• Lonely Town

    27 Abr 2015, 21:37

    last week happened to have almost no new music for my scrobbling sessions. Lets see...

    Last week in covers:

    > Elton John : Do you remember his song “Believe” from the 1990s? Then let some streaming service remind you, because it is epic.
    > P!nk : Yeah, some Greatest Hit needed to be revisited. I hope she’ll come back soon.
    > Frankmusik : I made sure that “By Nicole” only has a few nice tracks on it.
    > Major Lazer : Even the odd sounding vocals on “Lean On” can’t help me about this song growing on me. :D
    > The Corrs : Ah, those “Greatest Hits” are just amazing pop music gems.
    > Garbage : If I see the signs correctly, there might be new Garbage stuff in the works. Awesome. :)
    > Bastille : I’ve listened to the outstanding “Laura Palmer” EP, which came out before their big success.


    Most played artists:
    > Madonna : Happy times alert. I guess there will hardly be another live album as good as “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret”. What a mix!
    > Nicki Minaj : Well, you might have heard that I really like her dance pop tunes. :D
    > Alanis Morissette : Flashback times! I guess my life could use some more emotional and honest songs these days - that kind only Alanis can provide.

    Most played tracks:
    (nothing to highlight here)

    > Adam Lambert released the lyric video for “Ghost Town” and that song definitely feels fresher than Madonna’s “Ghosttown”, even though I’m not in fond of the whistling part.
    > Jessie J’s soundtrack song for “Pitch Perfect 2” has a video now. “Flashlight” is quite queesy - both in sound and in visuals.
    > I’m not a big fan of Tocotronic, but their new song/video “Die Erwachsenen” really hits a nerve. Great great work.
    > Another new Sia video? Yes, and it’s “by Heidi Klum”. Sounds odd, looks artsy (or glossy?). Interesting.
    > Ooh, “Lonely Town” by Brandon Flowers couldn’t possibly be more 80s style. But it is also very catchy. Check out the new video.
    > Yelawolf’s new album is out and to promote it he released the video for “Best Friend” featuring Eminem, which has a nice build-up.
    > Okay, I give Mariah Carey credit for trying to channel the best from her heydays, but the new single “Infinity” reminds me more of the reasons why this kind of sound feels a bit dated.

    New in the German charts:
    [03] Don’t Worry (feat. Ray Dalton) : Hm, sounds a bit like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Hm, also the generic lyrics don’t help. Tbh it makes me sad to see nothing but commercial interest.
    [09] Want To Want Me : A little Prince-like falsetto, a little Thicke-like cheekiness, a catchy chorus - meet Jason Derulo’s newest assault on your nerves. Sorry, I can’t stand it.

  • So Many Pros

    20 Abr 2015, 18:17

    it’s been another busy week for me. And this week could be even more extreme. :O

    Last week in covers:

    > The Prodigy : New album alert. I finally made it to get to know the new tunes from “The Day Is My Enemy”. Not too convincing, though.
    > Christina Aguilera : I’ve noticed that her album “Lotus” starts quite strong, but after 5 or 6 tracks the fun is over.
    > Michael Jackson : It just happened that I revisited “XSCAPE” and with that I found the catchy qualities of a song like “Do You Know Where Your Children Are”. Crazy times!
    > MisterWives : Well, yeah, I guess I’m still not finished with those indie tunes.
    > Tina Turner : Flashback times. Oh, what lovely songs she gave my life.
    > Madonna : Once again I’ve checked out some new tracks from Madonna’s Rebel Heart era, just to find me love other eras a bit more.


    Most played artists:
    > Monarchy : New album alert. “Abnocto” has about 3 good tracks, but the rest rather fails to impress me. I would recommend “The Beautiful Ones”.
    > The Naked and Famous : I was listening to their second album “In Rolling Waves”, which I still haven’t really become familiar with.
    > Kelis : Oh, what a joy her 2010 album “Flesh Tone” is. Totally underrated, if you ask me.

