26 Dic 2005, 4:27

7/4 (Shoreline)
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
An Angel Went Up In Flames
The Maker Makes (Soundtrack Version)
The Wings (Score To Brokeback Mountain)
All My Friends
Colors (the one from Just Like Heaven)
Black River
Seven Days a Week
Deep Red Bells
Mass Romantic
The Laws Have Changed

I purchased Broken Social Scene's latest right around the time it was released, so I've had it for a few months. Unlistened. Of course I put it on a few times, but I never really paid any attention. This week I paid attention. The album is incredibly long, so there are a few tracks that could stand to be cut. But overall, I really do enjoy this release. It's sexy and mangled. Whereas, YOU FORGOT IT IN PEOPLE is an indie pop/rock masterpiece.

I saw Brokeback Mountain with a friend last Friday. She had already seen it once before, but this was my first time. I feel like I'm saying this wherever I go, but it's all I can really say to explain: The way I feel about this movie is quite like the feeling I had (have) for The Hours back in 2002. Deeply affective.

In other aspects, the movie's soundtrack gave me that push I've been waiting for in the direction of alt. country.

I recently read a scrobbler's top 25 albums of 2005. This one was different. For one, Sufjan was not #1. No, no, instead it was Amos Lee for his self-titled debut. I picked this album up one night, spontaneously, after my 3rd viewing of Just Like Heaven (which features "Colors" in a different version than what's on the album... to my surprise.) I loved the album on first listen, even on second listen. In fact, it played on loop for several nights. Then I left it alone. Until I read this guy's journal entry.

The Sounds are fun. Caught 3 of their videos this weekend. Maja's hot.

Neko Case is my latest infatuation. Her voice, her beautiful red hair and pale skin. What is it about the red-headed-pale-skinned girls? I'm so consistent. Anyway, I'm in love.


  • Jan*

    Some food for your love, Neko has 2 live samples of her new album(due march) uhm link here: and There you go

    26 Dic 2005, 23:17
  • fakehand

    Beat you to it! Thank you, Jan.

    26 Dic 2005, 23:27
  • Jan*

    You're welcome and shit i lost :(

    26 Dic 2005, 23:32
  • fakehand

    You don't lose. I found out about the mp3s through your journal entry last night, while I was scoping out the Neko top fans.

    26 Dic 2005, 23:34
  • Jan*

    I'm a neko top fan? Hurrah! And yay for not losing. Guess I can do something right after all. :D Do you like the previews?

    26 Dic 2005, 23:39
  • fakehand

    Actually, I just checked, and you're not a top Neko fan, but a top New Pornographers fan. Congratulations anyhow. The previews!- I like them. Can't wait to hear the arrangements all pimped out. Although they're both a tad on the short side.

    27 Dic 2005, 0:02
  • Jan*

    Yeah, when i saw them downloading I thought the size was a bit small. but it's still a preview. We'll hear the real stuff in march. I hope she tours in holland :D

    27 Dic 2005, 0:05
  • fakehand

    I hope she tours in Holland as well. Maybe on her way she'll make a pit stop to Texas. Ew, but I wouldn't be surprised if she chose against. Have you seen her live?

    27 Dic 2005, 0:08
  • Jan*

    Never. I first got into New Pornographers after buying a copy of SPIN in Greece. Then months later I searched some Neko stuff and since then.. well you know what happens when you start listening to her! I have yet to obtain an album though. And She'll come close to you I know so! I hear it in the sky.. the water.. the earth!

    27 Dic 2005, 0:20
  • fakehand

    See, with the New Pornographers, it was one of those situations where I everywhere I went they were on some kind of recommendations list. I've had a few songs here and there for a long while, but never really listened the way I should have. Consequently, all I really heard was Neko's outstanding voice. Something happened just a few weeks ago, something clicked, and I haven't been able to turn off the Pornographers or Neko Case since. I have no NP records, but just today I bought Blacklisted. Borders Rock Classic; rock classic, indeed. We're looking at a March '06 release, right? I could just as well look it up on google and have it take all of 5 seconds, but I'd rather continue playing with you.

    27 Dic 2005, 0:26
  • Jan*

    I have like certain types of bands: I find them so awesome i black play the cd for weeks then after that I can't be bothered with it because i know it from beginning to end maybe from time to time. Then i have bands which don't stop to arouse me! And NP is just awesome, These are the Fables and Bones of an Idol. Neko just does it! Maybe like a spectular explosion of musical joy! BOOM! :D And yeh something around March '06. How many songs you think it's gonna have? I'd say 12 or 11 .. you know back in the early years, when it was good they atleast had a minimum of 15 songs! Yeh those were the times... well the songs only lasted a minute or less but atleast they tried!

    27 Dic 2005, 0:46
  • Jan*

    i better close down before i'll fall asleep infront of the pc and get another preach in the morning :P

    27 Dic 2005, 0:48
  • fakehand

    goodnight, Jan.

    27 Dic 2005, 0:49
  • Jan*

    Good afternoon Jill :D

    27 Dic 2005, 17:38
  • fakehand

    Of Montreal: yay or nay? I got Sunlandic Twins yesterday.

    27 Dic 2005, 17:59
  • franklinn

    Cant agree with you more on amos lee being top album of 2005. Absolutly no question in my mind. CD is amazing, and just as good each time through. Good to see some other people giving amos lee some love.

    26 Ene 2006, 17:33
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