Ooh, I like this! (that's Alan Partridge)


27 Feb 2008, 21:54

Choose an artist: Queen

Favorite track: Somebody to Love, at the moment.

Least favorite track: We Are the Champions

Happy song: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon and Seaside Rendezvous always make me smile, lots. :)

Sad song: A Winter's Tale and My Melancholy Blues.

If a song had to be played when you entered the room, it would be: Maybe You're My Best Friend, wouldn't that be sweet.

First song you heard: Honestly have no idea! Maybe Radio Ga Ga?

Last song you listened to: Love of My Life

Best album: Their first two are pure genius. And I love A Day at the Races because it has two of my favourites, Somebody to Love and Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Worst album: They're all good in their own ways.

Best live song: Love of My Life

Song that describes you: Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

Song for your funeral: Don't Stop Me Now is kind of a cliché isn't it? I dunno....

Most overrated song: Maybe.....maybe... We Are the Champions. Or maybe it's just been played tooooo much.

Most underrated song: A Winter's Tale, White Queen (As It Began) and The March of the Black Queen.

Song you wish you wrote: Save Me

Random song: Staying Power

EDIT: 09/07/08
Wow, I just realised I answered that Love of My Life is my favourite live song. I don't even remember answering that question properly, honestly! Obviously it's Somebody to Love or Somebody To Love (the unbelievably pretty live version) as I like to tag it. So good!!!


  • BalladBombs

    great side and very funny and moving comments. Don't forget teh excellent JAZZ album with the kilelr tunes: Bycicle Race, Mustapha, Fat Bottomed Girls (yes yes!), ...!! lil queenies gotta pop now ... ;)

    4 Jul 2008, 8:08
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