    Most played tracks:
    > Darker Than Blood (feat. LINKIN PARK) : This was without a doubt my tune of the week. At first I was skeptical about the track, because of the underwhelming Aoki solo tracks. But collaborating with Linkin Park seems to really work things out. I hope there will be a nice video for the song.

    > OMG. David Hasselhoff released a new video called “True Survivor”, which is full 80s style CGI. And tbh it is not that bad, at all. oO
    > Britney Spears seems to need some headlines. Or how would you explain that silly incident when she called someone in the audience asshole? Anyway, when is her duet with Iggy Azalea coming out again?
    > The tracklist for Giogio Moroder’s new album “Déjà Vu” was released and it tells us about feature guests like Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko, Kelis, Britney Spears and Sia, who is also on the new pre-single with the same title.
    > Wow, I didn’t expect Rihanna’s new video “American Oxygen” to be so political. A nice change of direction.
    > Who is this Shawn Mendes? Anyway… his video “Aftertaste” is all about teen pop deluxe.
    > Wow, not only does Pharrel Williams help Snoop Dogg once again for a catchy tune, but also the production team of the video clip for “So Many Pros” has done an excellent job. I’m really wondering why no one has thought of a visual concept like this before. Great great work.
    > Avril Lavigne might support a good cause with her charity work and the new song/video “Fly” (for Special Olympics), but the song sounds very generic tbh.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) : Oh, seems like this is a season for soundtrack songs. After Ellie Gouldings hymn for “Fifty Shades of Grey”, we now have a quite equally cheesy song from “Furious 7” taking the spot. Death replaces love, so to speal.
    [07] Headlights (feat. Ilsey) : Hm, that’s a very catchy song. Almost too radio-friendly.
    [11] Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) (feat. Jasmine Thompson) : Argh! A cover version with a soft voice and even softer beats. No, that’s not my cup of tea. And the video looks a lot like a car commercial.

  • Darker Than Blood

    13 Abr 2015, 19:55

    so another busy week (including an extreme party weekend) lies behind me. And hey, I also managed to listen to new music. So, why not enjoy the moment?

    Last week in covers:

    > Zedd : Well, I wouldn’t say that I totally get his music, but every now and then I take another spin.
    > U2 : Flashback times… thanks to “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” :D
    > Craig Armstrong : The score of “In Time” shall become one of my favorite instrumental albums ever.
    > Tokio Hotel : Uhm, well, “Feel It All” did grow on me a bit tbh.
    > Madonna : You can blame the big promotion machine. Or maybe just the very beautiful new video “Ghosttown”. Anyway, she really wants me to listen to her new stuff. :D


    Most played artists:
    > Beck : I rediscovered “Morning Phase” for a bit. And I can say, that record is pretty strong. (Not just because of a few Grammy nominations.)
    > Marina & the Diamonds : New album alert. So what’s it all about on “Froot”? (Continue reading and you might find out.)
    > Emile Haynie : New album alert. “We Fall” features a bunch of guests. And the music mix is hard for me to describe. But you can easily give it a try.

    Most played tracks:
    > Forget : So I finally made it through her new album “Froot”. Unfortunately so far I can’t make out another song that is as good as “Forget”. :/

    > Linkin Park teamed-up with Steve Aoki again - the new song is called “Darker Than Blood” and should be released very soon. It’s more dance than some might expect.
    > Kygo has a new track coming soon, that features Dillon Francis providing some vocals.
    > “Still Want You” is the 2nd pre-single from Brandon Flowers’ upcoming album “The Desired Effect”. And while the visuals of the video may seem timeless, I can’t helpt to think that he’s gotten older. :/
    > Zedd’s new album is called “True Colors” and already lets you have a second pre-single - “Addicted To A Memory”.
    > Oh, Madonna, what next? Now she kind of crashed Drake’s Coachella show and left a strange impression. But hey, the Jimmy Kimmel visit was awesome. :D
    > And the 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Well, Fall Out Boy teamed-up with a strange hip-hop artist called Fetty Wap, and Charlie XCX once again proved that she can’t sing live and her guests Ty Dolla Sign and Tinashe also didn’t seem like friends. Well, whatever...

