• change

    10 May 2008, 19:12

    "I Rather be this odd metamorphose than have that same old opinion formed about everything."
    Change ideas make us grow, don't be afraid of turning back something you have said, and now you thought differently.
    What the world needs are changes.
    Begin yourself.
  • life

    12 Oct 2007, 0:23

    Isn't funny how sometimes life plays with us?let we aal thinking that,in fact, we comand nothing.It's pretty strange when we noticed this.What rest for us do to?Just watch what will be the next step from life.
  • music

    28 Mar 2007, 14:02

    Sometimes when we think that nothing matters, when you think that your friends are not the best friends,when your life is a completly mess, when you get locked in your room,with no place to go and nobody to talk.
    Just thinh about the music and how it can save your life. When you listen music,everything get better and you noticed that your friends are'nt so bad, that your room looks small and how you have the feeling of run and scream,just because you are listening the songs you love, no matter if is britney spers or nirvana , the important is just feel happy and free with music!