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HAIMThe Wire Hace 4 horas
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  • Plonthos

    I dont think we are having as adverse effects of global warming as we had back in 2006-08, the news report etc. do not even mention global warming as frequently as they did then so I thought we were to overcome it. The summers here used to be warmer 3 years ago, I remember once the temperature hit 42 degrees but this year we had 32 degrees at most I guess. Hey you're being so mean I just wondered, nothing further :D I still havent listened to Lana's new album I dont know if I can still call it new. The snippets of the singles just didn't catch me. Yeah many people say it could be too early for her to release a sophomore studio album, but she is still doing well in turkey I guess, she is becoming more and more popular but I think Sia will overthrow her :P

    16 Ago 14:05 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Hey our bar is diminishing gradually and I am scared that it will disappear wholly soon so go listen to some iggy azalea I'll listen to Trey Songz. Yeah let's move on and forget about the exam stuff it's been too long since we took it anyway. I didn't tell you because the results were announced just 2 days after you messaged me. I'll study in the department of translation and interpreting studies in boğaziçi university, it's an american-based university and it's ranked #1 in all fields. My department is a 4 year programme, I have also applied for the dormitory and it I couldn't get a room in the dorms I will experience hell on the earth. Yes she wanted medicine but she knew she couldn't make it so she went for her second choice. I am so happy for you it sounds exciting, maybe you'll be the first polish man ever to go to the moon :D

    16 Ago 13:56 Responder
  • EMINEMnutaya

    I glad to hear you ok, as to me I'm great! Now I left my city and live in Crimea. Not for long, just until summer ends. The situation in my city is getting worse so we had to leave fast.It doesn't mean that we can't go back there any more. Military operations do not spreading all over the city. Just in some parts of it every day, but anyway you feel scared and never know what could happen when you go out today or tomorrow. So I'm happy to have my own flat in such beautiful place where I can forget for some time about war and blood.

    24 Jul 16:29 Responder
  • Turkishunicorn2

    +1 Turkey :)

    18 Jul 20:59 Responder
  • Plonthos

    by the way I forgot to add, I haven't listened to Lana's new album yet, I hope I'll have the opportunity soon, what do you think is it as good as born to die? By the way our musical bar is now green, I am scared that it will turn into black then disappear wholly soon lmao now tell me about your recruitment I'm so excited :D

    16 Jul 23:29 Responder
  • Plonthos

    yes as you know how it works now you wont have difficulty in adapting to your new school this year. Haha same here, I told you how I got soaked in my last message it happened today again, it was 30 degrees when I left home with short shirts and pants on then it started raining out of nowhere lol I just watched Ewa Farna's new music video of the Czech version of her Polish song Leporelo :D I wonder if she makes more money in Poland or the Czech rep. what do you think?

    16 Jul 2:36 Responder
  • Plonthos

    But you were probably more nervous in this year's exam than last year's so I honestly think it's an achievement that you did the same. I have some friends that did worse in their second year. Everybody has some experiences now that you went to that faculty for half a year you know what it is all about, if you had not chosen it in the first place maybe it would bother your mind for a whole life long. It's not right to say that you wasted a year, you gained experience. All in all it's over now and you need to look ahead. Yes thank you I'm so close to get what I want I hope everything works as expected. Oh by the way today Giedre told me that she had a call to be informed that she was accepted to study nursing in a university, she said she was very happy. Congratulate her if you want :D OHhh I didn't even see that the results were already announced, I am even more into your results than mine at the moment!!! Just tell me where and what you will be studying for the next 4 years?

    16 Jul 2:33 Responder
  • sudureyri

    jak była trudniejsza a utrzymałeś poziom to całkiem nieźle :D pewnie na wszystko będą niższe progi chociaż tam to i tak zawsze jest mega wysoko więc kto wie... to gdzie ostatecznie się zapisałeś? i kiedy będziesz wiedział czy się dostałeś? ;)

    11 Jul 18:43 Responder
  • Plonthos

    why depressing? Is it because of the exam results? If it is, you don't need to worry about it, don't you say that you got exactly the same point as last year's? it was enough for the EL department of a prestigious university as far as I remember, so now you can go apply for it, and it was what you wanted to do am I wrong? congratulations and as for me, I did well too and I think I will be able to study in the university I have wanted for long. the university I will be accepted to will be announced in august I suppose. What about yours? I am excited for my belated freshman year, you at least tasted it :P no you will start working one day and save up money to come here, why wouldn't you ever be able to visit Tr, why are you so pessimistic? :D Oh yeah it's the same it is warm one day then rainy the next day. My sister and I went to see a uni that is like 50 km away from our house and just as we set off it started raining and never stopped till we got back home. It was a soaked day :D

    7 Jul 16:14 Responder
  • Indifferent84

    Have a +1 day from Finland :)

    1 Jul 16:52 Responder
  • EMINEMnutaya

    Hii!How's your summer time going?:)) Our June is horrible. Rainy, barely warm..feels like October came back to us..so, what about you?:)

    26 Jun 10:03 Responder
  • sudureyri

    Mam znajomego który jest na anglistyce i mówi, że faktycznie czasami łatwo nie jest ale da się przeżyć z tym że to pewnie i tak na każdej uczelni jest inaczej. Te średniowieczne książki faktycznie przerażające ale to chyba nie na 1 roku, co nie? spróbuj w Katowicach :D a jaki miałeś wynik w zeszłym roku?

