MNEMIC - March Of The Tripods (lyrics)


3 Ene 2010, 10:30

Mainman Mircea Gabriel Eftemie: „"March Of The Tripods" is one of the slowest songs we have ever done, I think. The first time we've put the song together, it felt really different to play. The focus was more put on the atmosphere, in stead of technicality or speed. It shows a different side of the band, one that is more rock and melody inspired, but also portrays the state we are in today as musicians. I would definitely love to continue with this style, and do a lot more experiments on the next record, as this is probably one of my favorite songs of the new album. Lyric wise its pretty much inspired by H.G. Wells novel "The War Of The Worlds", about an alien invasion on earth."


(Lyrics: Mircea Gabriel Eftemie & Guillaume Bideau)

Do you feel the machines coming
Do you feel the storm rising
Because they're coming
I feel them rising
It feels like it's about to happen

I can breathe the smell of blades of steel
I can see their light but it's not that clear
Because they're watching
I feel them staring
I feel them staring at us
It feels like it's about to happen

Change is about to happen
It feels more like I am dying
This black hole leaving me hopeless
Leaving me hopeless

I'm not made of wires
I'm not made of others
You try to synchronize me
You try to synchronize me
The locust is just too far away
While the tripods are marching
I am made of wires
I am made of others
Now I'm made of wires

Did you feel the machines coming
Did you feel the storm rising
Because now they're reigning
We're suffocating
We're suffocating alone

It feels like it has just happened

Sons of the System
March of the Tripods


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