    New in the German charts:
    [08] Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake) : Yay, Diplo! A fine electro track. I can understand that it’s doing well commercially.
    [09] Riva (Restart The Game) (feat. Broken Back) : Oh, what a creepy video. The song is quite good, though. But I’m afraid you shouldn’t listen to it too many times. :D

  • Ice Princess

    6 Abr 2015, 20:00

    Happy Easter times, everybody,
    and so it is April already. Well, sometimes time does not go by so slowly… but anyway, even with a new kind of everyday life I’ll try to keep this posting mentality going. Here I go...

    Last week in covers:

    > John Mayer : I still think that “Born And Raised” is an underrated album.
    > Coldplay : Well, the album “Ghost Stories” is still growing on me.
    > Shania Twain : Fun times with a few ballads from “Up!” (Red Version, of course).
    > Roxette : Tbh I’m a bit sad about all the compilation albums Roxette released so far. It’s ridiculous how often you will find the exact same songs on a CD. Anyway, “The Ballad Hits” is a fine collection.
    > Dune : Ah, “Forever” is such a good record. It always makes me smile, when I think of it.
    > Lauren Aquilina : Hm, long time no news from this singer. I’d like to have more than just “Sinners” on my playlists.
    > M83 With HAIM : I still haven’t heard all of the songs from the “Insurgent” soundtrack, but the bits I know are good bits. :D


    Most played artists:
    > Craig Armstrong : Well, diving into the beautiful “In Time” score for creating new playlists. That’s what it was about this time.

    Most played tracks:
    > Sweetest Lie : Sometimes I can’t explain, how a song can become a heavy rotation hit, especially when it’s not a new track. But this is what happened. (Well, it was also because of creating a mixtape of some kind.)

    > Last week TIDAL got its relaunch, a new (HiFi) music streaming service, that got promotion help by very big names in the industry. The boss seems to be Jay-Z.
    > Britney Spears is about to make a comeback and she chose wisely with a collab partner like Iggy Azalea. Their duet “Pretty Girls” should be out in a Month.
    > YouTuber Charlie Puth not only signed a deal with a major record label, but also has a feature guest on his new single “Marvin Gaye”. In the video he and Meghan Trainor start some kind of Glee orgy. :P
    > Blur is back… and with them comes a new video called “Lonesome Street”, which is funny in a way one would not expect from a British band.
    > Was it necessary for Nick Jonas to release another version of “Chains”? Well, The Wynwood Walls Edition looks a bit like a Lady Gaga concept leftover, if you ask me. Convincing me as a solo artist, he has yet to do. :D
    > Oh, what was I happy to hear, that Will Young is back with new music. But when I saw “Love Revolution” I was disappointed, because of its retro vibe. Well, lets see, if this strategy leads to success.
    > Sia’s new video “Big Girls Cry” once again features an artsy (facial) dance performance - but without a single cut this time (and also less controversial).
    > One word to describe Azealia Banks’ new video “Ice Princess”: epic! Now this is CGI done right (plus supporting a song). Expect that track to be scrobbled more often by me. :)

    New in the German charts:
    [12] Unter Meiner Haut (feat. Koby Funk & Wincent Weiss) : Hm, I’m getting the feeling that electronic songs tend to be very successful these days. Just add some cheesy simple lyrics and you might get lucky. But referencing Panic! At The Disco? Really?

  • Bloodstream

    30 Mar 2015, 20:40

    so last week, in which I took a few days off, turned out not to be the best when it comes to scrobbling. But hey… see the news.

    Last week in covers:

    > Shania Twain : Hm, didn’t notice that. But hey, there are actually only two Shania Twain albums in my library. :D
    > Annie Lennox : While I still need to get to know her latest (cover) tunes, I can instantly enjoy her classics like “Why”.
    > Vonda Shepard : Recently I heard the original version of “Walk Away Renee”, which makes me appreciate Vonda’s cover version more.
    > U2 : This was because of my sleepy time playlist. ;)
    > Roxette : Flashback times. Oh, those lovely ballads.


