Bands and artists I've seen live


12 Oct 2005, 21:26

I'll update this whenever I see something new.

1349 (no)
Aborym (it)
Abramis Brama (se)
AC/DC (au)
Agalloch (us)
Aleister Kane (no) x8
Alice in Chains (us)
The Allseeing I (no)
Amaran (se)
Anaal Nathrakh (uk)
Anekdoten (se) x2
Änglagård (se)
Arabs In Aspic (no)
Arch Enemy (se)
Arcturus (no)
Arkhon Infaustus (fr)
Asphyx (nl) x2
Astra (us)
At the Gates (se)
Audiopain (no)
Aura Noir (no)
Aurora Plastic Monster (no)
Backstreet Girls (no)
Backyard Babies (se)
Band of Skulls (uk)
Bare Egil Band (no)
The Batallion (no) x2
Beastmilk (fi)
Beglomeg (no)
Belphegor (at)
Biffy Clyro (uk)
Bigbang (no) x3
Bison B.C. (ca)
Bjørn Berge (no)
Black Breath (us)
Black Cobra (us)
Black Debbath (no) x2
Black Sabbath (uk)
Black Tusk (us)
Blood Cargo (no)
Blood Red Throne (no)
Blood Tsunami (no) x3
Bloodlights (no)
Bölzer (ch)
Brant Bjork (us)
Brutal Truth (us)
Brutus (se/no)
Bullet for My Valentine (uk)
Burning Saviours (se)
Camaros (no)
Candlemass (se)
Cannibal Corpse (us)
Carcass (uk)
The Cardigans (se)
Cat Power (us)
CC Cowboys (no)
Cephalic Carnage (us)
Chelsea Wolfe (us)
Church of Misery (jp)
Clutch (us) x5
Coliseum (us)
Confessor (us)
Converge (us)
Coroner (ch)
Corrections House (us)
The Cosmic Dead (uk)
Crippled Black Phoenix (uk)
Crowbar (us)
Cult of Luna (se) x2
D.D.E. (no)
Danko Jones (ca)
Danny Cavanagh (uk)
Dark Tranquillity (se)
Datarock (no)
Dead Man's Hand (no)
Dead Maple (no)
deadends (no)
Deadsoul Tribe (us)
Death Breath (se)
Deathcrush (no)
Deathhammer (no)
Decapitated (pl)
Deicide (us)
Demonizer (be)
Devil (no) x2
The Dillinger Escape Plan (us) x2
Dimension F3H (no)
Diskord (no) x2
Dismember (se)
Domene (no)
Doom (uk)
Draconian (se)
Dream Death (us)
The Drowning Men (us)
Dungen (se)
Earth (us) x2
El Caco (no)
Electric Wizard (uk) x3
Endless Boogie (us)
Enslaved (no) x2
Entombed (se) x2
Exodus (us) x2
Explicit Karma (no)
Extol (no)
Fatal Impact (no)
Fear Factory (us)
Finntroll (fi)
Firebird (uk)
Flogging Molly (us) x2
Forgery (no) x2
The Forsaken (se)
Fracture (no) x2
Freak Kitchen (se)
Freedom Hawk (us)
Fu Manchu (us) x2
Fuck the Facts (ca)
Funeral (no)
Gama Bomb (ie)
Gaza (us)
Ghost (se) x2
Glow (no)
The Go! Team (uk)
Goat (se) x2
Goblin (it)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor (ca)
The Good The Bad and The Zugly (no)
Gorgoroth (no)
Graveyard (se)
Gravmaskin (se)
Grimfist (no)
Grinderman (au/uk)
Guns N' Roses (us)
Haraball (no)
Harsh Toke (us)
Hatebreed (us)
Hatesphere (dk)
The Haunted (se)
Haust (no)
High on Fire (us) x4
High Priest of Saturn (no)
Hobbs' Angel of Death (au)
Hombre Malo (no)
Horisont (se)
The Hounds of Baskerville (us)
Immolation (us)
Immortal (no)
In-Quest (be)
In Flames (se)
Insision (se)
Intrigue (no)
Iron Maiden (uk)
Isis (us)
Jagged Vision (no)
Jesu (uk)
Jucifer (us)
Judas Priest (uk)
Jumping Jack (fr)
Kaizers Orchestra (no)
Kampfar (no)
Katatonia (se)
Katechon (no)
Kent (se)
Khanate (us)
Khold (no)
Killing Joke (uk)
Knut Reiersrud (no)
Kongh (se)
Konkhra (dk)
Kraftwerk (de)
Krakow (no)
Kreator (de) x2
Kvelertak (no)
Kylesa (us)
Kyuss Lives! (us)
Lamb of God (us)
Lamented Souls (no) x2
Lars Lillo-Stenberg (no)
Le Funk Mystique (dk)
Leaf (no)
Leaf Hound (uk)
Left Among The Living (no)
Lizzard (fr)
Lobotomized (no)
Logh (se)
Lonely Kamel (no) x2
Loop (uk)
Lukestar (no)
Lumerians (us)
Machine Head (us)
Madder Mortem (no)
Madrugada (no)
Magma (fr)
MAMMüTH (no)
Manes (no)
Manifest (no)
Manngard (no)
Mark Lanegan Band (us)
The Mars Volta (us)
Maserati (us)
Mastodon (us) x2
Mayhem (no) x2
Maze Of Torment (se)
Melvins (us)
Mercenary (dk)
Meshuggah (se)
Metal Militia (no) x2
Metallica (us) x3
Michael Gira (us)
Michael Rother (de)
The Midnight Ghost Train (us)
Minas Tirith (no) x2
MindGrinder (no) x2
Ministry (us)
Misery Index (us)
Modern Life Is War (us)
Mogwai (uk)
