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5 Ene 2011, 4:30

Tue 4 Jan – Built to Spill

So, I've officially attended my first gig of the year, and it was an amazing night! Unfortunately I don't have a setlist, and I don't know most of their songs by name, but oh well this will have to do!

They sounded absolutely amazing. As good as recordings, and Doug Martsch's voice was just like it sounds on record. Pretty awesome!

These guys are classified as indie rock I guess, but they are just so much better than a lot of indie rock bands we see around today. One bass player, one drummer, and three guitarists graced the stage, plus Doug's iconic vocals. It was really magical. Doug did the typical thing and told us Perth was the best audience so far on tour. And then he added, "I don't always say that...but from now on I'm gonna be saying it." As in, he was going to be saying Perth was the best. Ha. Who can tell, really? But the crowd WAS definitely enthused.

It was lots of fun watching people in the crowd pretty much overcome with joyyyyy at seeing this awesome band, singing along to every word, knowing the drum fills, etc. :D Gotta love that passion!

I also caught up with some people I work with, which was fun!

The only songs I know for sure from memory that they played are:

Carry the Zero
The Plan

I wish someone would put up a setlist so I could say for sure what else they played, and in what order. Ha. I do know that Car was the first song of the encore. I also know that a lot of the songs were pretty long & epic. Does that help? :P

Support acts - I missed the first guys, 6s & 7s, but caught the second band, Umpire, who were pretty good. They were indie rock/alternative.
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Built to Spill


  • elemento

    I managed to piece it together after a bunch o' listening when I got home: Traces Three Years Ago Today Stab Else Nowhere Lullaby Kicked It in the Sun The Plan Where You Go Sidewalk Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Joyride Big Dipper You Were Right Car Time Trap Carry The Zero Nice review! I posted one as well! What a show!

    5 Ene 2011, 11:27
  • earthcrossing

    Awesome!! thanks so much for the setlist :D

    5 Ene 2011, 11:37
  • elemento

    Oh hey thanks for the kind words and you're welcome on the setlist; if the sound wasn't so good I probably would have struggled to piece enough lyrics together to get it!

    5 Ene 2011, 11:52
  • jedimulder24

    Hi Trisha my friend. Hope you are well...? www.setlist.fm/ can often be pretty good with setlists, but I'm sensing you had a great time despite your lack of remembrance for the songs - which was more than I could've said - I'd never heard of them before! I've officially gotten my first gig outta the way too - The Cult's been & gone, but least I was there, which is always the main thing! NME Awards Tour [Crystal Castles, Magnetic Man, Everything Everything, & The Vaccines] is next up for me...

    26 Ene 2011, 11:18
  • earthcrossing

    yeah, I did look on google for the setlist but this one wasn't up at the time. I've found other setlists online before. it's frustrating when you don't know precisely what was played. or at all, as in this case :D

    5 Feb 2011, 5:24
  • jessp3

    Hey! Perhaps Doug was telling the truth... I have seen Built to Spill live twice now, once in 2007 and just again this - in D.C. and in Des Moines, Iowa and both times I did not hear him say anythign about "best show ever" or anything along those lines. I feel that he is a pretty genuine person and he most likely meant what he said...I think you got to experience a truly special moment!

    29 Ago 2012, 14:31
  • earthcrossing

    Thanks for the comment Jessp3 :) Hmm, maybe he WAS being genuine after all. hehe.

    30 Ago 2012, 0:36
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