    Most played artists:
    > John Mayer : Flashback alert. After a while I would say that “Born And Raised” is slightly underrated. I hope his next album will come off as creative as this one.
    > Coldplay : Ever since I recognised “Midnight” being used in a film trailer, that song really grew on me.
    > Madonna : There was an article noting that “Rebel Heart” has failed to live up to the success standards of an artist like Madonna. Well, whatever… I don’t care that much, actually. So far I’d still like to connect to the new songs more.

    Most played tracks:
    (nothing to highlight here)

    > I’ve known that artist MAX only because of his cover version of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, but now with his new video “Gibberish” featuring Hoodie Allen, I think there might come something good. Both video and song are very contemporary/modern.
    > “Famous” may become the first Charli XCX song, that I consider a bit catchy. And the video works with the typical fun hipster/youth crap.
    > Major Lazer & DJ Snake released a new video called “Lean On”. It’s colourful, features MØ and could have easily been on the soundtrack for the latest Exotic Marigold Hotel flick.
    > Muse’s new album “Drones” was announced for an early June release and the new lyric video for “Dead Inside” looks pretty.
    > Brandon Flowers’ second solo album “The Desired Effect” hits the stores in late May. And the pre-single “Can’t Deny My Love” seems to indicate that he isn’t finished with recycling 80s sounds. And the new video is also weird and creepy.
    > “Let It Go” - the new James Bay video - kind of makes everything right. It’s hard not so see upcoming success regarding this artist.
    > The new Martin Garrix song “Don’t Look Down” featuring vocals by Usher has a joyful video now.
    > I think it’s a shame that Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” sounds so catchy, because the new video couldn’t possibly more about good looking bodies.
    > FKA Twigs’ new video “Glass & Patron” sort of creeps me out. It’s like a nice remake of Madonna’s “Vogue”, but way more artsy.
    > With a little help by actor Ray Liotta (and the great remix talents by Rudimental) Ed Sheeran’s “Bloodstream” really reaches a new level of awesome. Go watch the new video.
    > Hozier’s new “Work Song” video is pretty underwhelming, if you ask me.
    > Oy, what is wrong with Tokio Hotel? The new shock video “Feel It All” raises so many questions - like why?
    > “St Jude” is the title of a new Florence + The Machine video and it’s very beautiful and tragic at the same time.
    > Some interesting team-ups happened on stage recently. Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande and there was a little Destiny’s Child reunion.
    > Speaking of reunions… A-ha is back. Their new album “Cast As Steel” is expected to come out soon. And a tour is in the works, too.
    > I’m not sure, but I would say that award season might be over, but not without some Kids’ Choice Awards (for One Direction, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas) and the 2nd iHeartRadio Music Awards, which saw Rihanna presenting her new song and three time winner Taylor Swift being Madonna’s guitar player.

    New in the German charts:
    [10] King : Yay, one of my favorite tracks of 2015 entered the top ten. I like that very much. :)
    [11] Wie ein schützender Engel : Hm, when I try to put those rumors aside, this song just comes off simple and a bit cheesy. And strategically speaking this would have been a better single for Christmas times.

  • Preach

    23 Mar 2015, 22:38

    uhm, it might be, that I wasn’t in the best scrobble mood last week. And I’m afraid the trend could continue for a while. But hey, there still is a news section... :D

    Last week in covers:

    > Natasha Bedingfield : Yes, it that sunshine song, the film “Easy A” made fun of.


    Most played artists:
    > Madonna : New album alert. As far as I can judge, critics seem to be quite okay with “Rebel Heart”. However, I still haven’t figured it out for myself, how to rate that album. Anyway, a few songs have grown on me. And Madonna being some kind of regular special guest on Ellen surely helped a bit. :D
    > Linkin Park : To put it into context: last Friday was Chester’s birthday. So I did some research what song I could use for that occasion (on a radio show). I chose “Breaking The Habit” from the great “Meteora” album.
    > Marina & the Diamonds : New album alert. But so far I haven’t explored much “Froot”, because I was too busy with that one song.

