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29 Ago 2010, 1:49

My current favourite plug-in for my favourite browser (Google Chrome) is the most excellent free music player

Now, if the author would be kind enough to add radio support I will be one very happy Scrobble Overlord :)


  • musicgodlything

    Thanks for the feedback. Similar tracks and top tag tracks give a limited radio-like play. Since these are the top tracks, the player actually plays only the hits, no duds (well, that's subjective). Is there any way to get a longer list of these to display?

    30 Ago 2010, 15:51
  • buger_swamp

    Wait for Radio support in new version. It's coming soon )

    30 Ago 2010, 16:49
  • evilrix

    Gent's. Thanks for the comments on my journal post. I'll be following this plug-ins progress with interest. Chrome is my favourite browser and it's about time there was something to rival FF's FireFM :) As for the length of the lists. I take it you're scraping the page to generate a playlist? Basically what you see is what you get. It's up to the user to configure how their pages display.

    30 Ago 2010, 17:07
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