    Favourite song: ARABIAN KNIGHTS!

    7. 2005 Broadway Revival Cast
    Found: Saw Sweeney Todd in NYC :>
    First song: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
    Song that inspired love: Joanna
    Favourite song: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

    6. Meat Puppets
    Found: From John
    First song: Split Myself in Two
    Song that inspired love: Split Myself in Two (I fell hard.)
    Favourite song: We're Here

    5. Nine Inch Nails
    Found: After years of avoiding it, John threw me in.
    First song: I don't remember, I was preoccupied during that first listen.
    Song that inspired love: Terrible Lie
    Favourite song: 10 Miles High

    4. Sonic Youth
    Found: John, again.
    First song: The Empty Page
    Song that inspired love: Karen Revisited
    Favourite song: Dirty Boots at the moment

    3. Goldfrapp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Found: A Nintendo DS ad
    First song: Strict Machine
    Song that inspired love: Strict Machine
    Favourite song: Cologne Cerrone Houdini

    2. The Smashing Pumpkins
    Found: Lots of radio
    First song: Bullet With Butterfly Wings
    Song that inspired love: Today
    Favourite song: Ugh, this is too hard right now.

    1. The Cure
    Found: The young closet goth I was cried out for this.
    First song: Friday I’m in Love
    Song that inspired love: Close to Me
    Favourite song: This is hard too. Umm. Plainsong or The Funeral Party.
  • Hot New Soundtrack

    2 Jul 2008, 3:06

    If my life is going to be a movie, it is going to be called "Jungle Love." ("Beverly Hills Chihuahua" was already taken.)

    Opening credits: Revolution Rock-The Clash
    I was always such a rebel, after all.

    Waking up: A Forest-The Cure
    Are my mornings that dreary? No. But for this movie, yes.

    Average day: Children Play with Earth-Arrested Development
    My average days are awesome and groovin'.

    First date: Me! I Disconnect from You-Tubeway Army
    Guess that one didn't go well. Hot jam, though.

    Falling in love: Gorecki-Lamb
    No way. You all cry at this part. You're not ready for that much pretty. Thank you, shuffle, for blessing me with this.

    Love scene: Le Soleil-Brigitte Bardot
    I can handle it.

    Fight scene: I Would Die 4 U-Prince
    Not a bad fight, I assume.

    Breaking up: Crimson and Clover-Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    I picture myself drinking and clumsily trying to charm people.

    Getting back together: The New-Interpol
    Always one of my favorites. It could do.

    Secret love: Accuracy-The Cure
    Strangely hot. "I could kill you without trying/That's accuracy/Accuracy!"

    Life's okay: Jeepster-T. Rex
    You bet it is, girl, I'm just a Jeepster for your loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!

    Mental breakdown: Destroy Everything You Touch-Ladytron
    Works for me.

    Driving: Landslide-The Smashing Pumpkins
    I assume I'm crying while driving. This song, cover or not, sucks that lump from my stomach and into my throat.

    Learning a lesson: Something I Can Never Have-Nine Inch Nails
    Life's hard, huh?

    Deep thought: The Bat's Mouth-Bat for Lashes
    I can't imagine what I'm thinking of while this is on.

    Flashback: Earthquake Weather-Beck
    Thinking back to those times when I danced around and it was hot outside.

    Partying: Reflex-Duran Duran
    My parties are so hooooooooooot.

    Happy dance: Modern Love-David Bowie
    Oh, can I please be dancing poorly down the street to this one?

    Regretting: Panama-Van Halen
    I guess I regret taking her home.

    Long night alone: Complex-Gary Numan
    Long night, indeed. I guess this is the part where I become a hermit.

    Death scene: Annie-Dog-The Smashing Pumpkins
    Sad, sad, sad. You're all going to miss me.

    Closing credits: Magdalena-A Perfect Circle
    Ok. Such is my life.

    Not tagging these. I don't feel like it.
  • Bye

    28 Jun 2008, 23:45

    My great-grandmother died today.
  • Avoiding Cure Puns

    7 Jun 2008, 15:47

    Fri 6 Jun – The Cure, 65daysofstatic

    Seeing The Cure was the best thing ever.

    I want the rest of my life to be that amazing.

    Underneath The Stars, Prayers For Rain, A Night Like This, The Walk, The End of the World, Lovesong, To Wish Impossible Things, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Fascination Street, The Perfect Boy, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Sleep When I'm Dead, Push, Friday I'm In Love, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Primary, Shake Dog Shake, Never Enough, The Only One, Wrong Number, The Baby Screams, One Hundred Years, Baby Rag Dog Book

    1st encore: Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab
    2nd encore: Lovecats, Let's Go To Bed, Freakshow, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You?
    3rd encore: A Forest

    The End Of The World sounded amazing live. It was always a so-so song to me, but I can't get it out of my head today.

    Pictures of You had me holding back tears.

    Fascination Street was THE groove.

    I'm putting down Push as my official favorite of the night. But I'm open to mind-changing. GO GO GO! PUSH HIM AWAY!

    One Hundred Years was wild.

    I never knew how much I loved Killing An Arab until last night.

    A Forest was the perfect end.

    I actually enjoyed the new songs. I could dig it. I kind of wish they played more slow songs, like Plainsong, for one. Heehee. But I don't care.

    I still keep crying when I think about how amazing it was. And I'm surprised I'm not sore from dancing for three hours.

    I want to do it over and over again.