The Way That He Sings


29 Jun 2006, 3:12

I'm going to have to go ahead and say it. The My Morning Jacket set was by far one of, if not the greatest show I have ever seen by any artist. I've seen my fair share of shows in my 23 years, and for contemporary artists I've seen the required artists. But one look at this show's set list and you know its something good.

For one, the band connected with the audience instantly. As JJ's voice crescendoed, the crowd seemed to swell and erupt in a sort of rapture that is rare for artists today. It's not the excitement of teenage twenty something girls at a Dave Matthews show. Instead it's a connection that seems to invade each person in the audience, something you could feel coming out of those around you and it swept you up with it. All this was evidenced by the drifters and rogues who wandered around the fields surrounding the stage. Most of them weren't My Morning Jacket fans, but if you asked them why they skulked over, their answer seemed to echo something along the lines of "i'm not sure...i just heard the crowd go wild". Their choice in covers proved idosyncratic; a selection of songs that embody the very essence of My Morning Jacket. Amped up riffs of The Rolling Stones. The mystique and raw poetry of both words and music of the Velvet Underground. The almost overwhelming presence of The Who. And the raw power of The Misfits.

The show left me with something more than a deeper appreciation for a band already in my top 5. They may have surpassed Wilco as the modern favorite...and could be the greatest live act touring right now. Not to mention that they also played almost 2 hours past their scheduled time. From the quality of the cameras and the soundwork, I wouldn't be surprised if this made its way to DVD.

Set List:

Wordless Chorus
It Beats 4 U
What a Wonderful Man
One Big Holiday
Older Guys > Head Held High
The Way That He Sings
At Dawn
Xmas Curtain
A Quick One, While He's Away
Loving Cup > Easy Morning Rebel Jam
Off the Record
Lay Low
The Dark
The Bear
I Will Sing You Songs
Heartbreakin' Man
Evelyn Is Not Real
It's About Twilight Now
It Makes No Difference
Phone Went West
Run Thru


  • tomauto

    I saw them play a very, very short set at Coachella and was pretty damn impressed. I can only imagine three hours of that intensity. I got ahold of a video boot of this, I think from the Bonnaroo website or something, it's really fantastic. What a great set.

    29 Jun 2006, 10:40
  • southfound

    Where'd you get this set? It sounds like a good one. I really like the way Jim James can just suck me into a song and make me think that I'm in a story book of sorts. It's amazing to hear him.

    21 Jul 2006, 21:36
  • elchode

    give me your soulseek and i'll give you access to the set. or else it's on

    22 Jul 2006, 6:39
  • leeistired

    They remain the best live band I've ever seen, even the Flaming Lips dont come close.

    26 Ago 2006, 10:54
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