• RSH

    15 Feb 2010, 3:56

    Still mourning Rowland S. Howard. The saddest thing about his death was he was finally getting the attention his music deserved.

  • Cardinology

    18 Nov 2008, 10:53

    I got a copy of the new Cardinals album yesterday.
    It feels like i only got Easy Tiger a few short months ago.
    That's the great thing about Ryan Adams, he dishes out the new stuff regularly. Some people complain about that but hell, the man writes a better song than most of his contemporaries. If he can think them up and get them recorded this quickly, im not complaining.

    Reading other peoples reviews of this baby, Cardinology, ive realise i have an outrageous pick for favourite song.
    i LOVE Magick.
    Ive yet to read some who agrees with me.
    I love this song. It grabbed me immediately, it made me dance, it made me smile. it been on repeat a few times since i got the cd.
    Its ryan having a bit of fun. and nothing wrong with that.
    its a great tonic from all the more emotional and slower songs.
    i think deserves a bit of love.

    Cobwebs and Crossed out Name are two of my other favourites. Crossed Out Name was talked up since it debuted on his blog. and i missed it then but now i know what everyones talking about. such a great song.

    I was wondering if anything from Ryans blog songs and the other albums he 'released' on his website jukebox would morph into something else.
    And Closure from Fastpiece by 'sad dracula' has been formed into Natural Ghost. I admit i like Closure better but maybe its because im more familiar with that version.

    overall i think Cardinology is a great album. I cant say if its better or worse than the others right now. were still in honeymoon stage.

    there a few bonus tracks out there, Heavy Orange is a highlight.

    22 Oct 2008, 1:22

    A new club night in MELBOURNE , all DJ's play songs from one year.

    The First Week:
    Digging up the most diverse and influential music from the year 1978, and only 1978.
    Elvis Costello, The Stranglers, Japan, Split Enz, Wire, Ian Dury

    Stay tuned to see which years they'll be doing each week at:
  • The Tim and Crispin Show

    29 Sep 2008, 11:39

    i think Tim Booth from James and Crispin Hunt of The Longpigs should form a superband together.
    It would be PERFECT.


    25 Sep 2008, 16:44

    I went to the Models reunion gig at the Prince of Wales tonight.

    Ive been a mega fan since a kid so i was way excited.

    It turned out to be The James Freud Show, and im not a fan of FrankenFreud.
    1. he had his kid in the band.
    2. he had his kid's bands singer on as a special guest for no reason at all.
    3. he clearly wrote to the setlist because all songs bar Two Cabs To The Toucan were from his era of the band PLUS he had his solo stuff, and Teenage Radiostars song [sure kelly was in that but still...]

    I prefer Alphabravocharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf to Out of Mind Out of Sight. Sure OOMOOS had Big on Love and King of Kings on it but it also had Barbados and the title Track. blurgh.
    Sean Kelly led Models was a much more interesting band.

    So tonight was a bit of a let down as they played all later stuff and i sort of, stupidly expected i hear a bit of each album.
    They even did all three singles from Media. come on....
    i wanted to hear MAN O' ACTION! being yelled but Two Cabs To The Toucan was awesome. You could almost even understand the lyrics.

    Im still glad i went despite the less than ideal setlist. I couldnt wipe the smile off my face even though it was clear they were only doing this gig for the money.

  • Gruff Rhys in Melbourne

    14 Sep 2008, 12:27

    Neon Neon are playing in melbourne but at a festival!
    Im hoping they do a solo gig somewhere. though i think all the venues are booked out due to everyone else in the festival doing their own solo gigs.
    I dont want to miss Gruff Rhys!
  • The Frowning Clouds

    13 Sep 2008, 5:24

    I went to Yah Yah's last night to see The Frowning Clouds [myspace is ]. they were A-MAZ-ING.
    They looked like they were about 16-18 but definitely didn't play/act like it.
    It was like we were watching The Beatles at The Cavern Club or something.

    I will definitely be seeing them again.
  • TTT

    25 Ago 2008, 9:34

    I managed to get off my arse and see Tic Toc Tokyo last week. They are still amazing and now have three drummers!

    They were supporting Bachelor Of Arts, who i didnt really get into but the rest of the crowd loved them. I couldnt see the stage very well but apparently the drummer is like Animal from the muppets.
    Small crowd for TTT then suddenly people came out of nowhere to for Bachelor Of Arts. Personally i think it should have been the other way round.
  • Maaaan o accccctiiiooon!

    18 Ago 2008, 9:40

    I just realised today that i dont see bands anymore. I used to go out and see a mass a month. but now? two or three a year.

    I'm trying to think of who ive seen this year. maybe its the smoking ban that's stopping me. i like to chain smoke while watching bands.

    from memory ive seen...

    Mercy Arms x100
    Sixfthick once. i feel bad for not going to ding dong and the espy/greyhound.
    The Greenmatics a few times.
    Tic Toc Tokyo ..once? verdict=amazing, need to see them much more
    Worlds End Press - i rather like them.

    planned to see are
    Mercy Arms - again
    Rowland S. Howard - [gig at The Toff is locked in]
    Models - if i can deal with the idea of frankenstein James Freud being in the same room. but Sean Kelly! he's one of my favourites. hands down. hopefully they play Atlantic Romantic, God Bless America and Man o' Action.

    may not go see Supergrass due to the ticket price. i expect it to be $$$
  • I love you, foggy

    11 Jun 2008, 7:57

    I miss Foggy.
    I miss reading Ryan Adams rants and watching his videos. Especially the videos. One, called 'Shopping Is Genius', cheers me up like no business. I think it should be played to anyone feeling frustrated with their life. Its ok to just do something good for yourself occasionally, you shouldnt have to feel guilt for it. Strangely Ryan blog made me feel so much better about my own life [and that's not in a mean way, i mean it].
    He gave me hope. If he can deal with all that shit people throw at him and still be positive then so can I.

    And his musics pretty good too. Here's to the Rest of the World has been today's favourite.