• My life according to Bat For Lashes

    14 Jul 2009, 17:33

    Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, answer these questions. Pass it on. You can't use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. Repost as "My Life According to (ARTIST NAME)".

    Are you a male or female? Traveling Woman
    Describe yourself: Howl!
    How do you feel? What's a girl to do?
    If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Tahiti
    Your favorite form of transportation: Horse and I
    Your best friend is: The Wizard
    Your favorite color is: I'm on Fire
    What's the weather like? Horrorshow
    Favorite time of day: Moon and Moon
    If your life was a tv show, what would it be called? Sad Eyes
    What is life to you? Trophy
    What are you looking for? The Bat's Mouth
    Have: Good Love
    Wouldn't mind: Siren Song
    Your fear: The Big Sleep
    What is the best advice you have to give? Sleep Alone
    If you could change your name, you would change it to: Prescilla
    Thought for the Day: Seal Jubilee
    My motto: I Saw a Light
  • Register to vote and win

    4 Oct 2008, 22:03


    This election is one of the most important in recent American History.

    In order to help motivate people to vote, I am putting on a raffle of sorts.

    This is not like any other raffle, as there is no money changing hands. It is completely FREE. Like the freedom you have to voice your opinions as to who you want representing you in Washington!


    Here's how you enter:

    1. Email a photograph, pdf, etc of your voter registration card to with the subject: vote (you may obscure your name and address if you prefer to keep that information to yourself).

    2. Want to get a second entry? Take a picture of yourself holding up your ballot on election day (before you fill it out of course) and email it with the subject heading: I voted!

    Prizes include unique art from awesome national artists, gift certificates, and other goods. Drawing will be held on Nov. 5th. I'll accept entries until 12:05 am on Nov. 5.

    If you'd like to donate any goods or services to the raffle, feel free to let me know!

    Good luck and get registered!

    FYI- I will email the winners on or around Nov. 6th to request your name and mailing address so I know where to send the prizes.
  • What's a girl to do

    19 Mar 2008, 19:09

    Over the last several months I’ve seen many users around here with the band Bat for Lashes on their play lists. Most of these users were very compatible as far as similar musical tastes, so I thought I would test them out. I was completely WOWED!

    Bat for lashes has some strange hold over me. It’s almost like when I first found the music of Tori Amos. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful and the music is quirky and lovely and strange. I love it!

    Here’s a few video examples of the band:

    Tahiti (a bit off sync, but worth the listen)

    Moon and Moon

    Video for Prescilla

    Video for What's a Girl to do
  • I can't wait for the new Jim White album!

    16 Sep 2007, 15:59

    I just found a couple tracks on his myspace page and they are wonderful.

    "A Town called Amen" makes you feel like you're floating along on a cloud. It's lovely.

    "Blindy" has that funky-folk feel that "Drill a hole.." was all about.

    Jim White
  • "The Reminder", now that's what I'm talkin' about!

    6 May 2007, 4:23

    The new Feist album surely makes up for the mediocre Tori album! I just had my second listen, and it's amazing. Her velvety voice wanders with bluesy vocals and melts in funky percussion and folky guitar. There is a lot that she offers up on this release.

    My favorites so far (other than all- no less than 4 stars on any of the tracks!): I felt it all, My Moon My Man, Sea Lion Woman, 1234, and the Sea Lion remix (full of booty shakin' material there!).

    I would definitely recommend this album!
  • iTunes quiz cause I'm bored as hell!

    2 May 2007, 6:25


    15,080 songs,

    Sort By Artist:
    First Song: 2 Pac- Intro (not mine!)
    Last Song: Monster Mash - No artist info

    Sort By Song Title:
    First Song: !@#* - Rusted Root
    Last Song: Zoomalude - Basement Jaxx

    Sort By Album Title:
    First Song: Cool As Kim Deal - Dandy Warhols
    Last Song: Winky Boodle - Space Ghost

    Sort By Song Time:
    First Song: Blank 0:00 - John Mayer (off room for squares)
    Last Song: Live @ Shubas 6-28-01 1:31:57 - Jim White

    Top 10 Most Played Songs

    01 Combing My Hair In A Brand New Style - Jim White
    02 Static On The Radio - Jim White
    03 A Perfect Day To Chase Tornados- Jim White
    04 Autre Introduction - Dj Shadow
    05 The District Sleeps Alone - The Postal Service
    06 Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
    07 Isantbul (not constantinople) - They Might Be Giants
    08 Fixed Income - Dj Shadow
    09 Even After All- Finley Quaye
    10 10 Miles To Go On A 9 Mile Road (bixmix) - Jim White

    First 5 Songs That Come Up On Shuffle
    01 Magic Bullet - Sekou Sundiata
    02 Frosti - Bjork
    03 Lullabye - Willow
    04 Jockey Full Of Bourbon- Tom Waits
    05 Do You Sleep - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

    "sex" - How many songs come up?: 56
    "love" - How many songs come up?: 677
    "you" - How many songs come up?: 1295
    "death" - How many songs come up?: 56
    "hate" - How many songs come up?: 64
    "wish" - How many songs come up?: 66
  • American Doll Posse- another brief commentary

    2 May 2007, 5:12

    Day 2, listen 2. Yes, I was a bit harsh last night, I swear it was like a slap in the face when I listened to it. I guess I just expect so much more from Tori.

