• The Flaming Lips Best Show EVER

    10 Ago 2013, 2:25

    Wed 17 Jul – The Flaming Lips, Tobacco

    Words can't even describe how awesome this show was. On a stage sitting in a gorge next the Niagara river sun setting in between the hills. Wayne standing on what looks like an alien's skull with tentacles lined with led's. The lights and the movie screen images they had as a back drop were amazing. Cannons firing confetti into the crowd. The encore he played "Do you realize?" and the wind carried the confetti all the way to the back it was just a wonderful experience.
  • SurfJohn on Acid

    21 Dic 2012, 2:23

  • Dr. Jones and the Cotton Dogs

    15 Oct 2012, 2:28

    Sat 13 Oct – Dr. Dog, Cotton Jones

    So I went to The Opera House in Toronto, Ca. It was a great venue with many different levels to view and interact in. The acoustics of the place were great and everything sounds great. Dr Dog set up a huge American flag looking banner with three asterisks where the stars would be. They also had red white and blue striped banners lined along the stage. These were set up when you came in so they were up during Cotton Jones as well.
    Cotton Jones was just amazing. It was refreshing that they didn't play there songs the way they are on the album. It was a nice experience cause it made you feel like you were hearing the songs for the first time. They had a relaxed, calm, intimate vibe about em. Mike and Whitney took turns playing piano and singing lead. You could hear all the members and no one was drowned out. They played some of my favorite songs like "Egg on a Sea" and "Blood Red Sentimental Blues"
    Dr Dog was on there 'A" game last night. They had such an energy to them. They sounded much better then on there albums. They jammed on there songs and were flawless. The jam they did on "Heavy Lights" was kick ass. They played my favorite song "Shadow People" and "Vampire". They played most of the songs I wanted to hear. Alicia wanted to hear "Lonesome" which they played towards the end and that really got her dancing. ;) .
    The best part of the night was during Dr Dog Cotton Jones came to drink at the bar and watch the show. I got Whitney to sign my Ticket and the hard copy of "Paranoid Cocoon" which I had bought against Alicia's recommendation. I was glad I did cause then I had something for the whole band to sign. I got all the members to sign the cd and took pictures with the members. I got to talk with Micheal Nau and I bought him a drink. We took a shot together. When I offered he said Jameson. I drank tequila. Cherry on the top of that moment was that "Vampire" was playing in the background. I asked him why he shorted the name from Cotton Jones Basket Ride and he said he didn't know but wishes he hadn't.
    It was the best show I had been to in a long time. I was exhilarated and so satisfied at the end. It was a great combination. My favorite band Cotton Jones and Alicia's favorite band Dr Dog. The way they juxtaposed against each other was great. Cotton Jones played in a relaxed intimate way and then Dr Dog really really got ya dancing and your heart beating. The show had a great flow. My only qualm was Cotton Jones didn't have any shirts at the merch table.
    I can't believe I got to meet the whole band and get them to sign a copy of one of my favorite albums. The sentimental value is threw the roof. I felt like a kid getting so excited to meet the people who made some of my favorite albums of all time. 'Paranoid Cocoon" is one of the greatest albums to come out in a long time. If you haven't heard it yet do yourself a favor and give it a spin.
  • Spill at the harbor

    24 Jun 2012, 23:39

    Thu 21 Jun – Built To Spill, Matthew Sweet, Hey Rosetta!

    So it was my first time seeing the summer concert series since it moved to the harbor. They did a nice job with the set up down there by the water. It's right next to the naval park here in buffalo so there was a grounded battleship hanging out right there.

    I caught the end of the second opening band not sure who it was. They sounded alright. Defiantly listenable.

    I went with my girlfriend, Alicia, My best friend,Kurt and his girlfriend Kayla. Ran into my sister and my buddy Derek. The sound was great. They had two huge movie screens on the side of the stage showing the band so you were able to see from far away if needed.

    Built to Spill mainly played old songs which made me happy. They played a lot of tracks from "There's nothing wrong with love" my favorite album. They played tracks like "In the morning", "Big Dipper" and "Stab". They even played some songs off "Ultimate Alternative Wavers"

    I'm so glad I got to see Built to Spill for the forth time.
  • Arizona Boarder Patrol

    21 Jun 2012, 4:24

    Wed 20 Jun – Puscifer, Carina Round

    The show was at The Riviera Theater an old opera house with lots of detailed trim and murals on the wall. Very quaint. I sat in the balcony in the middle of the last row. Great view.

    Opening band Carina Round was female fronted folksy type stuff. She played guitar and sang. She did a song "Jack & Ginger" was a super great track. The last few tracks she had an extra guitar player come up and do some slide country style stuff. Sounded good.

    After a short break Puscifer came on. They had a huge white back drop that they had flashing light pointed on and would change colors. Two huge movie/TV like screens on each side with two smaller TVs in the front center. Also in the back between the screens they had these projector/magnifying frames the singers would stand behind enlarging there faces. They opened with this movie of Maynard dressed in an army uniform taking shit saying we can't take pictures. Maynard came out with a airplane food cart and threw bags of peanuts out at the crowd. Then they started playing, all sorts of lights starting going on, and the movie screens had images of fire, devil like creatures, and airplanes.

    Visually the show was amazing with all the lights and movie stuff going on. It was also cool when the singers would stand in the magnifying screens and dance with these super huge heads.

    The music was alright not quite what I was expecting but overall the show was great.
    It's rare for me to see a show where the band puts on an actual show instead of just playing music. It was refreshing.
  • Delicate Yard

    14 Jun 2012, 5:37

    Wed 13 Jun – tUnE-yArDs, Delicate Steve

    Delicate Steve was amazing. I was thoroughly impressed. They had a lot of energy and a good vibe. The two guitars players sounded great . I liked there minimal vocal style.

    tUnE-yArDs's Merrill Garbus was amazing. The way she creates the drum loops on the spot then plays the ukulele and sings is just mind bending. She added two saxophone players who would drum on what looked like pans for some songs which just added to the fun factor. Also for the last song "My country" Merrill had the guys from Delicate Steve come up and beat on drums and pieces of metal while two of the guys threw a basketball back and forth.
    My only qualm was she only played one song from her first album "Jumping Jack" . All in all a great show and good time.

    I was the guy mid level in a green hat dancing with the cute blonde girl :)
  • Killer Lighting

    6 May 2012, 16:15

    Sat 5 May – St. Vincent, Shearwater
    Great show. Got there for the end of the Shearwater set. They sounded better live then on there cds. The lighting for St. Vincent was amazing. Lots of fog and changing colors. They would do this thing with blue or white lights that would come from behind and all you could see was Annie. It looked epic and she sounded great. Played almost all my favorite songs from her last two albums. She even crowd surfed which is always cool when they do that.
  • jan27 soundlab

    28 Ene 2012, 15:15

    Fri 27 Jan – Com Truise was a super bad ass show had a great time
  • july27th2011

    28 Jul 2011, 4:29

    Wed 27 Jul – Bright Eyes, The Mountain Goats was spectacular. got there a bit late and missed some of the mountain goats which made me sad but still i caught them play one of my favorite songs from "Tallahassee" "No children".
    bright eyes was so good it brought tears to my girlfriends eyes. the trumpet in "lover i don't have to love" was phenomenal. the encore was just great i followed the "road to joy" all the way to the end.
  • awesome show

    3 Jun 2011, 17:55