• Close Your Eyes

    29 Jun 2015, 22:00

    not much time… so let me start...

    Last week in covers:

    > Janet Jackson : This artist got a bit of hype this past days because of a new (very underwhelming) single called “No Sleeep” for a maybe upcoming album called “Unbreakable” (which would explain an announced Unbreakable World Tour). But I was just listening to my favorite JJ songs - like “Again” and “All Night (Don’t Stop)”. :P
    > Kiesza : Research context. I was looking for material for a party playlist. That is all. :P
    > Obtrusive : Music project context. (see last week’s journal entry)


    Most played artists:
    > Archive : So I’ve listened to their latest album and decided that it is actually not my cup of tea. :/
    > Jack Savoretti : New album alert. And, yes, “Written In Scars” is better than I expected it to be after his last album.
    > Austin Mahone : Flashback alert. Even if a flashback like this refers to only a few year. Idk but seems a song like “What About Love” so 2013 to you? Whatever, his “Secret” EP/album was better than I had it in mind. But what about his future? :P

    Most played tracks:
    > Close Your Eyes : Oh yeah, if I was making music, this could be such a song. I really like it. Even though I know hardly anything about the artist. Fantastic tune.
    > Eyes : If you think of Joy Division and New Order, you most likely have an idea of what The New Division might sound like. But tbh it’s not so bad. :D
    > Love Is Free (feat. Maluca) : Hm, now this could be a true gem, if it was a bit shorter. Anyway… nice party tune. Can’t wait for the video.

    > Duran Duran are back. The new single is called “Pressure Off” featuring Janelle Monáe and Nile Rodgers. The upcoming 14th album “Paper Gods” will come out in September.
    > Also 50 Cent will have a new album coming out in September - it’s called “Kingdom”
    > Foxes’s 80s-inspired “Body Talk” video/song must be the best thing I’ve ever seen from her. Great tune.
    > “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” by Flo Rida featuring Robin Thicke and Verdine White must be the most generic party anthem of this summer. I even couldn’t stand the whole video.

    New in the German charts:
    [08] Goodbye (feat. Lyse) : Hm, WTF? I don’t see any reason why this song is among the top ten. But maybe I am just too old for this kind of music. :D

  • Timebomb

    22 Jun 2015, 20:50

    what is this life, if it comes down to a lack of time so often. Idk - more effectiveness maybe? :/

    Last week in covers:

    > James Bay : Research alert. I’m still trying to listen to all of his latest (debut?) Album.
    > Die Ärzte : Podcast project context. (see below)
    > Kaput Krauts : Podcast project context. (see below)


    Most played artists:
    > Giorgio Moroder : New album alert. Tbh it feels cheap. All those feature guests can’t help the fact, that this seems to be made just for commercial reasons.
    > Madonna : New EP alert. I expected more of those new “Bitch I’m Madonna” remixes.
    > Marsimoto : New album alert. I’m sorry, but that is not my cup of tea.

    Most played tracks:
    > Their System Falls : Podcast project context.
    > I Love Hardcore Boys / I Love Boys Hardcore : Podcast project context.
    > Krank : Podcast project context.
    Alright, that podcast project of mine was dealing with a mixtape I was given by a punk rock fan. So it featured quite a lot types of punk. Some of it impressed me, some of it was a bit hard for me to understand. And I still need to edit that podcast episode. ^^

    > 10 Remixes are featured on Madonna’s latest single EP release. And “Bitch I’m Madonna” also has a video now, which was accessable via Tidal only. The build-up is quite similar to her performance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. There was quite some buzz about guest appearences, but most of the cameos are just tiny cut scenes. So once more it’s all just hype about nothing special - just to get some headlines.
    > Another song with a Nicki Minaj feature part has a new video - it’s David Guetta’s “Hey Mama”, which totally channels a “Mad Max” vibe.
    > “Foundation” is the title of the new Years & Years video. The visuals seem a bit odd, as does the song due to the lack of beats. Do you call it a ballad then?
    > Selena Gomez teased her new video “Good For You”. The song features quite soft vocals, which kind of fits her weak voice.
    > Tove Lo’s new “Timebomb” video is quite simple, but effective. And the song might grow on me soon. :D

    New in the German charts:
    [05] Supergirl : Hm, a cover version of Reamonn’s only hit. It works with the nice video, but apart from that it’s not very original.

