• That's The Way I Remember Her Best

    7 Sep 2006, 2:08

    A couple months ago I had my first listen to Little Earthquakes. It basically changed my summer and I listened to it on a frequent basis. The album itself is of incredible quality and I just find it extremely profound and tasteful.

    It is just amazing.
    Actually, I'd consider it one of my favourite albums of all time.

    School has started. I'm still trying to connect to people and get used to the surroundings again.

    Right now I'm listening to Girl From the North Country, the "Freewheelin'" version is the one I prefer. It's been awhile since I've listened to this track but it never ceases to impress and touch me.
  • Way Out

    28 Mar 2006, 23:31

    Right now I'm listening to the new album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs called Show Your Bones. I know it's going to get a lot of critique but I'm on the third song and it isn't extremely bad. It's good but different, different good. It's slower than the last album Fever To Tell but if they wanted to make the same album they would have made it.

    When I first heard the single Gold Lion I was little thrown off, then it grew on me and I couldn't get it out of my head and couldn't hit her high "oohs".

    I can't say anything about it except it's good so far.
  • The Slow Drug

    25 Mar 2006, 19:48

    Wow I haven't wrote in a long time.

    My boyfriend is letting me borrow his laptop so I can have internet in my room. It's fun and I love it.

    I haven't been listening to a lot of music lately and I miss it. I don't know what to listen to, I just haven't been in the mood for my favorites or anything. Right now though I'm listening to Celebrity Skin

    I heard a song I liked yesterday. It's Rock On and I think the new single by Prince, Black Sweat.
  • Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

    2 Ene 2006, 2:19

    I have been listening to Madonna and Pink Floyd.

    Amazing is really good.

    New Years was alright. Didn't do anything around midnight.

    Downloading two Daft Punk albums and the entire Björk catalogue.

    Bored. Going to go get some chocolate. I might watch Party Monster with my sister later.
  • Confessions...

    17 Nov 2005, 18:26

    There are a couple of things I could say about the new Madonna album Confessions on a Dance Floor.

    I love it. I love it a lot, and I completed downloading it in its entirety yesterday although I do prefer if I had the CD.

    It's damn good but the truth is still that I'm addicted to Hung Up.

    I've been loading on the Madonna lately.

    Listen to this album loud, it's so so so good.
  • i'm your sweet thing

    12 Sep 2005, 0:31

    Songs I love tonight:
    Be Your Husband
    Send His Love To Me

    and random rap, i know how weird it is, i'm all over the place. rap has some good rhythm and that's pretty much it. i'm so weird, haha.

    Rub 'til It Bleeds
    Reel Around the Fountain

    and Miserable Lie i still love you.
  • i got you in my heart

    4 Sep 2005, 19:08

    I'm listening to Basement Jaxx really loud. My boyfriend Jack really loves Rendez-Vu. I love it, too.

    I am downloading a lot. I feel kind of shameful when I say I downloaded some *NSYNC and some other childhood relics. I feel crazy for it but it's good nostaglia.

    I've been enjoying these songs:

    Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
    Kiss Off
    Add It Up
    One Minute Man
    Summer's Almost Gone
    American Woman

    Moment I Remember with music:
    Playing Vice City on XBox at Jack's house with Rendez-Vu playing.

    I'm happy. I really am.
  • how she thought I was so reckless

    2 Sep 2005, 18:55

    So as time goes on and I keep on living, school is sneaking up on me, my parents are busy with getting my sister's room completed, I haven't had much time to sit and listen to music for hours on end. I've been playing the Sims and has had my winamp on shuffle.

    I'm getting deeper into The White Stripes. I read a Rolling Stone article on them earlier.

    The Smiths aren't necessarily out of the picture, and I can't see them leaving my chart for a long time, but I've certainly been listening to other music for the past week. Nothing bad.

    I really don't want to go back to school.

    Songs enjoyed this week:
    Robot Rock
    Killing me softly
    Mr. Jack
    Summer's Almost Gone
  • may 10th 2003 rhcp grand rapids

    22 Ago 2005, 8:32

    I wrote this when I was 13, so... my writing kind of sucks and i was lame.

    brittney = friend, and my mom went with me.