Moist Vaginas (no)
Mongo Ninja (no)
Mono (jp)
Monolord (se)
Monster Magnet (us)
Mortiis (no)
Motörhead (uk)
Motorpsycho (no) x3
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (nl)
Mudhoney (us)
Municipal Waste (us) x3
My Dying Bride (uk) x2
Myrkskog (no)
Napalm Death (uk) x3
Nate Hall (us)
Neil Young (ca) x3
Neurosis (us)
Next Life (no)
Nile (us)
Nils Petter Molvær (no)
Nobody's Perfect (no)
Nocturnal Breed (no)
NoPlaceToHide (no) x2
Obliteration (no) x2
The Obsessed (us)
The Ocean (de)
Ocean Chief (se)
OLD (de)
Om (us)
Opeth (se) x3
Pale Forest (no)
Pallbearer (us) x2
Panzerpappa (no)
Papir (dk)
Paradox (de)
Parquet Courts (us)
Pelican (us)
Pentagram (us)
Permian Incident (no)
Pet the Preacher (dk)
Phosphorescent (us)
Pipedream (no)
Pissed Jeans (us)
Poison the Well (us)
Porterville (no)
Posthum (no)
Primordial (ie)
Procession (cl)
Purified in Blood (no)
Queens of the Stone Age (us) x2
Rage (de)
Ram-Zet (no)
Rammsund (no)
Red Fang (us)
Red Harvest (no)
Red Sparowes (us)
Reptilian (no)
Repulsion (us)
Resonaut (no)
Return (no) x3
Ribozyme (no)
The Rods (us)
Roger Waters (uk)
Roky Erickson (us)
Rotten Sound (fi)
Rotting Christ (gr)
Royal Thunder (us)
Rush (ca)
Sabbat (uk)
Sabbath Assembly (us)
Sadus (us)
Saint Vitus (us)
Saturnalia Temple (se)
Satyricon (no)
Saxon (uk)
Scott Kelly (us)
Seid (no)
Sequoia (no) x2
Shining (no)
Shot At Dawn (no)
Simms-Watts (no)
Single Unit (no)
Sir Richard Bishop (us)
Slash (uk/us)
Slayer (us) x4
Sleep (us)
Slipknot (us)
Slogstorm (no)
Soilwork (se)
Sólstafir (is) x2
Sonic Debris (no)
Soulfly (br/us)
Sourvein (us)
Spawn of Possession (se)
Spectral Haze (no) x2
Spirits Of The Dead (no) x2
Spiritual Beggars (se)
Stage Dolls (no)
Stonegard (no)
Ståle Storløkken (no)
Stein Torleif Bjella (no)
Suma (se)
Summon The Crows (no)
Suncold (it)
Sunn O))) (us)
Supersilent (no)
Susperia (no) x2
Switchblade (se)
The Sword (us)
Testament (us) x2
Thom Hell (no)
Tim Scott (us)
TNT (no)
Tombstones (no) x3
Torch (no)
Totalt Jävla Mörker (se)
Trap Them (us)
Tribulation (se)
Triptykon (ch)
Tusmørke (no) x4
TYR (fo)
Tyrant (se)
Ulver (no) x3
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (uk) x2
Urgehal (no)
Vader (pl)
Valentourettes (no)
Valhall (no)
Valient Thorr (us)
Vampire (se)
Vazelina Bilopphøggers (no) x2
Vibrokings (no) x2
Victims (se)
Vidunder (se)
The Vintage Caravan (is)
Virus (no)
Voivod (ca) x2
Warp Riders (no)
Willie Nelson (us)
Wind (no)
Windhand (us)
Wino & Conny Ochs (us/de)
Witch (us)
Witchcraft (se) x3
Witchhammer (no)
Wo Fat (us)
Wolfmother (au)
Wolverine (se)
Wyruz (no) x2
YOB (us) x3
Yuck (uk)
Zappa Plays Zappa (us)
Zeenon (no)
Zodiac (de)
Zyklon (no)
Åge Aleksandersen (no) x3
Årabrot (no) x2


  • ProvWolf

    Wow, looks like you've seen quite a lot of great shows. Nearly died laughing when I got to the bottom though, funny stuff about Slipknot & Mortiis.

    27 Oct 2005, 0:19
  • d-Fault_666

    Shite is writed without an e... And do you judge Slipknot by their music or by their live perfomance? :p

    27 Nov 2005, 0:46
  • faenhakke

    Writed is written written ;) I was unfortunate enough to catch a bit of Slipknot's show before Slayer went on, and I have also tried giving them a chance on disc, so I judge them by both I guess. Just plain crap in my ears.

    27 Nov 2005, 15:48
  • d-Fault_666

    Tsss... Me I'm not an english! :p But if you like Slayer and old metal, it's normal that you don't really like nu metal... Anyway your lucky to have seen so many groups.

    29 Nov 2005, 12:12
  • Klistin

    mye rart der:D men backstreet girls er kos

    9 Mar 2006, 23:40
  • ikhon

    anekdoten noe bra live?

    18 Mar 2006, 17:40
  • faenhakke


    20 Mar 2006, 17:42
  • shot_at_dawn

    hvordan var shot at dawn ? ^^

    6 Dic 2008, 15:32
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