  • Can't Feel My Face

    15 Jun 2015, 21:58

    in a hurry again…

    Last week in covers:

    > Jack Savoretti : Well, I’ve listened to his music while I was walking through the streets of Rostock. The weather was nice, too. :P
    > Kylie Minogue : Yes, I really revisited her latest album “Kiss Me Once”, although I was very disappointed when it was new. Tbh. I’m still not convinced by the new songs.
    > Ghosts : My personal classics. Maybe I should dive into their one and only album. :D
    > blink-182 : Party rock anthem alert. ;)
    > Pet Shop Boys : Oh, “Yes” is such a great record. I will happily repeat that statement. :D


    Most played artists:
    > Slaves : New album alert! Catchy cover plus epic rock music.
    > The Vaccines : New album alert! I dont know all of it yet, but songs like “20 / 20” or the bonus track “Melody Calling” want me to change that fact.
    > Of Monsters and Men : New album alert! Tbh I find it hard to get into their groves, because of that one hit song, that almost everybody knows. :P

    Most played tracks:
    > Ghost Town : Now that the new album is released, I noticed that I totally missed the video for “Ghost Town”. Unfortunately I think it’s weaker than the song, which grows on me these days.
    > Can’t Feel My Face : I might have missed the Apple event, but I did not miss a new Weeknd song. And what a tune! Can’t wait for his new album.

    > Even after all these years a new Björk video is worth watching. “Black Lake” starts haunting and ends with quite beautiful visuals. But I’m not so sure about the song. :/

    New in the German charts:
    [17] Hey (aus "Sing meinen Song, Vol. 2") : hm, I might not like the artist, but the song is surprisingly nice. :)

  • Shine

    8 Jun 2015, 21:56

    looks like I’m still able to contribute to this platform here...

    Last week in covers:

    > Goldfrapp : Melancholy times! Have you listened to “Laurel” already?
    > The Cardigans : Flashback times! “Erade / Rewind” is definitely one song of that year when it came out. “Gran Turismo” also can be seen as the band’s peak.
    > Coldplay : I was feeling connected to the mellow version of there song “Lost”.
    > Florence + the Machine : Flashback times. I think it’s amazing, how this act started with such high quality music. Can’t wait to get to know the new stuff.
    > Miley Cyrus : Pop times. And oh, she had a few fine pop tunes.
    > Alanis Morissette : Flashback times. This time it was about her album “So-Called Chaos”, which has great songs like “Excuses” and “Out Is Through” on it.


    Most played artists:
    > Parade of Lights : New album alert! Hm, nice indie pop.
    > Will Young : New album alert! And I can tell, that not all the new songs sound as mediocre as that “love revolution”.
    > Heather Nova : New album alert! I’d say that there are at least two gems among the tracks. :P

    Most played tracks:
    > Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through : I was doing some research regarding Angelina Jolie’s 40th birthday - and this treasure came up. :)
    > Feeling Electric : Oh, what a tune. Very catchy and slightly epic.

    > Years & Years are back with a new effect-packed video. It would be mean to compare “Shine” with “King”, but there are a few similarities, if you ask me. Their debut album “Communion” will be released in mid-July.
    > Anyone remember Owl City? He has a new video called “My Everything”, which comes off quite joyful (haleluja). You will find it on his upcoming 5th album “Mobile Orchestra” (mid July).
    > Tbh I’m still looking forward to new music by Dappy. “100 (Built For This)” has a lyric video now and it’s surpringly nice (with a little Drake vibe).
    > Blur’s new (semi) animated video “Ong Ong” should make gaming fans quite happy.
    > Mariah Carey released the video to her only new song “Infinity” from the updated greatest hits compilation. And what can I say, besides it is totally her style. :/
    > Rita Ora’s new video “Poison” got hyped a bit last week - but I can’t say that it’s worth it.
    > Apple announced some music stuff including streaming, broadcasting and connecting - let’s see, if this is a threat to Spotify and Tidal.

