22 Mar 2010, 18:22

Hi folks,

I enjoyed much music last week. So here it is... my review:

Well, if you look at the picture you'll probably notice a diversity like (maybe) nowhere else ^^
Now as the compilation is a little outdated after the weekend (regarding my stats) I'd like to mention some artists.
For instance I was listening to the new album of Revolverheld which has some nice mellow tracks. This German rock band still knows how to make good ballads.
Next would be Nick Jonas & The Administration (the title seems a bit odd) whose songs are much like the Jonas Brothers stuff - nothing special to my mind. (though I have at least two favorite JB tracks).
JB reminds me also of Justin Bieber who possibly couldn't tweet more about his second part of his debut album (what a title ^^ )... or is it his second half album? :-P Anyway... so far I'd say that there are some nice pop songs on "My World, Part 2". But the whole "my baby", "my love", "my heart" babble becomes lame after several tracks. ;-P
Back to the image... do you remember Coldplay? Though I've known them since their smash hit "Clocks" I never really got to check out their first albums. So that changed last week and I'm stunned how good most tracks are.
What else? Adam Lambert is once again featured. His album still grows on me and I'm sure that his voice will be around some time (if he doesn't stick with scandals ^^ ).
And then there's Miike Snow, an artist I often would like to connect with "The X-Files". But shame on me because that was Mark Snow. :-P Anyway his (or their?) album is definitely worth a try. ;-) And in case a fan is reading this, could you please explain the "Silvia" video to me? ^^

Stats! (which were mainly influenced by the weekend)
Most played artists:

> Sarah McLachlan : If somebody wants to tell me how she mostly sings like a "dying swan" then go away! I like her voice and her sad songs. Last week I was mostly listening to tracks of her last album ("Afterglow") but also some of her classics via the CD of "Afterglow Live". ;-)

> Sheryl Crow : Now that is a singer-songwriter who rarely gets criticezed (except for some political statements). If there's one album by her which contains most of my favorite songs it would be "Wildflower". Though that one wasn't such a huge success for her it's still one of my personal best of's. ^^

> Ellie Goulding : These days Ellie would be my number one regarding new albums on heavy rotation. I still need to find my next best favorite track (besides "Starry Eyed") but her album is definitely very good. And don't forget the (better not have been) iTunes bonus track "Lights". ^^

> Deep Insight : Now when you look at the album cover compilation image (or should I call it ACCI? ^^) you can find not only one, but two covers of Deep Insight meaning that I've heard some older songs by them which is nice rock music. But I have to admit that at the moment I am more into their latest songs.

Most played tracks:

> World on Fire : In case I didn't already tell that... this one is the song which made me notice the "Afterglow" album... what eventually made me a fan of Sarah McLachlan. ^^ And that was even before I saw the extraordinary video for the song (I guess I already wrote about it here).

> Perfect Girl : Another highlight of "Afterglow". I wished there was an extended version of it with more piano tunes at the end. :-) Also the live version is lovely.

> King's Cross : I guess that was overdue. ^^ I already wrote about how I got to know older Pet Shop Boys songs via their latest live album (+DVD) "Pandemonium". And this ballad is just awesome though I only know the live version. I read somewhere that "King's Cross" was a b-side or whatever... a non-album track. I think newer fans should be lucky that the song found its way back to the present. ^^

OK, that's it for this week. Now springtime has already started. But I'd still like to get some responses (see last two posts). ^^



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