8 Nov 2010, 15:56


I wasn't sure if I can make it this week (work issues).
But there you have it - another...

Last week in album covers:

> Darren Hayes : When will his new album come out? I hope soon.
> Taylor Swift : I'm still surprised that her new album is that much better than the last one.
> Janelle Monáe : Another artist I should check out more often. I like her style.
> Lissie : Hm, I don't know. She has some nice songs, but that's all for now.
> Goo Goo Dolls : Oy, their new album features a few gems - "Now I hear" for instance.
> Pet Shop Boys : Another Greatest Hits compilation just came out, features many remastered songs and one new track "Together" that is okay.


Most played artists:

> Sophie B. Hawkins : My artist of the month. So now it's been the first week of the month and I'm still looking forward to hear more from her. :-)

> mr.tinoforever : If I could query the database I'd like to know when I listened to Tino for the first time. It seems like I know his music for ages. Do I have to add that I like most of the stuff? ^^

> The Fray : Every time I listen to this band I think that I underestimated them again. That's what happened when I re-discovered their self-titled album last week.

Most played tracks:

> Angel Of Darkness : Here you have a perfect example for a song that is beautifully sad. I just love it.

> Eskimo To Go : I can't decide whether I like the old or the new version better, I wish I had the new version without female guest vocals. That could be great. Anyway... I think this is one of Tino's best songs, though the high note in the chorus always seems challenging. ^^

> Ungodly Hour : One of the many nice tracks from "The Fray". I like the title and the fact that I listened to it at a strange time.

And now... my thoughts on the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards (from yesterday):
Eva Longoria was hosting and did a good job, though Katy Perry was better in 2009. The first performance of the main event came from Shakira (with 30 Seconds To Mars + Kanye West in the pre-show). Shakira (with dirty belly, 300-style :-P) did a lame "Loca" song and "Waka Waka" which would have been a perfect closing song for this event. Instead it felt misplaced at the beginning.
First award was "New Artist" - Ke$ha won - yeah, she deserves it.
Kings of Leon - good.
"Best Pop" : Lady Gaga - woohoo!
Katy Perry sang "Firework" live (not well), but there were nice pyro effects.
Paramore won "Alternative" which was no surprise for me.
Rihanna sang her new dance song (also not that good when live) with neat flowers and stuff.
Bon Jovi are now "Global Icons" - mkay, I don't have a problem with that, because I don't care.
And who put Plan B among "Best Video" - he had no chance. Katy Perry won - meh.
The dudes from Jackass were also featured which just felt as wrong as putting Jersey Shore celebrity wannabes in the show. In other words: annoying.
Kid Rock presented his new song which sounds like a mix of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen - where is the bad ass attitude?
"Best Male" : Justin Bieber - wtf!? In some of his early songs he doesn't even sound like a male. :-P But looking at the competition - Usher and Enrique Iglesias? - it could be worse. ^^
The no-award for style goes to Slash for his "CUNT" shirt. :-)
"Best Live" : Linkin Park - yes!
That was followed by worst live, namely Miley Cyrus. Funny side note: I watched her perform this song one day before in a German tv show - and she didn't improve. It just felt forced. ^^
"Best Hip Hop" : Eminem - who else?
Linkin Park were awesome. Chester's voice was loud and clear. Perfect.
"Free Your Mind" : Shakira - wtf!?² I didn't know she had some Bono genes. ^^
Triple performance - Plan B, B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams, Ke$ha - great, great, great.
"Best Rock" : 30 Seconds To Mars - yes!
Meat dress intermission - very funny.
"Best Female" : Lady Gaga - yes!
"Best Song" : "Bad Romance" by Gaga - strike! (not Eminem featuring Rihanna?) ^^
And final performance? Bon Jovi - meh, they weren't a highlight (though some classics still rock).

And finally / in other news: I just listened to I Blame Coco's album and I'm stunned. It's quite good. My favorite at the moment - see title.



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