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I was born deaf in '82. At the age of 3 i had an operation to drain my "glue" ears, i had grommets ( fitted & all that. But discovered at this point i had only one good ear, the other had failed to develop hairs in the Cochlea ( I can't really remember but apparently started to try & talk after this operation after 3 years of no vocal sounds or crying at all (after 4years apparently you lose ability to socialise normally or something), this led to me becoming drained of energy a lot, but i was hyperactive & ran everywhere, little changed there, i believe i was mainly mentally drained, but this push in my early development, helped towards my intelligence levels (that sounds arrogant, but i really don't have to try to understand things, often). I'm not sure how i communicated before this point but i remember being happy & loved. Probably only when i realised i hadn't learnt something major did it stress my development. I still couldn't/can't hear perfectly, i only have one ear therefore no panning (if there was a scream in the woods i would have to to a mental calculation of volume ratios, while moving my head slightly, to lock on & if sound isn't constant this takes me longer than most i believe) & i was hyper/no staying still time, therefore i tended to miss hear things a lot & get corrected a plenty by friends & family for incorrect pronunciation, this all probably helped greatly, but it was annoying i remember, especially when friends did it, but before school i could break down words to read, count to thousands & thousands, so simple math & talk, just about. I was keen on numbers & math & puzzles wer my thing.

I was very visual (maybe from being deaf & grew up running & playing in the woods. I drew a lot, copying images i found i liked, look at an item/picture & recreate, i got quite good, when 1st at school everybody thought i was tracing, i did characters like billy wizzy & buggys bunny/daffy duck. I wanted to be an animator, addicted to cartoons, but growing more so addicted to computers, pestering my friends to play on c64, dancing around & playing while games loaded. I finally got an amiga after being addicted to my friends c64 & paint/animator programs wer soon on the go, doing stick animations. I also got my parents to get me amiga magazines like amiga power/format & fell for the whole genre hook line & sinker, visuals to sounds, got really into the music & found myself going for games with the music i liked, whereas before i wasn't a music fan, i didn't like most of the chart music i didn't really understand or see the point (greedy untalented pisstakers), but i did love to dance & be hyper, i remember early songs i liked wer lambada & jive bunny, i liked the punk ethics tho, spiking my hair a lot to prove this & general behavior problems & authority hating, getting in trouble, kids stuff :)

I have always been, in fair, obsessed with sounds, analyzing everyday, i was tapping things a lot & drumming things. I was addicted to beats, i fell for rave & hard house 1st (i've got the power!!), got a demo tracker program on the amiga (500+[+=1/2 a meg ram upgrade, for the 1/2 a meg already= double!!])& made a few tunes (I remember a sample "Roll the drums,rrrroll the drums!"), liked to make them go fast!. Wanted to learn any instrument i was allowed, played recorder 1st, then trumpet, then guitar, then piano. But most obsessed with computer music, but more playing games until my dad got a pc, when i started secondary school, started to copy notation from guitar that i had just started to learn & put them into noteworthy composer & created my own tunes & compositions also. But really missed that tracker demo i had off the amiga magazine (subconsciously) I was becoming fast addicted to the internet, chat pages todo with music. I got into guitar stuff probably too much to follow the crowd & be liked. Realised i hadn't learnt any theory i concentrate on piano more. Then i go back n forth from guitar to piano but lust for drums. My drum lust led me to fruityloops, i got in there about version 2 i think & i've followed ever since. I got fully into fruityloops by the time leaving school, after not really thinking about what that whole school thing was really about & just not revising & passing exams drunk & stoned. Oh yeh got into bongs & smoking green early. Realised people understand what i'm talking about if they were stoned & liked me more, grew sound friends. Grew hair long. Went to raves & nights out. Being a lover of experimental. Aphex Twin blew my mind. Ventolin was a great inspiration when starting out on fruityloops & squarepushers burnnintree albums. Found venetian snares, bongra, shitmat, wrong music in general, plaid, muziq. Went to dedbeat in norfolk for the 1st 3years & loved it!! Went n saw shitmat quite a bit, loved bogdan real bad. Was getting pretty dam good at tune creation & then when 20 funds ran out & computer died & lots of work & female trouble/deep depression/long hair gone = no music creation but obsessively listening & smoking for about 10years & just got pc again about 1year ago, played on games 1st 6months adding mods to games like obilvion & fallout3 to make them more fun & then realised all that was because i needed creative output to make me happier again, i'm a knob twiddler by heart, always have been, as a child told off too much for picking stuff up & playing/working out. I know if i had time now i could get my mental levels just right & learn/solve any problem/thing. I avoided all social networking things now, as this chatting online is what wasted my time & got me into women trouble in the 1st place, i'm just too much of a target/hot catch, okay dumb. So instead, needing a little but of quality socialness & getting into music so bad&obsessively looking at blogs & downloading new tunes everyday. I found the guys at braindance website, i believe they have welcomed me & i hope to make them all happy with tunes a plenty soon.

I got ableton & started todo a few mixes of tunes i was lovin. That was about July 2010, done 2 so far the 1st is up here in all it's dodgeyness, i may re-edit when i get the time, i've gotten a bit wiser since then. Present: Sept 2010, after trying to create beats/tunes with ableton, great for vst/live but i miss/want step sequencer!! D/led fruityloops, looked at it a bit & it's come far, i likes/loves still, hope to get time to play more soon, also got photoshop cs5 & painter 11, omg creativity overload. Got so many plugins & vst(i) over the years for all these, need new hard drive now (just ordered) Generally i still work far too much/too hard, for no money at all really. Looking forward to time off. Going to Black Swan this New Years. Big UP the Bristol Massive! Hope to move there in my future, as all music i like is generally there :)

Addicted to strange/different sounds and beats a plenty.