    Most played tracks:
    > Forget : Oh, this one Marina track has grown on me a lot last week. And not just because of a catchy melody, but also because of the lyrics.

    > I have no idea who this Shawn Mendes is, but his new song “Stitches” sounds very contemporary. And the video does its best to push that further (with Instagram filter like visuals).
    > “Preach” - the new M.O. video - reminds me of early Destiny’s Child songs. And the tune comes off very groovy. Depending on their strategy, this could become a hit.
    > Axwell /\ Ingrosso seem to be very busy releasing new music. The video for “Can’t Hold Us Down” could have been better, however.
    > Jennifer Lopez took her chance to stand in the spotlight once more - even if it’s just for a soundtrack song / music video like “Feel The Light (From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Home)”. Unfortunately, the song couldn’t possibly be more generic.
    > “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor is as colorful as you would expect it from her, but I’m not sure, whether this retro vibe scheme isn’t worn out by now.
    > Sultan + Shepard featuring Tegan & Sara - yes, all those names released a video called “Make Things Right”, which is simple and fun to watch at the same time.
    > A new Olly Murs video like “Seasons” is elaborately produced, but might be more for fans than for convincing sceptics.
    > For their new video “Black Widow” Monarchy chose none other than Dita Von Teese, but there ain’t more than a few looks and black and white contrast games.
    > One of the latest hip-hop gatherings can be seen in Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Sum Mo”, which features Nicki Minaj and Young Thug, plus tons of objectified women. As it is usual for that kind of stuff. So my question is: why, Nicki, why?
    > RedFoo’s new video has the title “Juicy Wiggle” - so I guess that says it all. And after watching it I knew I was right. (I miss LMFAO.)

    New in the German charts:
    [09] All About It (feat. Ed Sheeran) : Ooh, nice track. Good video. Works for me. :D
    [12] Heart Of Stone : So this is the controversial song, that might have been our ESC contribution, I guess. Hm, nice production. Great vocals. Lousy video, though.
    [14] Hold Back the River : Am I the only one who sees tiny similarities to that one Sunrise Avenue song? Anyway, here he is, the newest hype artist.

  • Wallace

    16 Mar 2015, 22:59

    not much time…

    Last week in covers:

    > Hadouken! : I’ll miss this band.
    > Katie Melua : Ah, “The Flood”. :)


    Most played artists:
    > SoKo : New album alert. I have only listened to parts of “My Dreams Dictate My Reality”, but I have high hopes.
    > Jape : New album alert. “This Chemical Sea” is not my cup of tea.
    > Madonna : New album alert. 25 new songs… should provide something for everyone. But as an album “Rebel Heart” seems very random.

    Most played tracks:
    (nothing to post here this time)

    > Nickelback released a new video for the single/song “She Keeps Me Up”. It’s quite nice, actually. But the song is kind of awful.
    > Azealia Banks’ new video “Wallace” is amazing. And I even haven’t watched the real one yet. It’s supposed to be interactive. :D
    > Ciara got all beyonc-y for her new video “I Bet”. Okay.
    > Zedd’s collaboration with Selena Gomez has a video now and “I Want You To Know” fits the song. But I still don’t like it.
    > Björk’s new “Lionsong” video is… creative and slightly weird. :P
    > This weeks sees not one but two new concert videos getting released - Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour and “Kiss Me Once-Live at the Sse Hydro” by Kylie Minogue.

    New in the German charts:
    [09] Wolke 4 : Hm, this one sounds familiar (as in “not original”). The lyrics are a bit cheesy, too. And it’s not even new. Meh.
    [11] Flash mich : I think it’s funny, how a video can take a song to a new level… or just get some folks angry. But hey, the song itself is good, too.
    [15] Are You With Me : Is it just me or is this kind of music very trendy these days? I’m not sure, but I think there are quite a few similar songs out there.

  • Forget

    9 Mar 2015, 21:58

    so here I am again, after a week of lots of new music, in which I’ve been busy exploring.

