1927 and...what was that other band?


27 Jun 2010, 9:54

Sat 26 Jun – 1927

Yeah, I'm bad - I forgot who the other band was. Or rather, I never figured it out in the first place. Still don't know after seeing them live. I didn't know 1927 either, guess I'm just outta the loop sometimes!!

Anyway, I went to the show and it was definitely very entertaining. The first band were classically daggy '80s, and did a great job of living up to that. Well, mostly it was the leader guy who lived up to it, with his keyboard guitar and the covers of tunes he told us "I wish I'd written!" like Van Halen's Jump, and that song Maniac by gods-know-who. I got some great video of the performance which will speak better than words ever could.

1927 got on stage at...I have no idea what time, and I was relieved. We were standing right at the stage and right where the bass player was standing. I found it entertaining watching various members of the audience swooning over the guys in the band who they clearly had lusted after in the olden days, and still do today. The lead singer guy from the band has dreadlocks, and apparently now lives in Perth. My guess is he lives in Freo - he looks and acts the type. But I could be totally wrong. He might live in Mount Lawley!

Anyway, I enjoyed the music and the night in general. The crowd was gentle apart from the odd freak who bumped into me from behind, and some other weirdos I won't go on about too much!

The cherry on top was that we got a free CD with our ticket! Noice!

EDIT: Apparently the other band was called Wa Wa Nee. Never heard of 'em, until now that is.


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