• backlog

    19 Dic 2006, 11:45

    theres always a huge backlog of songs that couldn't be scrobbled when i get back from uni. for anyone that doesnt know - my last account went a little bit haywire:

    apart from that though, think ive been listening to more motown in the last term... not many new artists apart from CSS and Herbert.
  • urban?

    18 Sep 2006, 11:24

    so im searching in london for this mia - diplo mixtape. i figured i quite like it, since i have been having it on in the background from time to time. and i cant find it anywhere!

    youd think oxford street hmv might have it somewhere, but i couldnt find it under diplo or mia in the dance, urban or hiphop sections...

    ..tried my luck down berwick street and again no luck...

    i know, i know, i could just buy it off the internet...
  • texas

    13 Sep 2006, 19:21

    have noticed that this is like my first journal ever. what?

    anyway - went into the british library the other day - needed to start work on that dissertation shite, but anyway, about half an hour before we went home, noticed they had an exhibition going on celebrating 50 years of the album charts... so i thought yeah ive got a few minutes spare, why not check it out... sat down, put the headphones on and on the pc in front of me was a database full of every number 1 album since 50 years ago.. started looking through the years when id been growing up and listening to the radio and i found texas - white on blonde in the 1997 list...

    it makes me feel really old that that was almost 10 years ago, like the teletubbies too, i mean it feels like it was yesterday. "say what you want" sounds just as good as it did then too, may just be me going delirious and not hearing it for ages, but its a cracking little song if you want something stuck in your head for a few days... and then theres "black eyed boy" and "halo" too!

    whatever did happen to texas??