    Last week in covers:

    > ODESZA : tbh I’m sure, this is some kind of leftover from the week before, because I can’t recall listening to ODESZA anymore.
    > Wrathschild : New EP alert. What happened to that Simon Curtis that gave us songs like “Beat Drop” and “Flesh”? Wrathschild’s output isn’t that convincing.
    > Volunteer : New EP alert. I’ve listened to bits of “The World Will Begin Again”. It was okay.
    > Kate Boy : New EP alert. And oh, those tunes on the self-titled release are stronger than expected.
    > Madonna : New album alert. So now the world can judge about all the new songs - I’m counting 25, which is Madonna’s biggest release package ever. As a fan I should be happy, but somehow I am not. It wouldn’t be the first time that I don’t feel satisfied with new Madonna stuff. So maybe just give me some time. Meanwhile “MDNA” is growing on me.


    Most played artists:
    > Nena : New album alert. Well, why not make a commercial album, if you’re a known commercial artist. Hm, maybe you’ll lose some credit points as a musician? Tbh I don’t know what to think of Nena’s “Old School”. Very few songs are enjoyable, the rest is just meh.
    > Steven Wilson : New album alert. “Hand. Cannot. Erase” is a concept album about loneliness in modern times… and for me it’s good prog rock.
    > Vaults : Their “Vultures” EP is quite strong. Three song plus a nice remix.

    Most played tracks:
    > King : No, I’m still hooked on that song. It won’t get boring so soon… I guess.
    > Poison : Haunting tune alert. And if it wasn’t enough, the gorgeous music video just does the rest to give you something to think about.

    > Conor Maynard released a new video for his upcoming single “Talking About”. Its visuals provide a lot of summer impressions and the song has those trendy 90s vibes.
    > Naughty Boy confirmed rumors of One Direction’s Zayn Malik going a bit solo. His vocals will be featured on Naughty Boy’s next album.
    > Hozier’s new video “Someone New”? Meh. A bit generic, if you ask me.
    > Flo Rida’s new video “Once In A Lifetime”? Ouch, features chipmunk-like pitched vocals. :/
    > It is a heavy promotion phase for Marina and the Diamonds - and so it’s no wonder that there is another new music video. “Forget” convinces me because of its simplicity, but the catchy quality of the song also helps.

    New in the German charts:
    [10] Lips Are Moving : Wow, this one is catchy. The video is very Katy Perry, but it sells the song very well. Respect, Meghan (and producers).

  • Poison

    2 Mar 2015, 19:12

    this week I really did catch up on some news… and apart from that I’m as busy as always.

    Last week in covers:

    > Against the Current : New EP alert. But tbh “Gravity” sounds like a Paramore ripoff to me. :P
    > mr.tinoforever : Where has all time gone, since I was happy for all the good things happening to his music career? Ambitions may change, but the music remains. :)
    > Madonna : Hype alert. This artist is currently quite busy promoting a new album. (see below)
    > Jape : New album alert. I haven’t quite finished listening to “This Chemical Sea” yet, so I can’t really say anything… except interesting.
    > Coldplay : This was part of a research for songs that might fit to the book “The Process” by Franz Kafka. I thought about “Square One” at some point.


    Most played artists:
    > BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah : New album alert. It may not be my cup of tea, but I think hip hop genre fans might like “Sour Soul” very much.
    > MisterWives : New album alert. Never heard from that group. “Our Own House” is full of (young) indie pop.
    > Galantis : New single alert. “Gold Dust” is not as great as “Runaway (U & I)”. But still nice electro.

