• ann arbour

    17 Jun 2010, 6:49

    I still wear your heart around my throat
  • walking the dog.

    20 May 2010, 6:22

    and you wanted better love? well its sleeping in your bedroom.
  • hark the herald angels sinbg

    1 Mar 2010, 9:27

    1. the format - a mess to be made
    2. panic at the disco - when the day met the night
    3. dustin kensrue - pistol
    4. saves the day - nightingale


    mark chesnutt - i'll think of something


    lucero - drink till we're gone
    but no matter what/

    keith whitley - lady's choice followed by
    tennessee courage/kentucky truth


    rocky votolato - instrument


    pedro the lion - bad diary days

    (if im arrogant prick, shittin' out heart attacks)

    the get up kids - how long is too long

    so in conclusion to a well orchestrated

    genesis - alone tonight

    so wake up in the mornin ten oclock drinkin

    but i laid in some cheap hotel

    supper time in the hole

    but then again'

    this is just between
    and what is ten feet away

    right keith whitley


    sometimes has side effects.
  • nights like this

    13 May 2009, 19:02

    i am traveling down a dangerous slope
    my days are getting mixed up with my nights
    i am falling asleep
    with the help of blackout assistants
    too early
    too long
    long distance depression
    i am screaming now
    but the sound just doesnt escape
    i am drowning
    but i know how to swim
    my hands are up
    i dont know what to do
    i just know
    its not supposed to be like this
    i shouldnt be sleeping so much