Out on Space Factory! Yasmin Gate "YG the Album"


17 Ago 2011, 0:12

Space Factory is proud to announce the long awaited debut album from Yasmin Gate "YG the Album"!

Yasmin Gate, former member of the band “Dirty Princess”, has ventured onto the dance floors of the worldwide electronic scene with her latest release on David Carretta’s (Space Factory Records). "YG the Album" is a refreshing and uplifting eclectic mix of many styles on one album. A classic unique sound of audible art, with dark beats and hypnotic voices that will make you move. "YG the Album" features collaborations with renowned artists: DJ Hell & Christian Prommer, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb & Fixmer/McCarthy), T.Raumschmiere, Equitant, Pillage and Ikki. The key has been found and the “Gate” has opened…get your body ready.

"YG the Album" has been preceded by a number of EPs on Space Factory in 2010 with: (Go On EP) featuring T.Raumschmiere and (Lips EP) featuring Douglas McCarthy.

Supported by: Wolfgang Flür, Dj Mini, Nomenklatur, Dj Stendhal, Darkness Radio Bro Gwened, Electrosexual, Ascii Disko, The Hacker, Acid Washed, Dj Hell, Philipp Straub, Angel Molina, Agoria, Stuff, Karim Chouchou, Trevin Matcek, Aymeric, Luciano, David Shaw, Arnaud Rebotini, Karotte

Release date: August 15th 2011

Space Factory Records (2011)

Preview & purchase here:

Yasmin Gate, DJ Hell, Christian Prommer, Douglas McCarthy, T.Raumschmiere, Equitant, Pillage, Ikki
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