Defying Gravity


13 Sep 2010, 20:57

Good evening,

so it's an official Music Monday, as the results of the VMAs 2010 are just in.
In fact, I have to shout out something first: boooh, MTV Germany, boooh! (for not broadcasting it live this year!) That show is one of your best of all time... OF ALL TIME!
(that was me going Kanye) :-P

And now back to the regular...

Covers covering my last week:

including artists like:
> Foals : I've read that their latest album was one of the best records of 2010. But at this point I can't confirm it (but I haven't heard it that often). So that's why I'm giving it another chance(s). ^^
> Hurts : this band is like emos meeting the Pet Shop Boys. ^^ And thus the songs are beautifully melancholic.
> Hey Monday : actually I'm not sure how I did get curious about this band. But anyway... they sound young and promising. ^^
> Katy Perry : at first I really wasn't sure about her new songs, but now I'm convinced that she did well with chosing Dr Luke (among others) as a producer.
> Brandon Flowers : I know he's not continuing where The Killers left. I'm just wondering if his songs can keep up. ^^
> Simon Curtis : well, and again I say that parts of his album are really good.

Stats, please.

Most played artists:

> Silbermond : That German band is kind of new to me, because I only remember some of their hit singles (which were mostly ballads). So I'm about to discover if they are more rock or pop.

> Glee Cast : OK, these are no real artists, rather actors which get to sing classics or smash hits. And here's the thing. That is how I (and probably others, too) get to see certain songs in a new light which is a good thing. The whole Glee show is about the joy of music (and a bunch of teenage problems). And I'm already looking forward to the start of season 2.

> Dido : Here's another flashback. It was aroung 2000 when a singer called Dido got hyped via a mystery tv show (Roswell) and Eminem (who sampled/featured her in "Stan"). Some years later she returned with hits like "White Flag" and "Life For Rent". Her third album, however, wasn't that successfull. Anyway... I'm about to get into her music these days because I like her calm voice and the bittersweet theme in her songs.

> Garbage : Oh, and I obviously continue to fall for Garbage music (^^) - especially their ballads which are so fine and partly creepy at the same time. I don't know if they were more successfull with the harder tracks, but I cherish their mellow tunes.

Most played tracks:

> The trick is to keep breathing : Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. If you don't know this song, look for it. It's so great.

> Irgendwas bleibt : One of the ballads of Silbermond. It's about holding something dear for a long time while the world keeps changing - like the feeling of safety. I like the song.

> Defying Gravity : Glee power! Actually that song is from a musical (I'm not sure), but it also makes a great pop song as well - thanks to the vocal talent of two major actors of the Glee cast.

So, news?
VMAs 2010 : although the stage was amazing, the performances weren't as awesome as the years before. I missed Gaga performing - but having her winning is also nice. ^^
The female host was hilarious - I loved her making jokes about Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.
My favorite moments were presenters like the Glee cast and Cher... and Robyn and that funny DJ with the LED mouse head/hat.
Best performances (IMO) were Linkin Park and Florence + The Machine. I also have to give credits to Usher for doing impressive dance moves (though his songs are more mediocre R'n'B/club sounds which fit his mediocre voice). Speaking of voices... Justin Bieber's voice is getting "low" ^^ but his performance was well rehearsed. ^^
Oh, and Paramore did impress me. I do have to check out their music. ^^
Taylor Swift and Kanye both made a stage comeback - but also both didn't convince me. :-/
And I'm happy for 30 Seconds To Mars for winning the Best Rock Award. Also the entrance with an army of bicycles showed why they're so great. (as in they don't show up in some fancy car)
On a side note: I was amused that Katy Perry and Ke$ha were sitting so close in the audience (because I read that they ain't so close personally anymore) ^^
What I didn't like were the appearences of some random MTV show casts and the twitter trend news.

And that's it for this week. Next time more on new music I get to discover (maybe). ^^



  • macychick

    Yes, Defying Gravity is from the musical Wicked. Did you know that Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, who both appeared on Glee, were in the original cast of Wicked?

    14 Sep 2010, 17:26
  • fm014

    wow, thank you for that remark. I had no idea. I thought they were "just" actors ^^

    15 Sep 2010, 14:54
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