    New in the German charts:
    [04] Stole The Show (feat. Parson James) : I did not expect that song to go this far. :D Well, it could be worse.
    [09] Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) : Hm, another mediocre electro song. <Irony> It’s been while, since we had that.. </Irony> :P

  • Sausage

    1 Jun 2015, 21:09

    I’ve made a new logo… :D

    Last week in covers:

    > Annie Lennox : Hm, I remembered “Pavement Cracks” - a lovely song.
    > Lauren Aquilina : Yup, that happens.
    > Britney Spears : Did I tell you about my work playlist and “Work B*tch” being on it? :P
    > Madonna : Fan times.
    > Jenny Lewis : I’ve never heard anything by this singer. But then came the new video “She’s Not Me”. Fun stuff.
    > Ariana Grande : There are only two songs I can stand - “Break Free” and “Love Me Harder”


    Most played artists:
    > Goldfrapp : Ballad times. :)
    > Charlie Puth : New EP alert. Tbh it is not my cup of tea, even though I like his voice.
    > Spice Girls : Reseach context. Mel B turned 40 last Friday. :P

    Most played tracks:
    > Stranger : This month will be the first anniversary of me knowing this wonderful song. Oh, and the video still haunts me a bit.

    > Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic collaborated on a remix for “Good Luck”, which now has a fun video. And soon there’ll be a whole album of remixes titled “Life Is Hard”.
    > Wow. If there is one music video to watch this week, I’d say it should be Lil Mama’s “Sausage”. It’s an epic shout out to the 1990s. :)
    > The new Maroon 5 video is kind of hard to find. Or maybe I’m just not good enough… anyway the title “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf—er” sounds like trouble already.
    > John Newman released the first single from his upcoming second album. The video for “Come And Get It” fits the retro sounds.
    > Tinie Tempah chose a very radio-friendly way with his new single “Not Letting Go”. The chorus featuring Jess Glynne is very catchy. And the video is nice, too.
    > The Weeknd’s new video “The Hills” could be described in two words: bloody and creepy.

    New in the German charts:
    [03] Heroes : You know you have a good song for a competition like the Eurovision Song Contest, when it can easily enter the top ten. Congratulations to the team of Måns Zelmerlöw’s catchy tune.

  • Bloodstream

    25 May 2015, 21:14

    Sorry, but I really need to do this quick this time...

    It’s Pentecost Monday… so a few of us have an extra holiday. Yay. But no holiday won’t stop me from taking a look at music and stuff...

    Last week in covers:

    > Roxette : Ah, those melancholic moments when you feel connected to a song like “Fading Like A Flower”.
    > Avril Lavigne : Guess what. I was even listening to a few tracks from her self-titled album, which in my opinion is not worth your time.


    Most played artists:
    > Alanis Morissette : Mood context.
    > mr.tinoforever : Jubilation context.
    > Sugababes : Research context.

    Most played tracks:
    > Ordinary World : What an epic track! Try it, if you don't know it already.

    > Miguel released the cover artwork for his upcoming LP Wildheart and it is… slightly controversial maybe?
    > Ed Sheeran’s new “Photograph” video probably couldn’t be more personal. Go watch it.
    > Sage The Gemini teamed-up with Nick Jonas for a song called “Good Thing”. And it’s not even that bad. If only the video wasn’t full of
    > The 2015 Billboard Music Awards took place last week. But I didn’t find the time to watch it earlier. Anyway… I don’t care about the winners, either. But wow, what a line-up. Highlights included performances by Ed Sheeran (“Bloodstream” once again) and Meghan Trainor with John Legend. The most disappointing parts were the Britney & Iggy performance, which seemed to have been pre-taped, and the clipping of Kanye West because of… all the profanity?
    > The saddest news I got last week was about upcoming changes at, that will likely stop me from continuing my journal over here. :( So now I’m planning to use another blog for that purpose.

    New in the German charts:
    Alert! Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” almost made it to the top. oO
    [10] Hero of My Heart : Here we go again. Another casting show winner makes his charts debut, but it did not go very well. Even the video seems cheap. And don’t get me started on that cheesy lyrics.

  • Hold My Hand

    18 May 2015, 22:00

    what a week. And here I am in a hurry again. You can blame some live gigs on Mondays.

    Last week in covers:

    > Tocotronic : New album alert! Haven’t heard all yet.
    > Incubus : New EP alert! A bit disappointing, apart from “Absolution Calling”.
    > Simon Curtis : Flashback alert. “D.T.M.” is growing on me.
    > The Weeknd : New compilation alert! There is a “Fifty Shades Of Grey Remixed” album - including both Weeknd tracks. Nice stuff.
    > Dido : Flashback alert. I recommend “Hunter” - great song.
    > Manic Street Preachers : Flashback alert. I totally forgot about that duet song with Nina Persson (The Cardigans) - “Your Love Alone Is Not Enough” is epic.
    > Nena : Ha, I can’t remember who originally sang “Slipping Away”, but I like her cover version very much.


