iTunes Top 25 as of today...


16 Ene 2008, 14:14

here's my iTunes Top 25, from the smart playlist of the same name (playcount follows it in parentheses)

1. Ohio Is for Lovers (live acoustic on Q101) by Hawthorne Heights. (401)
2. The Best Of You And Me by Number One Gun. (393)
3. Say Your Prayers by The Wedding. (372)
4. Waiting by Mae. (365)
5. The Last Stand by The Wedding. (364)
6. The Different Ones by Number One Gun. (356)
7. Misery Loves Company by The Wedding. (355)
8. The Call by The Wedding. (342)
9. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead by The Wedding. (333)
10. Brink Of Disaster by Mae. (321)
11. Staring at the Light by The Wedding. (315)
12. Schizophrenia by The Wedding. (302)
13. Rocket by Mae. (299)
14. Running Up That Hill by Placebo. (267)
15. So Much Love by The Rocket Summer. (252)
16. It's Time To Rock (Ok) by The Wedding. (243)
17. The Fight by The Classic Crime. (236)
18. Rebound by The Wedding. (224)
19. Self-Conclusion by The Spill Canvas. (219)
20. Sic Semper Tyrannis by Mae. (206)
21. crushcrushcrush by Paramore. (198)
22. You're Ever So Inviting by Underoath. (194)
23. Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone by Mae. (180)
24. Hallelujah by Paramore. (162)
25. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces by Ben Folds Five. (148)

and that is it. Note: My iTunes stats were restarted about six months ago, and most of those playcounts are from my iPod so they may not reflect in my profile.


Current Song: In The Air Tonight by Nonpoint.
Tracks played: 98,928


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