    Most played tracks:
    > King : Wow, what a tune! Really! Since Friday I have this track on repeat. I also checked out a few older songs by Years & Years. But this is pure gold. :)

    > If you think a song like the new Take That single doesn’t give you something new, wait til you’ve seen the music video. “Let In The Sun” just feels a bit disappointing. But hey, their performance at the BRIT Awards 2015 was good.
    > Nate Ruess takes some more solo steps without fun. and “Nothing Without Love” is his new video. It’s very dramatic.
    > Clare Maguire finally has some new music out there. And her new video “Don’t Mess Me Around” also shows the retro vibes she now has to offer.
    > Ed Sheeran did an acoustic cover version of… none other than Xtina’s “Dirrty”. And guess what… it works :D
    > Speaking of covers. Kelly Clarkson not only did her own version of Tokio Hotel’s “Run Run Run” on the new album “Piece By Piece”, she also is joined by John Legend.
    > The Prodigy’s new video “Wild Frontier” looks like a twisted fairytale. (Stop motion animation FTW.)
    > I’m not sure, if I ever heard anything by Vaults. Anyway… the new artsy video “Poison” is definitely worth watching.
    > Who would have thought that the the new video by The Young Professionals would mix a catchy song with crazy black-and-white visuals. “All Of It But Me” (feat. Anna F.) has it all.
    > Okay, Oh Land never really convinced me, when it comes to songs. But oh, that video for “Flags” is way more creative than just a bunch of CGI, that some big names would have chosen.
    > Alesso’s new song “Cool” (featuring Roy English) covers the tune of Kylie Minogue’s “Get Outta My Way”. I guess it’s just a matter of time until a mashup version exists. Unfortunately the video is quite uninspired.
    > Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson have new “Trouble” for you. But I’d say that even haters should take a look at a music video of two strong female artists collaborating, if it’s as good as this.
    > David Guetta has a new video featuring vocals by Emeli Sandé. The animated clip for “What I Did For Love” feels a bit too random.
    > The BRIT Awards 2015 - oh what a show. Highlights were amazing performances by Ed Sheeran, Royal Blood and also… Paloma Faith. And well, that Madonna fall… did not distract me from the fact that she basically recycled her Grammy performance, but with a more iconic ending.
    > And speaking of Madonna: she announced the Rebel Heart Tour, which will start this summer in the USoA and will see European dates in late 2015, plus another tour leg (or two) in 2016.

    New in the German charts:
    [07] Wish You Were Mine : Oh, some more 90s techno vibes. This song could easily come from Kiesza. It’s catchy and generic at the same time.
    [12] Was Ich Nicht Hab : Can 2 million subscribers on YouTube go wrong? Well, at least the hype about this new (fun) song put ApeCrime on my radar.

  • Plattenbau O.S.T.

    23 Feb 2015, 21:57

    tbh this week gave me hardly any news. But hey, there are stats and stuff.

    Last week in covers:

    > Building Birds : New album alert. “Swirling Among The Stars”
    > Hard-Fi : I almost chose one of their songs for a blogging project. Anyway “Killer Sounds” is such a good album.
    > Bleachers : “Rollercoaster” is such a party tune. I’m glad to have found it.
    > Hadouken! : It’s been a while since I last enjoyed catchy electro beats. :D
    > Blondie : “Sugar On The Side” did grow on me a bit. :P


    Most played artists:
    > Madonna : Promotion alert. As a fan this kind of triggers my senses and it makes me listen to the new tunes more and more.
    > Hundreds : Concert alert. A couple of days ago this German duo played a show in Rostock. And they even visited LOHRO. So I was eager to check out their latest album “Aftermath” once more. It was a more joyful than I’d expected.
    > Zugezogen Maskulin : New album alert. “Alles brennt” is a very contemporary piece of German hip-hop, which surprised me very much because of some very good lyrics and tunes. Just check out “Plattenbau O.S.T.” for instance.

    Most played tracks:
    > Stones : The closing track of “Aftermath” is a very nice ballad, that captures the organic sound structure of their newer work.

    > This year’s award season reached another highlight with the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars) - a show that featured quite a few musical parts. One of the best was the performance by Teagan and Sara plus The Lonely Island. Winners included Alexandre Desplat (for “Grand Budapest Hotel”) and, of course, “Glory” by John Legend and Common.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] Love Me Like You Do : The power of film soundtracks has struck again. And some first “Fifty Shades” viewings later Ellie Goulding has another number one song. And if it wasn’t enough, the Calvin Harris song “Outside” with her vocals is also still in the top ten.