Yippee !! It's arrived.


15 Feb 2008, 16:53

15 days after ordering it, when it was said it would arrive within the week, the Paul Morley book, Joy Division: Piece by Piece had arrived at the shop I ordered it at.
I would be called when the book was at the shop, but I had received no call, but still I paid a visit to the shop. The girl who helped me said at once "Oh, the English book" and handed it over at once.
Asking why I had received no call, it looked like the girl who had helped me the first time wrote down a wrong telephone number, say the last five digits of my number are somthing like 93762 (altered slightly), the number which was in the computer was 81785, which doesn't even come close, neither is it a number in our village.
Puzzling to say the least. Maybe it was of my own doing, sometimes when in a shop I usually try to be at least cordial to the girls that help you, seeing how some people treat them like shit, and they don't earn much either. I'm digressing, sorry.
I'm really chuffed! Paul Morley really is an old hero of mine. He's into Radiohead as well now, they've been my favourite group for a while now. He even did a review of 'In Rainbows' in The Guardian. I found it terribly funny, but I suspect several of the younger readers clearly couldn't appreciate his dry Mancunian wit. Read for yourselves: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/observermusic/2007/10/rainbow_warriors.html
It might even be possible that he's on Newsnight Review tonight on BBC2, he usually has something sensible to say about the newest cultural releases.


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