Eid Ma Ear Worm


8 Sep 2010, 9:38

I posted a clip of Bill Callahan playing River Guard on my blog the other day and it triggered a bit of a binge on his last studio album, Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle.

One song in particular was stuck in my head. Eid Ma Clack Shaw tells of a series of dreams. In one, the narrator dreams the perfect song and writes down the lyrics in a foggy haze only to find they're complete gibberish when he wakes up. But what beautiful, poetic gibberish it is.

I find the easiest way to purge an earworm the likes of which I had with Eid Ma Clack Shaw is to stick the song on repeat and play it till it's gone. This can be quite traumatic when it's a snippet of some terribad Nickleback tune*, but it wasn't much of a chore in this case.

Some problem with Rhythmbox means last.fm didn't record it, but I've listened to Eid Ma Clack Shaw over 20 times in the last two days. And the chorus is still floating around the back of my brain as I type this.

* if you can call what that band does "tunes"
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