“That Flawless Night Sky” or…


19 Nov 2008, 18:34

Music Suitable to be the Soundtrack to Stargazing and Imagined Space Travel

Quoted from my previous journal of this nature:
With all of these “greatest *insert genre here*” lists being posted all over Last.fm, I thought I might try something a little different; something that would get people thinking about broadening their horizons, while still allowing them to hear the same kind of music they enjoy listening to, in terms of mood and tone.

These are all very atmospheric albums that convey to their listeners the imagery of the void of space, whether the lyrics (if there are any) actually reflect that imagery or not. These albums will instill a sense of darkness as well as enlightenment and you’ll find yourself answering the beckon call of those glimmering stars and planets…

On a late-night stroll, you come upon a soft, grassy hill. You decide to stop for a while and lie at the top of it, face up, arms comfortably placed behind your head. Before you is a perfectly clear night sky. There are no obscuring clouds or city lights, no bothersome company to distract you… You romantically feel there is nothing standing between you and the mystical beauty of the stars.

You visualize yourself piloting a shuttle through space with no real destination, celestial bodies passing you by. There is a strange assortment of noises coming from the anachronistic technological machinery all throughout the space vessel: harsh metallic sounds and banging noises, gears grinding, liquids bubbling, steam escaping, monotonous and repetitive beeps, bizarre transmissions coming from your radio.

You are trapped in solitude with no clue how to get home, but this is how you wanted it. Years spent on end aimlessly floating through the void, you realize you are not only exploring space, but yourself. Introspection dominates your endless waking hours and you’re left pondering the self for all eternity.

You rise to your feet just to get a closer look at that flawless night sky…

King Crimson – “Red” (England, 1974 - Progressive Rock)

Tool – “Lateralus” (USA, 2001 - Progressive Rock)
“I may find peace within the emptiness.”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Yanqui U.X.O.” (Canada, 2002 - Experimental/Post-Rock)
Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

Sun Ra – “The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Vol. 1” (USA, 1965 - Avant-Garde/Jazz)

cEVIN Key – “The Ghost Of Each Room” (Canada, 2001 - Industrial)

Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford – “Starcraft & Brood War Original Soundtrack” (USA, 1998 - Ambient/Video Game Soundtrack)

Nordvargr – “Interstellar” (Sweden, 2008 - Ambient)

Lustmord – “The Place Where Black Stars Hang” (Wales, 1994 - Dark Ambient)

Sunn O))) & Boris – “Altar” (USA/Japan, 2006 - Drone)
Fried Eagle Mind

Darkspace – “Dark Space II” (Switzerland, 2005 - Black Metal/Ambient)
Dark 2.10

Trinacria – “Travel Now Journey Infinitely” (Norway, 2008 - Black Metal/Noise)
“Solitude becomes a trusted party out here in the deserts of self.”

Meshuggah – “Catch ThirtyThree” (Sweden, 2005 - Technical Metal)
Mind´s mirrors
“I float through physical thoughts.
I stare down the abyss of organic dreams”

HawkwindPink FloydAyreonThe Darkest of The Hillside ThicketsFlaming LipsMan or Astro-Man?Flower Travellin' BandGreen Milk From The Planet OrangeOhgrPsychotic WaltzSighUnexpectTimeless PhaseAkercockeJohn ColtraneCecil TaylorJohn ZornMiles DavisNaked CityNoMeansNoThelonious MonkThrobbing GristleSkinny PuppyArcturusDeathspell OmegaDornenreichGodGodfleshKayo DotMaudlin of the WellPeccatumSleepytime Gorilla MuseumSolefaldStarofAshStar of AshUlverVarunaVed Buens EndeBethlehemCircle of OuroborusThe Meads of AsphodelGenghis TronUrfaustThe Axis of PerditionBlut aus NordCabaret VoltaireCarfax AbbeycEVIN KeyDelicate TerrorDepeche ModeDødheimsgardDoubting ThomasEndless Dismal MoanFront 242Front Line AssemblyFunker VogtKMFDMThe KovenantLardMinistryNine Inch NailsNitzer EbbSamaelStrapping Young LadTrollheim's GrottWumpscutThose Poor BastardsHank Williams IIISons of PerditionAgallochBohren & der Club of GoreBlack StarMos DefAsheru & Blue Black of The Unspoken HeardOpethEnslavedPestilenceEsotericBehold... the ArctopusPainkillerThe SeatbeltsYoko KannoThelonious Monk QuartetThelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane


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