60s absurdly fantastic addictive alternative punk anything is possible today art rock avant-garde awesome track name blue sky and blazing heat boyfriend music check-out contraction songs ct to md cute dance party in my pants dancing in my living room at 3 am dreamy drunken donkey eastern european eastern european indie-folk elephant six energetic epiphany eternal sunshine of the whimsical soul excellent tune experimental extensive vamping favorite beirut songs feeling like my heart is going to collapse with joy fever ray folk fringey good fun as fuck funny feeling inside getting high on beirut gives me a warm fuzzy feeling good tracks i have stumbled upon and want to remember good vocal stylings happy here comes the summer horns wut i cant stop playing this song its too gooooood i could listen to this song forever i do like it really i feel like dancing i looooooooaaavvvvvvvvve youuuuuuuuuuu jesis crrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist if i could have sex with this song i really would ilovethissongtoomuch independant folk indie treasures invasion of sadness-troopers its so beautiful and sad that kills me softly everytime i listen to it jayysussss chhuurrrruiisssttt just feeling free into the wild love at first listen love to see lyrically superior lyrics equal love magical indie folk melancholy mellow mmm mountains and hills and volcanoes multiple vocalists my party is better than yours nostalgia number one favorite song ooohhhhhhh jerry painfully beautiful pearls in stereo post-punk psych freakout psychedelic gems psychedelic rock random nice song retro road of memories set something ablaze shut the fuck up and listen at night sideways slut lullabies so right on songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that make me happy songs you must hear before you die stuck in my head take it to the places youve never been before baby now the best of rock the best opening lines theme-songs from my past too beautiful for a tag right now tracks that disobey the rules trippy insanity trippy psychedelic epic twangy charm uplifiting alternative want to see live wild songs that i have known yay and hooray and yippee and huzzah yesssss