    Most played artists:
    > Brandon Flowers : New album alert! It’s better than I thought, but still totally 80s style.
    > Madonna : Awesome remix alert! (See below)
    > Steve Aoki : New album alert. Tbh I can only enjoy the collaboration songs with Linkin Park.

    Most played tracks:
    > Go : What a coincidence that this song is also “track of the week” at Radio LOHRO now. After listening to it for the first time, I was convinced. Very strong pre-single for the upcoming album “Born In The Echoes”.
    > What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above & Beyond 12” Club Mix) : When Madonna decided to skip the album version for a remix when releasing the video, I was a bit disappointed that it was hard to find. But oh, what a great track, that totally fits the video. In case you don’t like her or her music and don’t know the music video, I’d suggest to check it out anyway… because it is so impressive.
    > Lonely Town : Check out the video, and you will get along with the song... maybe. :)

    > A new Taylor Swift video was released. “Bad Blood” in one word: packed. With CGI, cameos and stunts.

    New in the German charts:
    [19] Hold My Hand : Ooh, what a pop gem. Lovely voice plus nice video. Cool.

  • Electric Love

    11 May 2015, 22:23

    no time… sorry

    Last week in covers:

    > Cut Copy : Some indie classics.
    > Tocotronic : New album alert. Not done with it yet.
    > Tina Turner : Some funky classics.
    > David Guetta : Some uptempo party songs.
    > Air : Some mellow classics.


    Most played artists:
    > Madonna : Flashback alert. Apart from a few track from her current “Rebel Heart” era, I really enjoyed rediscovering the Above & Beyond remix of “What It Feels Like For A Girl”. Extraordinary track.
    > Genetikk : New album alert. I’ll make it short: Not my kind of music.
    > U2 : Flashback alert. I revisited 2004’s “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb”. Oh, what a record. That is my kind of rock music. :)

    Most played tracks:
    > Lonely Town : I’m not sure, if it was the video that got me thinking about the catchy qualities of this song. Maybe I also would be clinging to the song without retro visuals. Anyway… it made its way into my tracks of the year Spotify playlist.
    > Borderline / Open Your Heart : I came across the fact that Cory Monteith (Glee’s Finn Hudson) would be 33 today. And this (short) mash-up is one of times when I liked his voice most.
    > Forget : Lovely song.

    > Now that the audio version of Britney Spears’ comeback single “Pretty Girls” (featuring Iggy Azalea) has been released, I’m not sure, if I want to see the accompanying video. Why? Because the song seems so cheap.
    > Ever imagined Ciara a family person? Well, then better take a look at the new video "I Got You", that features tons of impressions about the joys of motherhood.
    > “Lovin' So Hard” by Becky G could be tagged “2015 teen pop”. So including Austin Mahone in the video is almost overdoing it.
    > The new BØRNS video "Electric Love" kind of makes everything right, when it comes to psychedelic visuals. Wow.
    > Oh, Lenny Kravitz, what happened to you? Was there really a need to have a song like "Sex"? And why turn it into such a silly video?
    > Die Fantastischen Vier have a new video - and "Gegen jede Vernunft" is good.
    > The Chemical Brothers are still relevant. A song like “Go” (featuring Q-Tip) proves it. And the video is just great. :)
    > The song “Pstereo” might not be that new, but some great art direction team gave Emilie Nicolas a new video, which couldn’t be more dreamy. Definitely worth watching.
    > Giorgio Moroder makes Sia get into the retro pop groove. I’d say that she wouldn’t sound that catchy on her own. Unfortunately the video for "Déjà vu" does not support the happy vibes.
    > Who is Elle King? Her song "Ex's & Oh's" is hitting a nerve. Good voice, modern retro sound. And the video including some reverse objectifying doesn’t hurt, either.

    New in the German charts:
    [01] Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) : A new number one. (feat. Jasmine Thompson). ^^
    [07] Wie schön du bist : Nope, I don’t want to try.
    [14] Traffic Lights : Hm, I hope it will receive more love from consumers.

