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Third playlist of the best indie-folk musicians with free downloads

So, here it is: my third 'Top 10' of the best indie-folk musicians with multiple free downloads. Those of you familiar with this occasional series will know the format by now. Basically, I share with you my latest finds from the world of lo-fi, folky, bedroom pop. Once again there's the usual emphasis on gentle ukulele and glockenspiel sounds and, as always, some top notch songwriting. There's plenty of heart-breaking, earnest lyricism too for those of you who share my penchant for this. This batch is a little bit more melancholy than the previous playlists I think. I have to say thanks to Griff from Sighrens ( for bringing quite a few of these bands to my attention. If any more of you want to share bands with me for future lists then please do so. I hope you'll like what you hear and I hope you'll go on to listen to more songs by all these artists. Remember that as well as being talented musicians they also all permit multiple free downloads from their pages. God bless 'em all!
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Tema Duración
1 Cabinet of Natural CuriositiesOwllullaby descarga gratuita Loved track 4:09
2 J. BuffaloTall Trees descarga gratuita Loved track 2:22
3 Cake on Cakepictures from 1964 descarga gratuita Loved track 2:52
4 Skelecopterblown away descarga gratuita Loved track 3:27
5 paws without clawshumble mumble speak descarga gratuita Loved track 1:31
6 JemiBookElope descarga gratuita Loved track 2:35
7 Modern RoyalCo-dependent couch descarga gratuita Loved track 4:57
8 A Kit Foxmiss you muchly Loved track 1:10
9 The Welcome CommitteeEarly Morning in the Universe descarga gratuita Loved track 1:24
10 King of catsballoon fuel descarga gratuita Loved track 2:18


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