    Mom, Brittney and I hit the road all packed up at 2:33 p.m. and I knew we would be really early. Mom says "We should have brought Bob Marley", during Santeria, "I think we'll have to turn around", I said no although she was just giving jokes. We listened to a lot of loud music on the way and when we hit the freeway, mom started Tiny Dancer over again. These really stupid old people were passing everybody and it was so stupid! We passed them and I flipped them off, even though mom told me not to because they could have called the police on us or something. I couldn't help but close my eyes and just get sucked into the music like no other time before. It was a truly magical car ride. I felt like William in Almost Famous on the "assignment" but there was no assignment. I could do what I wanted to do at the concert. All we listened to is my CDs the whole way. It started to rain but as soon as we got to Grand Rapids, it was sunny and everything was too great. Except when mom missed our exit and we had to go down another road and got to the Arena.

    We paid for parking and there was this purple tourbus. We decided to spy on it and eat. We saw the members of the Mars Volta walk down the street, all hairy and shit, I didn't know what to think. It wasn't all that special but it was still cool to spy on these, what they seemed to be, beginner rockstars for all I know. We got out, walked around the arena and passed the crowd, then sat in the crowded line to inside the arena. We just sat there for an hour listening to these four cute guys naming songs. They said, "Summertime" but I know they were WRONG. The song was called Doin' Time but oh well. The line started moving at like 6:30 p.m. and I was the first out our crowd of three to get searched. No biggie, just some gum in my pocket. Mom told us to bend where they would rip the ticket off, but they never did. They just scanned the thing and let us through. I waited for Mom and Brittney and we hit the line where the shirts were. Unbelieveable, the hoodie thing I wanted was 60$, not to mention the t-shirt I got was 28$ and the poster, 8$. Brittney and I changed into the shirts, we got the same one and then found our section and walked up to it. The seats were not as bad as I thought but it was worth having mom's binoculars with us!

    The first band started, The Mars Volta, were ok. I'm not saying anything like they were so good because they weren't. They were overly distorted and the bass and drums made it so you couldn't hear the crazy dude's vocals, which were loud and unable to understand. The last song they did was the only one I knew and they went off angry because no one was responding. I felt really sorry for them because they could have a unique sound, but people weren't even moving, but I can't blame them, the band is the underground-unknown type of band who probably won't convert into a too famous of a band. Mom says they sucked donkey dicks. When they were done, totally off the stage, the roadies or whatever took the flag down and set up everything for Queens of the Stone Age, a band I have liked ever since they came more famous with their No One Knows video. Too great, too great. I spent a lot of my time headbanging so much, I felt lightheaded. I kept grabbing the binoculars from my mother so I could watch Josh. Ah, he was so attractive and looking like a sexy beast. They had another singer come on stage, just like Ladybug had said and sometimes Nick, the bassist, would sing too. The guitarist was looking a little on the fine side too! I was going crazy and when they were quiet, me and Brittney would yell, "Josh, you're a golden god!". All my mother was looking for was the NOT rowdy crowd which was too retarded because I don't understand it, I was the most rowdy on my row.

    When the Red Hot Chili Peppers roadies were working on their stage, the people next to Brittney just talked to us. They were testing the guitars out and what they were doing was considered to me, "teasing us with the instruments". They knew we wanted it and when the lights when out and everyone rised I knew I could make my mark. They played the intro right into By the Way. I danced and funked out! When they started Scar Tissue, I knew I felt something hurtful and in the middle I started to cry (only the beginning of that episode!), no, not a couple of streaming tears, I was full on bawling like a baby! Brittney thought I was sad but I just told her that I was happy, not sad. It felt like freedom to be there and I just never wanted to leave. Sometime inbetween, Flea said he loved us and we shouted, "We love you too, Flea!!" They played 19 other songs, in a total of 21 if I counted right. When 'I Could Have Lied' came on, I started bawling too and singing along. Breaking the Girl was a shock when they played it, but I Could Have Lied was much more of a shock to me because I didn't think they would have played it. So, it was over, the "so called" finale with the long ending of Give It Away made everybody think it was over but I knew they would come back. People were leaving, I couldn't believe it! Two minutes I would say the crowd cheered for until the blue man in a red bandana came on stage. It was Chaddy boy hopping on the drum set for a solo! He was the golden god at that moment, I always knew it was the best drummer. One of the best because he is. I remember people sitting down and the balf guy going, "Getting up, you pussy-ass motherfuckers!" to his row and I got up too since I was crying and stuff.

