eurovision 2010 predictions


29 May 2010, 18:48

total guess

1. Germany
2. Albania
3. Romania
4. Iceland
5. Turkey
6. Norway
7. Azerbaijan
8. Serbia

many good songs this year, not like last year when there was one clear winner. also, a lot of non-english songs this year. slow songs are pretty but never do well. one of my favs, lithuania, didn't qualify for the finale...and sweden...what up europe?


1 Germany 246
2 Turkey 170
3 Romania 162
4 Denmark 149
5 Azerbaijan 145
13 Serbia 72
16 Albania 62
19 Iceland 41
20 Norway 35

I did pretty good! Not really suprised about Denmark now that I watched it but wins second place for unoriginality! First place, Greece. OPA.

slow songs are pretty but never do well.
WHAT DID I SAY NORWAY? Poor guy was nervous and didn't sing as well he can!


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