Turn Up The Music


12 Mar 2012, 23:57

Hello there,

this week (and due to an unusual work day) I hardly can call this post...

But I do it anyway... and now to the regular sections.
Last week in covers:

> Caligola : a friend of mine told me about this “spare project” of some Mando Diao members, so I was curious.
> Crystal Castles : ooh, now this is discovery for me. I quite enjoyed a few of their songs and I can’t wait to hear more.
> Céline Dion : I revisited one French and one classic album last week. It was fun. :-)
> The Band Perry : after I saw them playing live on a few award shows, I wanted to get to know their music a bit more... and so I did. (the process is not finished)


Most played artists:
> Katie Melua : the new album is quite “back to the roots” and not so experimental as “The House”. But I like her laid-back songs a lot, which is why I don’t really have a problem with that.
> Lady Gaga : it might sound silly, but the reason behind me listening to “Born This Way” (which is quite underrated) is the anticipation of Madonna’s new album. (I guess pop music kind of rules my heart.)
> Bruce Springsteen : the Boss is back with an interesting new record, full of serious songs. And yes, I think it is worth a try.

Most played tracks:
> Girl Gone Wild : remember how I first could not stand the silliness of this (new) single? Well, it did grow on me. Although the similarities to Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and the Benassi version of “Celebration” are not be overseen, it’s because of verses like “I know I shouldn’t act this way” that let me smile. -> I know I should not like this song, but I do. :-P
> Turn Up The Music (Remix) (feat. Rihanna) : oh, serious topic. How can I like a song by a criminal? Well, for me it is sort of easy to distinguish between songs as products and the artists producing them. That is why I can say that his new song is quite catchy, despite the fact that there is hardly anything good to say about Chris Brown as a person. And if Rihanna feels like singing with him, I don’t mind.

Sophie B. Hawkins’ new album will be released in June now - after it was announced for March. :-/
And even more sad is the health issue of John Mayer who you won’t be seeing live anywhere soon. That means his album probably will be hard to promote - but it is still coming out in May and (of course) I am looking forward to that.


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