    Teenage Hustling- for some reason I keep thinking she's singing about herself here. And that she's some how referring to the music industry. Didn't she start playing those clubs in Baltimore when she was 14?

    Digital Ghost- It's like 1000 oceans Jr. To me it sounds like it shoudl be the Widows of Warcraft theme song.

    You Can Bring Your Dog- Her Zeppelin like song? The chick she's singing about must be one hell of a bitch!

    Mr. Bad Man- I like this one a hell of a lot more than I did last night. Catchy and cute.

    Girl Disappearing- I like the tempo and flow of this one, I can sense bits and pieces of other "girls" here. There just isn't much depth to it.

    Secret Spell- Blah! This could be a Vanessa Carlton song for all we know.

    Body and Soul- I like this a lot more than I did last night, and I liked it last night.

    Maybe these characters are a way for her to detach herself from the songs. Or is it the girls coming to take on a physical presence and take her mind over? Not sure!

    Father's Son- totally abut GW

    Programmable Soda- Gives me a "Beatles" vibe. I was thinking it was another music industry related ditty, but I'm not sure.

    Roosterspur Bridge- MEH

    Velvet Revolution- I like the "french" sound to it. Makes me smile.

    Posse Bonus-WTF? I used to love her random improvs and such, but this, I don't know. Sounds like it should have been a b-side.

    Smokey Joe- Definitely the best track on this album. She's mentioned "dark twin" before, I wonder if it's referencing the same one of if this is a separate being. I love the layering of the vocals. This song is just yummy!

    Dragon- I like the bluesy intro. This reminds me of the live radio studio appearances I had on tape from the "pele' era. Plus she busts out the "deep" bosey sound that I like so much. It makes me think of certain things that I don't want to though.

    Miracle - totally YKTR! I could see this as a song used in a film during a montage of some kind. LOL!

    My Posse Can Do- FUN! I like this one a lot! Wish I could listen without having to look at the images. Makes me think about "Wednesday".
  • BAD TORI, BAD! My mediocre review of "American Doll Posse"

    1 May 2007, 6:15

    I took most of this from an email I wrote to a friend, don't really feel like saying the same thing over again.

    One of Tori Amos' biggest appeals was the fact that she was quirky, and wrote amazing lyrics and played one hell of a piano. But now, she has lost her fucking mind! This multiple personalities singing their own individual tracks thing, I'm not sure how down I am with it. I am only half way through the new album and so far I only like 3 tracks. Not love, just like. Given my history as a huge fanatic of hers, this makes me completely sad. What the hell happened to her? And why the hell does it have so much electric guitar? She's totally smothered her piano. So so sad!

    The ones that I like: Yo George, Big Wheel, Girl Disappearing...

    Tracks like "Fat Slut" don't even deserve to be on the album. It's nice that she's not really worried about censoring herself, but the song sounds like PJ Harvey being choked with a phone cord. And I like Pj harvey.

    Well, we just got to the track "Body and Soul" and that's interesting. I am sure after a few listens I might not skip over it.

    Ok, so I don't think this has the potential to be one that is saved after multiple listens. It's going to be one I re-burn onto a cd with the ones I like and skip over the others when I listen on the computer. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

    She doesn't even credit herself on most of the songs, she gives teh alternate identities the credit on the liners. At least she admits she was the one playing the piano.

    Wow.. one I actually like more than just thinking it's ok. "Father's Son".

    Ok, I'll quit bitching now and finish listening to it on my own. And well, Tori needs to sit in the corner and reflect on what she did wrong! Looks liek we have another Y Kant Tori Read on our hands!

    For the sake of my sanity I hope the new Bjork album is good!
  • Which of your top 20 artists have you seen live?

    22 Abr 2007, 6:37

    I think this is pretty self explanatory!

    1. Tori Amos- I've seen her I think 8 times. Seattle '96, Seattle '98, Denver (redrocks)'98, Denver '01, Denver '02, Denver '02, Vail '03, and Denver (redrocks)'03. (I'm tired so the dates might be off)

    2. Ani DiFranco- 3 times. Ithaca, NY '97, Denver (redrocks) '00, Denver '03

    5. Sky Cries Mary- 3 times. Seattle,Bumbershoot, End Fest, and a show in spring of'97

    9. They Might Be Giants- 1 time. Rochester, NY '98

    14. Mike Doughty - 1 time solo (Denver '04), 1 time with Soul Coughing (Seattle '94)

    20. Sinead O'Connor - 1 time. Lollapalooza '94 or was it '95? One of the 2. LOL!