Chart Analysis ..::.. Feb. 5 - Feb. 12


16 Feb 2006, 20:56

This was a great week in my music life. I discovered some awesome "new" bands and songs. And I listened constantly. If this captured my ipod the numbers would be muc higher.

Top Artists:

1 Meriwether (59 plays) - They're are freaking AWESOME. I'm listening to New Orleans, RIP right now and it's great, but so is everything else they have. And their acoustic stuff is tight too.

2. Dating Delilah (30 plays) - These guys are also badass, but not as badass. Jack's Broken Heart is a really cool song. The voices of the singer and backup/screamer are quite unique. It's cool.

3. The Moment (25 plays) - My most played song of the week was by The Moment. I only have 4 songs by them so it's quite an achievment for them to be this high, with this many listens, but they're awesome.

4. Foxy Shazam (22 plays) - In my mind Foxy Shazam is like twisted carnival music. Really unique and cool, though if you're not in the right mood for it you won't wanna hear it.

5. Lakota (21 plays) (3rd week) - Lakota is still so awesome. I love them.

6. The Matches (19 plays) - I can't believe these guys haven't made this list before. I'm sure they hit my top 10 listened to sometime before I started keeping track of them this year. They're awesome and very catchy and even a little unique. It's cool.

7. The Kinison (17 plays) (2nd week) - They were here last week except they were number 3 with less plays than they have this week, and this week they're number 7. Strange eh? You know they're awesome. Or were awesome... RIP

7. Jack's Mannequin (17 plays) (4th week) - I listen to a lot of Jack's Mannequin without even trying. They just come on and I can't skip them because they're good.

7. JamisonParker (17 plays) (5th week) - Their run may end here, because I took a lot of their songs off of my "75 Top Notch Songs" which is a fluid playlist that I listen to extremely often. But they're good. I just needed to make room for Meriwether, The Moment, Foxy Shazam and others.

10. June (16 plays) (4th week) - I never get tired of June and their songs never get old. Ok Corral is an awesome song and I just now realized that The Sentence is also.

Unique Artists: 89
Total Tracks: 191
Total Plays: 536

The Total Plays hit the secodn highest ever while the Unique Artists was the second lowest ever. It's been a different kind of week, but it was good. Very good. You should really go look at my complete top track list.

Top Tracks:
Note: This week the song that was number 8, Hope For The Haunted, had enough plays (8) to have been #1 for any other week this year. In fact that song has been #1 with 8 plays before, strangely enough.

1. James Dean (16 plays) - This song is so damn good. I love the thought behind it. You'd have to listen to know what I mean.

2. loose lips sink ships (15 plays) - Yes, A Change of Pace has a song with them same name, but this is definitely a different song. Both are good but this one is awesome. It's quite possible that the ACOP version was in my top 10 tracks during some week last year.

3. Aye Julian (14 plays) - This may be my favorite song right now. I love it. It's so fucking good. Both the live/acoustic Version and the studio version. Including the live/acoustic version it had 19 plays.

This, unlike last week and the week to come (I can tell because I'm already at Thursday into the next week) WAS a big music week. Good, good shit.


  • kohschooley

    i like the matches, jack's mannequin, jamiesonparker, and june on your list. for the rest i';ll have tp chek them out

    18 Feb 2006, 20:38
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