  • Traffic Lights

    4 May 2015, 20:30

    it’s May 4th - time to wear a geeky SciFi t-shirt… or something else, in case things like Star Wars mean nothing to you. :P

    Last week in covers:

    > Owl City : You could say that “Ocean Eyes” is so 2009, and I would agree probably. Sadly it proves that Owl City didn’t really improve since that period.
    > Paola & Chiara : I’m getting to know some older albums, which is kind of fun.


    Most played artists:
    > Roxette : Last week I got myself a ticket for their 30th Anniversary Tour. and last Friday there was footage from their last tour on TV, which almost made me cry. So, expect more melancholic fan times in the coming weeks.
    > The Dodos : I’ve listened to the new album “Individ”, but it’s not my cup of tea.
    > John Mayer : Ah, “Paradise Valley”. Sometimes I still think it will grow on me, but then I realize that I like it very much already. :)

    Most played tracks:
    > Mother and Father : I forgot about the haunting chorus of this song. It sounds so sweet, but the meaning is rather sad.

    > Jason Derulo’s new album will come out in June. But considering his latest (annoying) singles I’m not sure, if “Everything is 4” is something to look forward to.
    > COR’s new video “Business” created quite some buzz because of very explicit scenes. But controversial content isn’t anything new… in the business. ;)
    > Muse’s “Dead Inside” has an official video now. and it’s just awesome. I don’t consider myseld a Muse fan, but I really like the new song.
    > Lena makes her comeback with the new video “Traffic Lights”, which features beautiful visuals. However, the song sounds a lot like Ellie Goulding.
    > Who would have thought, that Alabama Shakes would create a Science Fiction video for “Sound & Color”. And it turns out to be very good.

    New in the German charts:
    Well, nothing to highlight here this week.

  • Lonely Town

    27 Abr 2015, 21:37

    last week happened to have almost no new music for my scrobbling sessions. Lets see...

    Last week in covers:

    > Elton John : Do you remember his song “Believe” from the 1990s? Then let some streaming service remind you, because it is epic.
    > P!nk : Yeah, some Greatest Hit needed to be revisited. I hope she’ll come back soon.
    > Frankmusik : I made sure that “By Nicole” only has a few nice tracks on it.
    > Major Lazer : Even the odd sounding vocals on “Lean On” can’t help me about this song growing on me. :D
    > The Corrs : Ah, those “Greatest Hits” are just amazing pop music gems.
    > Garbage : If I see the signs correctly, there might be new Garbage stuff in the works. Awesome. :)
    > Bastille : I’ve listened to the outstanding “Laura Palmer” EP, which came out before their big success.


    Most played artists:
    > Madonna : Happy times alert. I guess there will hardly be another live album as good as “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret”. What a mix!
    > Nicki Minaj : Well, you might have heard that I really like her dance pop tunes. :D
    > Alanis Morissette : Flashback times! I guess my life could use some more emotional and honest songs these days - that kind only Alanis can provide.

    Most played tracks:
    (nothing to highlight here)

    > Adam Lambert released the lyric video for “Ghost Town” and that song definitely feels fresher than Madonna’s “Ghosttown”, even though I’m not in fond of the whistling part.
    > Jessie J’s soundtrack song for “Pitch Perfect 2” has a video now. “Flashlight” is quite queesy - both in sound and in visuals.
    > I’m not a big fan of Tocotronic, but their new song/video “Die Erwachsenen” really hits a nerve. Great great work.
    > Another new Sia video? Yes, and it’s “by Heidi Klum”. Sounds odd, looks artsy (or glossy?). Interesting.
    > Ooh, “Lonely Town” by Brandon Flowers couldn’t possibly be more 80s style. But it is also very catchy. Check out the new video.
    > Yelawolf’s new album is out and to promote it he released the video for “Best Friend” featuring Eminem, which has a nice build-up.
    > Okay, I give Mariah Carey credit for trying to channel the best from her heydays, but the new single “Infinity” reminds me more of the reasons why this kind of sound feels a bit dated.

    New in the German charts:
    [03] Don’t Worry (feat. Ray Dalton) : Hm, sounds a bit like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Hm, also the generic lyrics don’t help. Tbh it makes me sad to see nothing but commercial interest.
    [09] Want To Want Me : A little Prince-like falsetto, a little Thicke-like cheekiness, a catchy chorus - meet Jason Derulo’s newest assault on your nerves. Sorry, I can’t stand it.