    The whole band came out and then played Under the Bridge and as John sat on the stage on the left side, I knew I had to cry. For everything I had done to everybody, I felt sad, this was my song for a long time and I wanted to find the emotion in my heart in which it would feel like a knife in my heart to make me cry. I cried though, I didn't wanna leave with John on the stage sitting and never being able to see this again. It was truly this once in a lifetime type of thing and when they came into "Fire" from Mother's Milk and by Jimi Hendrix, the tears went away and I was hopping around and looking up at this bald guy and we looked like we were dancing the same. I was crazy, headbanging most of the time and feeling the music like never before. I was once again happy for my existance in being there and was overjoyed to be seen there as one of the youngest there, probably. I was always happy being there and I really didn't want to leave this dynamic piece of heaven. Even Brittney turned to me and said, "I'm in heaven!!" and we were all over the place like no one else. I thought I was the only one who actually danced like that and felt the music like that! I experienced a concert in which doesn't happen everyday! I screamed a lot and everytime I bumped into the chair behind me, I would wake up and stop because I was afraid of falling on some other person. I can't believe I cried three times but it's ok. Somewhere, I wasn't alone. I did smell pot though too and the concert ended about 11:30 p.m. which wasn't that bad.

    If I never went to another concert again, I would die happy just to having went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The only fight me and my mother had was when she turned down Under the Bridge and went all psycho like, "I hate to tell you this but, I know that John still does drugs." I got angry and clearly defended him because I know for a fact he doesn't. Mom stated her reasons, "He was wearing a long sleeved shirt to cover up the scars where he injects heroin or whatever and working under those lights gotta be hot". I was sick of this, I put my head against the seatbelt and she was like "Oh, don't pout now". I told her all my online friends could prove it to her and she sounded like I was stupid. "Oh, what are they gonna do?" She scoffs. I turned up Sir Psycho Sexy and sung all the naughty parts and turned down other songs to give her facts on John about his drug thing. I asked her if she changed her opinion yet and she responded with a "Yeah, I guess". But before she also said she still didn't think the whole band was sober. The rest of the time, it was lightning and started to pour. I turned up Stairway to Heaven and it was all the way up just before the rain hit. We got home about 1:45 a.m. and soon hit bed.

    I cried at 'Scar Tissue', cause I was happy to be there and the song is just emotional for me, 'I Could Have Lied' because the lyrics, I told Brittney that Anthony wrote it for his ex-girlfriend (sinead o' connor) and Brittney thought I was crying cause of that. I just thought how stupid of her to think that, I was crying cause of the lyrics and 'Under the Bridge' and I cried because, well, I already said the song is hurtful to me.

    And today, waking up around 11:11 a.m, my first concert ever was a blast. My neck hurts from all the stuff I did and I cannot overcome these feelings of euphoric utopia. I couldn't stop thinking about it last night and before I went to sleep, the drums in my head were pounding and I could hear the Chilis at the concert. Brittney is still here but I sense that she is bored with watching me write this. She said the Peppers were better than the Christina Aguilera concert back in like 1998. But she is not a teenybopper, she is borderline teenybopper-person-who-likes-rock. It was all good, too good to be there and I couldn't find a lot of words to be there. I had to pinch myself a couple times and slapped myself because it felt so surreal.

    I finally went! I'm a changed person.
    They played these songs, but not in order: Give It Away, Otherside, Fire, Parallel Universe, Around the World, Scar Tissue, By the Way, Universally Speaking, Under the Bridge, Throw Away Your Television, Don't Forget Me, Californication, Right on Time, Can't Stop, The Zephyr Song, Breaking the Girl, I Could Have Lied, john solo, and Warm Tape and john did a little, "Don't Fear the Reaper" and no, I did not just get that off a site, the site reminded me and I knew the song and I knew who sings it. I know much more about music than people think, dingy dingy doo!
  • can you get to that?

    20 Ago 2005, 0:37

    The Smiths are so great.
    The Clash is good.
    I'm rediscovering how I liked The Clash, on the way to school in the morning on the bus on my headphones.

    There Is a Light That Never Goes Out is really good, too. My favourite is still Miserable Lie though.