    24 Jun 10:41 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Oh heey how have you been? :D I had my exam on sunday and now everything's over, I feel so vacant, there is nothing left to do. I meet with my friends or spend time on pc. I need to find a job but you remember my unsuccessful attempt last year, I dont know if I can do it this time :D How about you? How are your days going what are your plans? When are your exam results announced? do you think you did better than last year? Okay we'll talk about that thing face to face when you come to Turkey :D Don't try to make me forget that it will always be on my mind lol oh my aunt is coming to visit us again this summer, now that she managed to get over the difficulties she will visit her family even more. What's the weather like in Poland? It's about 22 degrees here these days but still too hot for me :P

    19 Jun 13:14 Responder
  • sudureyri

    wiesz, przynajmniej nie jesteś sam ale tak ogólnie z tego co wiem to dużo osób zmienia po pierwszym roku więc chyba nie jest tak źle... ja to nawet nie wiedziałem że jest taki cyrk z tymi punktami, teraz przeczytałem i przeraziłem się przez chwilę ale wygląda na to że po 1 semestrze jeszcze bez konsekwencji można zrezygnować :| ooo widzisz, Ty przynajmniej się uczysz, bo ja to się obijam od tamtego czasu i tylko to sobie usprawiedliwiam tym że wpadłem w doła wtedy i trochę mi zajęło pozbieranie się :\\ mi akurat tych ludzi nie brakuje, w porównaniu z moją klasą w liceum która była świetnie zgrana, tutaj była porażka, od początku grupki, z nikim się nie dało pogadać normalnie i ludzie na siebie najeżdżali wzajemnie, to mnie też trochę rozczarowało bo spodziewałem się dokładnie czegoś odwrotnego... (reszta na dole)

    14 Jun 19:11 Responder
  • sudureyri

    A to nie chcesz próbować na tę anglistykę? ja właśnie teraz o tym myślę też, nie przejmuj się, u mnie z podejmowaniem takich decyzji też ciężko ;p ja też raczej nie mam planów, koleżanka z Gdańska mnie odwiedza na tydzień w lipcu ale oprócz tego to nic jak na razie, mam nadzieję że coś się jeszcze znajdzie :)

    14 Jun 19:11 Responder
  • sudureyri

    to powiem Ci na pocieszenie że u mnie dokładnie tak samo, też zrezygnowałem tylko trochę później bo przez chwilę jeszcze miałem nadzieję że przedmioty w 2 semestrze serio będą ciekawsze, ale niestety... wolałem już darować ten rok niż zmarnować 3 albo 5 no i też teraz muszę zdecydować co dalej ale w sumie już mam 2 typy :) jakie plany na wakacje?

    13 Jun 13:36 Responder
  • sudureyri

    hej! pamiętasz mnie? (mbas94) jakoś zacząłem zaniedbywać lasta przez studia, straciłem ochotę go wgl używać i w końcu postanowiłem założyć nowe konto dla siebie tylko, żeby mieć statystyki ale ostatnio sobie uświadomiłem że brakuje mi tego wszystkiego :) co u Ciebie słychać?

    12 Jun 21:09 Responder
  • EMINEMnutaya

    I tell you more: it's differ a lot! Our system is not so compicated. I've learned at the university an education system in Great Britain when I was fresher :) But honestly I forgot it already :D Well according to my faculty I'm going to be translator :) I have a little left to do - find a good job which is pretty difficult especially now. But I think I'll get through this ;) And you?What are you going to do with your life?

    3 Jun 20:38 Responder
  • EMINEMnutaya

    Thank you for your support!I appreciate it!:) Specialist's degree :) It's on one degree less from master's degree, but in our country it doesn't much matter. It was easier to get this degree for me :)

    30 May 14:12 Responder
  • pandasarah24

    Ah that's good, make sure the next thing you go into is something you really enjoy.. Hell I chose a subject that I didn't enjoy, but I met good people and had a good time, and looking for a job hasn't even crossed my mind yet, but when the time comes I'm sure I can work something out into something I like. EEE! I hope I do good :) .. I need to pass >:) .. Yeah, the country is beautiful .. and well, with a one way ticket, god knows what's gonna happen! Haha .. All fun though =)

    27 May 10:04 Responder
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