Neo Ouija Newsletter 11 / 2008


26 Nov 2008, 11:36

Welcome to the November edition of the Neo Ouija Newsletter.

Last month saw the release of Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5 as well as the relaunch of Neo Ouija. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, the reviews and reception so far are glowing. We're not going to stop here though, the next few months will see Neo Ouija ramping up the activity with a flurry of both new releases and re-releases of classic and long out-of-print Neo Ouija material. Additionally, some exclusive festival appearances are scheduled for 2009.

Cottage Industries 5 Release Party

On Friday, November 14 we celebrated Neo Ouija's first release after the label's relaunch. The party was a blast, thanks for everyone that came out and danced until way past 4 am.

Here are the livesets as free downloads:

Nosral Flow : link
Deer : link
Wesen : link (only the first 90 minutes of the 3-hour-set unfortunately)

Upcoming Events

Neo Ouija will be part of Club Transmediale's official program, so mark the last week of January 2009 in your calendars. Live performances, panel discussions and assorted Neo Ouija merchandise will be available on location at the Maria am Ostbahnhof in Berlin. More infos and the lineup will be posted in our next newsletter.

Out NOW:

Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5 (2cd / digital, 10/24/08)
2CD Boxset featuring mostly exclusive tracks by Sense, Kangding Ray, Move D, NQ, Benjamin Brunn, Maps and Diagrams, A Made Up Sound, Fluxion, Pridon, Deer and many more.

Metamatics + Clatterbox - Project Unison
Digital re-release of the first longplayer on Neo Ouija. A milestone.

Seven Ark - Noise of the New
Digital re-release of the highly acclaimed 2005 album by South African beatsmith Justin De Nobrega (aka The Considerate Builders Scheme)

Upcoming releases:

Tilman Ehrhorn - Past Utopia (Q1 2009)

Honey Sacrifice - Nights in Columbus (Q1 2009)

the zonnhaider's club - Galao EP Remixes (Q2 2009)

Nacht Plank - Broad Tape Band (Q2 2009)

Upcoming digital reissues:

Accelera Deck - Digital Headrest (11/28/08)

Praveen - Backed by Spirits (12/12/08)

Kero - Kerologistics (12/12/08)

Kettel - Smiling Little Cow (12/19/08)

Bauri - Slacker Journal (12/19/08)

Geiom - Sellotape Flowers (Q1 2009)

Faction- The End of Tel Aviv (Q1 2009)

Zegunder - Distant Birds? Thought They Were Leaves... (Q1 2009)


Neo Ouija releases are distributed by Cargo Records (World), p*dis (Japan) and (digital).

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me at

Neo Ouija elsewhere:


Website coming soon. Promise. No, really :)


  • esaruoho

    no sense a view from the vulnerable place no more?

    15 Dic 2008, 5:52
  • filarion

    it's definitely coming.. the rather embarassing fact is that we're still trying to find the original artwork in high quality! hopefully by late february/march.

    18 Dic 2008, 17:30
  • esaruoho

    ok, i hope you find the artwork -or are able to create new

    23 Dic 2008, 3:12
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